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March 21
The Gift of Beauty

When you let yourself
experience beauty,
something in you merges with
that which you are beholding.

It’s as if the sacred depth of Beauty
pulls you into it
and you lose self-consciousness.

This can happen in nature,
when practicing or witnessing
various forms of art and sports,
when experiencing the innate innocence in people,
when you open and feel
into the resonating Stillness you are,
and anytime you let yourself
drop any pre-conceptions
as to what is supposed to happen.

Beauty can be found in any moment
where the oneness of Being is witnessed.

In those moments of selfless awe
you are rejuvenated
from the affectional consciousness
of our one Soul.


March 20
Divine Alignment Releases Flow

When we are aligned with
our authentic heart and soul
we are not against anything.
We are not fighting, opposing,
repressing or attaching.
Fear and scarcity does not drive us.

Our top priority is being
who and what we are,
valuing all life,
and letting our inspired,
non-judging actions
be guided by and flow from Grace.


March 19
Presence not Fear

If you commit to meeting
every situation you encounter
with Presence,
you need not have any fear.


Fear arises
when you think about
addressing something
in which you want to control the outcome,
but you cannot.

By meeting each situation with Presence,
you trust the outcome to Grace
and thus lose fear.

March 18
Learning Our Way Forward

In our spiritual work
we don’t identify with fears,
thinking they are “my” fears.

We feel fears
and see that they appear
to show you where
you have misidentified yourself.

Follow them down
to the false beliefs
upon which they are based.

The one who believes the fears
is not your true Self.
Your true Self
intuitively knows
what is false and what is true.

Consciously choose which “self”
you want to build your life upon.
Reason and live from this foundation,
and you will learn your way forward.

March 17
No Foundation for Judgment

Let’s work from the basis
of one infinite Being or Intelligence
optimally maintaining Herself
as all that is created.

Thus, while we can always
do better in the future,
it is not possible
we could have done better
in the past.

Therefore, there can be no reason
to judge oneself or another,
as everyone is always doing the best
they could access in each moment.

March 16
Hit-the-street Spirituality

Key questions
that can help us transform
into our higher Self
if we are willing
to honestly and consistently address them:

What fears are you not facing?

What are you afraid would happen
if you faced your fears?

What do you do to avoid
integrating with your authentic Self?

What do you need to clear out
to create space
for a greater devotion to Being?

March 15
Ripening on the Vine

I used to think that once I glimpse
the false beliefs I identify with
I should instantaneously
slap on stickers of denial
and move onto something
more positive.


It’s coming clearer
that it is vital
to real growth and progress
that I compassionately sit
in my egoic conditioning
long enough that I feel and recognize
the drama, suffering, mess, and emptiness
it is creating,
and how fearfully identified
I am with it.

This is the only way
to tangibly taste and digest
that this limited and hollow sense of self
could not really be who I am,
and thus bud and blossom me
into new ripenings of Grace.

March 14
You Are Not Your Feelings

You would never think
that you are the wind.
Wind happens.
You feel and receive it.
And it moves on from you.

In the same way,
never think
that you are the feelings
that appear to you.
Feelings happen.
You feel and receive them.
And they move on from you.

You don’t own the wind.
It is not your wind.

You don’t own the feelings.
They are not your feelings.

Both wind and feelings
appear out of nowhere
and go back to nowhere.

They are here to be
witnessed and experienced,
but not identified with.

So, instead of,
I am sad,
I feel sadness.
Or, I feel sadness
moving through me.

March 13
An Experiment

Try taking a walk by yourself,
and instead of looking
at all the activity
going on outside of you,
see it as if you were in
a vivid sleeping dream
where all the activity that appears
to be going on outside of you
is actually going on inside of you
as a projection of your consciousness.

See if you can maintain this awareness
no matter what or who
enters your experience.

And then, consider the possibility
that since all is consciousness,
the projection is closer to Reality
than seeing yourself as a subject
with all the objects outside you.

In a dream all the objects
are “inside” you.

