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Educare Unlearning Institute

offers programs, retreats, vision quests, virtual workshops, individual coaching, daily unlearning insights and a dynamic supportive community for you if you would like to:

  • Live freely and authentically from your deepest truth
  • Release and nourish new levels of peace, joy, and fulfillment
  • Question stressful thoughts and beliefs, and experience transformation through unlearning
  • Learn to listen in a way that naturally enriches relationships and
    encourages authenticity.

In our space together will be using an “unlearning process” to help you become aware of that which is interfering with your ability to live from the innate freedom of Oneness and wholeness. Unlearning helps you let go of beliefs, concepts, opinions and stories that create limiting self-images, views of others, and worldviews.

As you unlearn, or allow Grace to surface and release, whatever reinforces your belief in separation, Truth naturally shines forth in radiant brightness, clarity, freedom and love.

Educare invites you to the transformation of unlearning through these offerings:

  1. Individual Coaching and Packages with Sandy Wilder
  2. Enneagram Virtual Workshop (NEW! Video conference on each Enneagram Type)
  3. Acadia National Park Vision Quests
  4. Open Dialogue
  5. Living on Purpose Program
  6. Soul Dialogue (NEW!)
  7. Authentic Transformation (2-year program)
  8. Devotion to Being 2.0 (2-year program)
  9. Taste of the Enneagram (NEW!)
  10. Grounding Yourself in The Work (of Byron Katie)
  11. One-Day Retreats
  12. Lola Kristine & Sandy Wilder Retreats
  13. Team Mastery
  14. 9 Unlearning Paths to Presence (Enneagram Program)
  15. Applying the Enneagram
  16. Do “The Work Package” with Annie Wilder
  17. Living With Mastery
  18. Inspired Solitude Day (FREE!)
  19. Unlearning Insights (see below)

Unlearning Insights

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Here are two recent samples:

If someone shares an opinion about you, it has nothing to do with you.  They are telling you about themselves.  Your response tells you about yourself.  You get to listen in stillness, and see if there is any truth for you in their sharing, and your response.  If there is, wonderful.  If there is not, wonderful.  Either way, the exchange is a blessing.

The path of peace is not traveled by thinking about it logically with the mind…. The mind has never gotten us there.  It never will.  The path of peace is discovering an ever-widening affectional consciousness in yourself, as Grace impels you to walk into your dark spaces, where your mind says you can’t love…and your burgeoning heart says, “Oh yeah?  Watch me!”

The most current Unlearning Insights may be found here.

Sandy Wilder’s Book

“Listening to Grace:

             Unlearning Insights and Poems”

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Enneagram Program
Nine Unlearning Paths
to Presence
November 13—15, 2020
In-person or Zoom Learn More
Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over nine years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook and Instagram, and you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

To sign up click this link. You may unsubscribe at any point.