Soul Dialogue

A special coaching session with Sandy Wilder
that helps you commune with your soul.

  • Would you like to bring your deepest questions to your soul and hear what it has to tell you?
  • Are you yearning for divine guidance in your life?
  • Are there core issues and beliefs that you have wondered about in relation to patterns from which you hunger to be free?
  • Would you like to experience your quiet mind?

Participants’ Comments

“The Soul Dialogue that I experienced with Sandy’s facilitation was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life. It helped me connect with and feel the presence of my deeper Self in a way I had never experienced before. It was a journey into a deep awakening from which I continue to draw inspiration and strength.”

St. Louis, MO


It’s hard to articulate the feeling I had leaving the Soul Dialogue yesterday, and today. I think you said it’s like tuning into a new frequency, and I feel that big time. I also feel like it’s an awareness or knowing that was always there but has been veiled until now.   

I toggle between “that was completely insane!” and “that was the most natural and real thing I’ve ever experienced.” Just googled definition of insane, and the first one to pop up was, “in a state of mind that prevents normal perception”…. so i guess it was both, insane and totally real.  🙂

Katy, Providence, RI

In this special coaching session, Sandy offers a guided meditation that helps you relax your body and focus your conscious mind so that you can have audience with your expanded consciousness and soul. Once you are deeply relaxed and focused on your intention for the session, we will ask your soul for guidance, and then you will listen and watch to see what arises. As you share what you are experiencing with Sandy, he will facilitate the dialogue. Your conscious mind is still present in the background, but it watches the dialogue instead of interfering.

This form of coaching invites you to converse with your soul about your most important issues. You can ask your soul anything you want. You then listen for your soul’s response. While you begin with a clear intention, you do not identify an intended outcome. All the answers come to you from your soul, not from Sandy. He helps you prepare to receive Grace, navigate the conversation, and then assimilate what you are experiencing.

The soul has an agenda for you, and this helps you listen to and receive it. The soul remembers every experience you have had, throughout eternity. It may take you to places and share insights and images, that surprise you. The messages may be literal and/or metaphoric.

You may ask about and explore a past life, and your soul may take you there, if it feels this is what you need to know. If not, you will receive a message that is more appropriate for your development at this time. You may open to communication from those who have transitioned. Bottom Line: It’s all available and you will receive what you are ready to hear.

Participant’s Comments

It’s been two months since I experienced the Soul Dialogue with Sandy. I now carry a daily present loving connection with my inner-self that I’d never experienced before. Sandy’s soft, sure voice of guidance as well as Sandy’s confidence in this process created the ability to release and listen deeply. 

Jennifer Christian

Houston, Texas


Session Elements

  1. Process Overview and Set-up
  2. Client Intention Clarification
  3. Relaxation and Deepening
  4. Soul Dialogue
  5. Debrief and Integration


A session typically lasts about three hours. It is offered face-to-face, or over Zoom. The session is recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording.

Face-to-face sessions are at Educare in Grafton, IL/St. Louis From October–May, or Southwest Harbor, Maine from June–September. If you are not local, then you can fly in by scheduling at mutually convenient time.

If Sandy is in your area doing a program, then you can schedule a Soul Dialogue potentially before or after the program dates.

Sandy has been offering this since 2016. He has done fifty-five Soul Dialogues as of 2024.

You may do multiple Soul Dialogues, as many people have, and have a unique experience each time.


At Educare we offer a discounted sliding scale for all our offerings in an effort to keep our services affordable to a wide range of people. We set forth no criteria and trust that individuals will pay what they feel is appropriate.

Discounted Sliding Scale: $390–$300/session


Spiritual Practices to Prepare for a Soul Dialogue

The more you consistently allow yourself in your regular spiritual practices to go into the unknown, and listen in stillness, the more natural it will be to go there in your Soul Dialogue. The following types of spiritual practices can help make your Soul Dialogues richer and deeper.

Concentration Practice
This includes practices which improve your ability to let your thought be placed in an area and kept focused with minimal distractions.

Contemplation Practice
This includes practices where you dwell with a topic or idea and see where it takes you, versus intellectually analyzing it.

Meditation Practice
This includes practices where you are watching your thoughts and feelings and dwelling without judgment in the quiet mind.

Specific examples of these practices are outlined in what you receive if you schedule a Soul Dialogue, or request more information.

Scheduling or More information

For more detailed information about the Soul Dialogue or to schedule one, please be in touch at When you schedule one, detailed preparation information will be sent.

Sandy looks forward to helping you explore your soul’s sacred messages for you.


Here’s a poem Sandy wrote that also illustrates the potential and importance of a Soul Dialogue:

A Divine Curriculum

Whatever began in my mother’s womb,
only accounts for my material parts
(if that).

Where did consciousness begin?
Was it created when an egg was fertilized?
Or, was that simply an invitation
to join a continuous adventure
of discovery and unlearning?

Since it is unquestionably clear
that individualized consciousness
exists after a body stops moving,
it seems equally lucid
that consciousness
pre-exists each body.

So what did it do
before it enlisted in this incarnation?

Was it random and chaotic
without guidance or a home?
Or, was it organized in an educational unit
around a purpose and intention?

What would a Self-sustaining,
 intelligent Cosmos create?

Would it give that which I call me,
only one brief earthly blink
in all of eternity
to unearth all there is to learn about
how to love,
and forgive,
and accept,
and bounce back,
and surrender,
and authenticate,
and live?

Or, might this be
just our current matriculation
in Love’s Immortal University? 

And if so,
why not draw on
all we have been discerning
and realizing throughout eternity?

Certainly this wisdom,
though frequently hidden
from day-to-day human thinking,
would still be resident and available
within our perpetually shepherded
consciousness or soul.

My experience is that we are given
free access to this Divine Curriculum
for current use in
lessening suffering,
augmenting blessings,
and awakening to Truth.


Participant’s Comments

I am in awe of Sandy’s desire and ability to listen, perceive and recount what is being shared in the Soul Dialogue.  To delve into such a personal place with a co-listener and explorer takes trust.  I had great confidence I was not being prompted or lead but traveling with a companion that understood my experience while keeping proper perspective.  This is the safe place Sandy shared with me.

I was hoping this would be some type of mystical experience where I would go deep into my multiple past lives and the source of my drama ridden life would be revealed, everything would sense and somehow I’d be free of what was blocking me.  That was not my experience.  

Instead just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz I didn’t need to go further than my own backyard.  As it turned out my current life has provided enough entertainment and awe, and through Sandy’s safe guidance I was made aware of the important role Soul has played in my life, as well as become more aware of how this awareness had been blocked.  

Sandy’s gentle leading made it easy to follow the trail of my own thought from resistance to releasing and revealing of the presence of Soul right where I am. Often I have reminders coming to me that help me separate Soul from misleading sense and for this I am very grateful.

Chris Hatch
White Salmon, WA



Doing the Soul Dialogue was a very profound experience for me. I went in having no expectations or any idea of what would happen. Sandy moved me into a very safe and extremely relaxed place in in my mind. From there I entered a rather dreamlike state where I was somehow able to connect with family or souls who passed on before me. No actual words were exchanged. But somehow I understood the feelings or messages that were trying to be conveyed to me.

It answered some deep questions that I had been trying to understand. I had no idea that this was what would happen for me during this experience. I felt, in my mind, like the entire experience took about 15 minutes. When I looked at the actual time that had passed, it had been almost two hours. I was blown away.

Sandy provided such a loving and beautiful space for whatever might arise to occur. This was such a treasured experience. 

JoDee Baird
Brooklin, Maine