This will likely mess with your mind,
which is the point.
Welcome the disturbance.

March 12
Which will it be?

If you devote
to being your authentic self,
and I devote
to being my authentic self,
what might happen
if we interacted.

If you fearfully default
to being your egoic, conditioned self,
and I fearfully default
to being my egoic, conditioned self,
what might happen
if we interacted.

Which will it be?

March 11

What matters most
is integration.

The most inspired insight
if left in the head
echoes there
in the canyons of rumination.

Let it cascade into
your waiting affections
as your heart opens
to feeling its unction and relevancy
to you and your world.

From there,
let it embrace your gut
as it moves you to act
to perhaps
set a boundary
that never again
will you allow yourself
to be violated
by another’s confusion.

We don’t need you hollow.
We need you
to fulfill the integration
for which you are here,
in this precious form.

Please don’t wait any longer.

March 10
How to Be Less Fearful

Nothing limits us
like accepted fears.

Fear always arises
from a story your mind creates
about the future.

If you can see it
as a fabrication
in your conditioned mind,
then you can choose to feel it,
but not identify with it
as “my fear.”

You are not the content
in your conditioned mind.

It is a fear imposed
by the programming
in your mind.

This detachment
is a vital step
in not letting your life
be run by fears.

March 9
Let Us Dance

The more we develop
and rely upon
our own individualized,
tangible, communicative,
inseparable relationship
with the one Intelligence,
the more we witness
Her choreography everywhere.

March 8
Letting a Chapter Close

When a chapter ends
there is a pause,
sometimes a blank page,
before the next one begins.

This is by design.
It’s time to breathe in,
and breathe out.

How you use the pause
can make you feel
heavy and depressed,
like quitting all together,
or it can build anticipation
of a new dimension of Reality
emerging from within
the Field of Infinite Possibilities.

At first these can be side-by-side.
Feel into both of them
long enough to let the heavy one
gently sink into oblivion,
as the lighter one
blooms and blossoms
into fresh beauty and glory.

The Book of Life
grows in one direction:
forever sweeter.

March 7
Fear is a Mask

In order to progress
we are invited
to courageously move into the unknown
through our fears,
and trust that the Universe
is guiding each of our steps.

When you are yearning to grow,
facing fears that try to keep you locked
in limited certainty
is the most direct and challenging route.

Fear is the mask that hides the treasure.

March 6
Driving with Presence

Driving today about halfway home
from a road trip, the sign said
‘276 miles’ to my nearby city.

I had been breathing in “I”
and breathing out “Am”
as I drove for the last 30 minutes,
so instead of thinking

“I can’t wait to get home,”
I realized that real peace
comes from feeling and expressing
Presence wherever I am.

So instead of looking forward
to arriving in the future
and missing now,
I felt into the present moment
and drove with Presence.

I will be doing this more often.
It was very rich.

March 5
Quitting the Game

Until you come from your authentic heart
and honestly address
and set boundaries around
what is really important to you,
you are playing a game.

The game is all about how much
you can distract yourself
while you are doing
what everyone else wants you to do.

The reason that so many of us play this game
is that it is unconscious.
We don’t know we are doing it.
We think we are doing what we are supposed to do.

Most of us have been trained and rewarded
for following the rules, doctrines, and social mores.
We let everyone else do our thinking for us.

Until you are willing to quit the game,
fulfilling progress and deep peace
will elude you.

Quitting the game will likely
upset many around you
because they have grown
accustomed to your gaming.

You will find that when you are authentically clean,
new, refreshing, deeper relationships
will appear to welcome you home.

March 4
The Unbroken Flow

The divine flow of the Universe
is always available in and as us.

I find it essential
to firmly recognize
and established this truth
in my conscious awareness
and authentic heart,
and then open to where
I may be fixated on believing
that this is not the case.

Working out from Wholeness,
I’m more likely
to not judge or condemn myself
when I uncover my misperceptions
and limited, partial views
of my true identity and essence.

This facilitates unlearning
and awakening to the freedom and joy
of our ceaseless divine heritage.

