Sandy Wilder

Quiet LighteningFacilitation, Coaching, Development

Vision for Educare

My vision for the Educare Unlearning Institute is to offer a safe, dynamic space to come home to where each of us feels nurtured and challenged to awaken to the wholeness and oneness that is ours.  Here, we learn to consciously face transformation, to surrender to Grace, and listen to find our authentic voices.

We offer a community for those who choose to live an undivided life.  Here, one can feel comfortable allowing what one believes to be real and true to govern one’s life, regardless of societal, denominational, and institutional cultures and pressures.  Here, the courage to walk in our authentic truth is reassured and non-judgmentally celebrated.

Experience and Education

After receiving a B.A. in Economics from Union College, Sandy played professional soccer and then coached, counseled, administered and taught at Principia College.

In 1984 he joined Communico Ltd. and became President and CEO in 1992. There he consulted, trained and coached educators and leaders to be more effective, personally, interpersonally, on teams and in the cultures they create.

Sandy co-developed The MAGIC System of Customer Relations, a training program that has been taught to over 200,000 people worldwide.  He also co-authored  “The Quiet Work of Leadership”, an audio tape/CD/booklet focused on the leader’s role in sustaining a culture for world-class leadership and performance.

Sandy started the Educare Unlearning Institute in 2001 and transitioned to it full time in 2009. He is the Chief Listening Officer.

In 2013 Sandy wrote and published “Listening to Grace: Unlearning Insights and Poems.” It is available at, on this website and on

Sandy’s Purpose

I am here to uncover, surrender and integrate
all my judgments, attachments, fixations and cravings
so I can fully accept, celebrate, and consciously live
the immaculate, ever-unfolding Holy Will.

As I devote to living this, my and others’:

  • Desire for any human moment to be different evaporates
  • Conditioned self-concepts are surfaced and dissolved
  • Circumstances are assimilated as part of the one, cooperative, divine fractal
  • Strengths are seen, brought forth, lived and accepted
  • Transformation is experienced
  • Divine intimacy is authenticated
  • Faculties imbibe and witness Grace

Possible Intended Outcomes for Myself and Others

  • Being so fully engaged in the now that the awareness of separate selves disappears
  • Taking all traces of stress and helplessness to Truth
  • Relying on not knowing until I know, and then relying more on not knowing
  • Unconditionally surrendering control
  • Not needing anyone or anything to be different
  • Running at the darkness
  • Experiencing divinity beyond conceptual thinking
  • Embracing all in unconditional divine sweetness
  • Listening within the divine order
  • Speaking and walking in authentic truth as I see it today
  • Celebrating paradoxes as a space for discovery
  • Cherishing the manger of inspired solitude
  • Dancing with Grace



In the last 30 years, Sandy has attended 65 programs/retreats and studied with the following people, among others:

  • Adyashanti
  • Byron Katie
  • Parker Palmer
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Iyanla VanZant
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Dan Millman
  • Jeff Foster
  • Matt Licata
  • Brian Weiss
  • Mark Wolynn
  • Russ Hudson
  • Sandra Meitre
  • Richard Rohr
  • Stanlislov Grof
  • Ken Wapnick
  • Margaret Wheatley
  • Christopher Bache