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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

July 22
The Gravity of Grace

There are no deviations
in the laws of the Universe.
These laws are in operation everywhere.

It makes no sense
to not trust that you too
are governed by these Universal laws.

You can’t opt out.
You are all in.

If your mind tries to convince you otherwise,
thank it for sharing
and lean into
the unerring gravity of Grace.

July 21
Who Likes Me?

If I’m authentic with you,
you may not like me.

If I’m not authentic with you,
you may not like me.

Since either way
I can’t control if you like me,
then I choose to be authentic.

In that way
at least I like me. 

July 20
Being Gifted by Life

When I receive
each moment
with an open heart,
I invite forth
the best of what it has to offer.

I let it touch me,
leave behind its blessings,
and keep moving
right on through.

July 19
Shame Uprooted

The feeling of shame
comes from an identification
with what you have done
or what was done to you.

You believe you are somehow
deficient because of an experience.

The experience is what you went through.
It had no ability whatsoever
to change or impact
your identity or essence.

Shame is baseless conditioning
ruining lives.
It has no foundation in truth,
and can be uprooted
when it is seen for the sham it is.

July 18
Why Meditate?

Pure awareness is enough
because it allows Grace
to shine through unobstructed.

In those moments
your conditioned mind
and personality is not in control
and instantaneous transformation
at any level
is possible.

July 17
A Wider Horizon

The beauty and peace
of the non-dual view of Reality
is that it accepts everything as it is,
and reveals
that no matter what is happening,
there is a larger purpose to it,
a wider horizon
beyond the scope of our mind,
which is for the benefit of one and all.

July 16

My experience is
the only thing that can limit us
is our belief
that something can limit us.

Why not pick an area,
unlearn your limit,
and see what is revealed?

July 15
Leaving Home

There are many times in our lives
when it feels like we need to leave home:
physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

In these moments
we are often chastised and misunderstood.
Do it anyway.

Growing is about
outgrowing our current frameworks.
The ego tries to hold us and others
in the comfortable and familiar.

Life is about transformation:
the willingness to take action
to go beyond our current
form or format.

As you work to “leave home,”
see if you can support
those close to you
to do the same.

you will both feel more connected.

July 14
Your Priorities

No one can set
your priorities in life
for you.

They can insist
you consider their priorities,
and you may so want to please them
that you accept them as your own.

But ultimately
your Soul has your priorities
embedded in your authentic heart.

They are waiting for you there
to access them
in deep fulfillment and pure joy.

Can you love yourself enough
to work at these priorities
as if everything important in your life
depends on it?

Your priorities are a gift from Grace.

July 13
Orderly Improvisation

From a non-dual perspective
there is only one Being.
The Intelligence which we call Nature
is everywhere
in infinite, ever-unfolding forms.

Looking out through Her eyes,
feeling through Her heart,
and listening through Her ears,
you will only experience
the symphony and dance of Grace.

Your mind may try to compartmentalize life
into warring dualities,
but see if you can see them as perspectives:
partial views
of the orderly improvisation of one Being.

July 12
Your Growing Edge

Have you identified
your growing edge?

This is the growth area
where you are willingly
facing the unknown.

It is what you feel
called and impelled
to move into,
even though there may be
resistance and fear.

The devotion to live here
will not leave you
where it finds you.

July 11
Trusting the Universe

When walking
you are intuitively guided
to know where to place
your next step.

This same guidance
is governing
every detail in your life.
You will know your next step
when it is time to take it.

It will unfold as you
lean forward into the moment.
This is how the Universe operates
without mistakes.

Anxiety comes from ruminating
ahead of the pace of Grace.

July 10
Imprisoned in Our Conviction

Because we can never lose Essence,
anything we go through
which leads us
to define ourselves as limited
is a partial perspective.

While the experience can’t be changed,
our interpretation of the experience
can be shifted
no matter how long we have
been imprisoned in our conviction.

We have within us
the Heart-guided capability
to dissolve our chains
and live and love in liberation.

July 9
A Symphony of Grace

How long would you need
to sit by a plant
and listen to it
until you heard and felt something?

This may have more to do
with remembering how to do this
than learning it anew.

You have ancestors
that spoke this language
with their sister and brother plants.

In the presence of Stillness,
a quiet mind
accesses a symphony of Grace.

July 8
The Larger Context

should be
than it is.
What happened, happened.
No one should have known better.

This doesn’t mean
that we don’t work
to obviate suffering.

It just means
we do it without
losing the larger context
of non-dual Reality.

July 7
Catching Your Breath

When we see heaven
as a future destination
that we work to try to achieve,
we breathe in staccato
and invite anxiety as a bedfellow.

When we redefine heaven
as the actual nature of Reality
in whatever form is present,
we drop our seeking,
softly catch our breath,
and flow with and as Her music.

July 6
Inner Simplicity

There is an inner simplicity
that gets lost in the mind
and gets found in the heart.

As we open to not-knowing,
the mind scratches its head in emptiness,
while the heart
trusts in fullness.

As we open to non-doing,
the mind gets confused,
while the heart
intuits inspired action.

As we open to non-attachment,
the mind gets afraid of being alone,
while the heart
breathes the intimacy of Oneness.

July 5
What Will Be Left

Our culture has us
spending our precious lives
accumulating and gathering.

We don’t need more
of anything.

We are already so full,
mentally, emotionally and physically,
that now is the time
to empty
that which no longer
serves you.

Ultimately we get to unlearn
everything that has brought us
to this time and place.
Give it its time in the sun
and let it go.

What will be left
will be a Being
where you feel
owned by Grace.