March 3
Right beside

the darkest fear
is the full-on,
safe embrace of Life.

Right beside
the partial view
is the effulgent,
permeating presence of Wholeness.

Right beside
the constriction of judgment,
is the story-free release
into the truth
that we are each
always doing our best.

Right beside
the plague of abandonment
is the forever connection
of One Being.

No lie can appear
without the corresponding truth
right beside.

And, truth always
outlasts and melts
any untruth.

March 2
Being and Doing

Society teaches us
that to be successful,
we need to master a task or skill.

If we are fortunate
it may be something
that we love to do.
That can feel very fulfilling.

Adding a spiritually-based
self-awareness to the mix
helps us realize that
tasks and skills can take us only so far.

We also have the opportunity
to discern who we are,
and what is the reason
for which we are on earth.

Exploring our purpose
is more about getting in touch with
our being, than our doing.

The expression of the qualities
and characteristics that resonate
deepest in our heart and soul
can infuse everything we do,
but we are infinitely more
than what we do.

Ultimately, deep peace
and lasting fulfillment
comes from living from
our honest and authentic Center:
our Being.

March 1
A Remarkable Gift

If you wanted to create an environment
where another feels so safe
they can be vulnerable with you
about challenging areas in their life,
how would you do it,
or have you done it?

This is one of the most precious gifts
you can ever bestow.

If you have ever received it,
you know what I mean.

Priceless affection and intimacy.

February 28
Real Self-love First

You treat others
the way your treat yourself.

You can only love another
to the degree you love yourself.

This means that if you do not
honestly love your authentic, true self,
you will not be able to honestly love
another’s authentic, true self.

This is why so many of us
get caught in personality fixations
and feel stuck in relationships.

The ego doesn’t know how to love.
It just knows how to attach,
repress, judge, and mimic real love.

Here’s to uncovering
and living from
your authentic self first.
A life of service will be the result.


February 27
What if

instead of drawing your conclusions
out of the constructs of your past,
you listened and felt into Presence
and drew conclusions from
your intuition from the Ground of Being?

The former leads to confusion and fear.
Presence leads you
to the immediacy of the moment
and guides you to inspired action.

February 26
Why You Matter

You are worthy.
You have value.
You are precious.


Not because of
anything you have ever done,
or praise you have received.
or awards or games you have won,
or degrees or money you have earned,
or your job or career,
or who you hang out with.


Because you are you.
You have unique potential.
You make a difference.
You were created.
You are alive.
You are here.
You are now.

You are the way
Being is showing up.

Yes. You mean this much.
Please, never, ever forget it.

You matter.
And, you are enough.

February 25
You Always Trust in Something

What if the Universe
is not random,
but is designed
to work on your
and everyone’s behalf?

If you believed this
would you trust It?

If you don’t believe this
then how do you believe
the universe functions
and in what do you put your trust?

Where you place your trust
dramatically impacts
the choreography of your life.

February 24
An Invitation

What would it take
to up your game
to the next level?

If you are willing
to honestly consider this question,
it means you are ready.

Listen and feel into
what this could be for you.

Envision the impact
it could have on your life,
those you care most about,
and humankind.

This could be a turning point.

Please consider
this serious invitation.

February 23
An Experiment with Flow

What if you met
every feeling or sensation
(positive or negative)
without resistance or attachment?

In other words,
you did not try to push it away,
or act from it.

What if you felt it,
gently breathed it in and out.
and let it move, or stay,
or do whatever it is doing?

This is not what we
are conditioned to do,
but the Universe is beckoning us
to release everything
to Her perfect flowing order.

This may just restore
harmony to your life
in ways you never thought possible.

Care to try this with me?

February 22
Trusting Reality

There is one Law of Reality
that transcends, includes, and embraces
every other “law.”

Nothing, in any form,
is outside this Law
because it permeates
and connects all in unity.

If you are going to trust in anything,
this is a no-brainer.

Why not trust in that which
creates and maintains all Reality
as one harmonious Being?