Why Purpose Matters

Purpose/Calling/Deepest Yearning

Each of us has within us “the impulse to soar.” We want to live in “our zone.” We want to be used by grace. We want to feel that we are completely at one with whatever we are doing and that it flows naturally through us and as us. We want our being and our doing to be so seamlessly woven into a single tapestry that there is no “self” disrupting our actions. We want to be “the music.” This can be seen as our purpose, calling, or deepest yearning.

When we are living in this space, there is no future and no past. There is only the now of being. We are not wishing for something to change in the future, or regretting something.  We are fully engaged in the moment, “called” to be authentically alive.

You don’t have a consciousness of your self in those moments. There literally is no “self-consciousness.” It is a selfless or unselfed state of awareness. Your awareness is so fully engaged in the activity that the separate “you” disappears.

You are:

  • The singing, not the singer
  • The dancing, not the dancer
  • The running, not the runner
  • The loving, not the lover
  • The giving, not the giver
  • The receiving, not the receiver
  • The seeing, not the seer
  • The listening, not the listener
  • The speaking, not the speaker
  • The doing, not the doer
  • The acting, not the actor

And how does this feel? Almost beyond words? Your experience is one of limitless love, natural boundless joy, pure authenticity, and ineffable freedom…

When you are not in this space, you yearn deeply for it. This is your divine nature pulsing in you. It is your calling, taking the form of bringing you back to your zone. As you surrender to this sacred yearning, your entire experience is ordered for you. All decisions are unfolded, you find yourself acting, and you experience the way Life is living.

So, we are called to selflessly “disappear” in the fullness of expression. This is not something we can manufacture. It just is. This is our natural state of being. Right here. Right now.

Sandy Wilder


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