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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

September 24
Shall We Reconsider?

Somehow we think
that if we hold on
to our storied grip on the past,
it will benefit us more
than if we open to, receive and feel
what Grace is giving us
each moment.

The logic escapes me.

September 23
Feels Like Coming Home

I can’t know
how you will respond
when I share authentically
from my heart.

But I can know
I have no longer withheld my truth
so that you will like me.

This lesson has been decades
in the making.

September 22

are your best friends.

They are a gift
to help you loosen
your conviction
that you are in control
and that you know
something for certain.

They are intended
to launch you into
reliance on your soul
instead of your conditioned mind.

September 21

is Grace’s gift to us.

The receiving of it
is our gift to others.

September 20
Trusting the Silence and Stillness

The same ceaseless Intelligence
that changes the ocean tide,
knowing when enough is enough,
governs every aspect of your Being,
showing you when enough is enough.

All in perfect silence and stillness.

September 19
Close, Closer, One

What if the air you breathe in
is how close God is?

What if the air you breathe in
is God?

What if the air you breathe in
is pure energy
and God is the only energy?

What if you are a way
God is breathing,
a way God is Being?

What if you
can’t be,
other than
a way God is Being?

September 18
Who You Are Not

If you think
you know who you are,
then this is your current
misperception of yourself.

You can’t know who you are.
You can only know who you are not.

As you unlearn who you are not
you feel closer to
the infinite, presence and potentiality
of your conscious Being.

September 17
Working With What Is

When you oppose Reality
(the way life is)
because you think you know best,
you create suffering
for yourself and others.

When you embrace Reality
with awareness,
and thus no judgment,
you discern how best to work with it,
creating blessings
for yourself and others.

September 16
How Good Do You Want It?

No matter how much you fret
about your future,
Being is still optimizing Itself
in and as your (and all) being,
just as Nature optimizes Itself
in all the forms in nature.

You will receive what you
are ready and open for,
so you might as well open
with all the humility you can find
(unless having it that good
is too scary).  

September 15
The Unknown

There is no possible way
to know what will happen to you
in the next moment.

By accepting this fact,
you have a choice:
Be anxious and concerned, or
Be trusting and grateful .

How you define your relationship
to the Unknown,
determines the peace in your life.

September 14
See if you can notice

when your conditioned mind
is running your life.

Call it out as such.
“I’m noticing my mind feels confused.”
instead of “I’m confused.”

The “I,” your Being, your Soul,
is not confused.


September 13
One Thing

What stands between you
and your ability to love
each and every moment?

A belief
that the moment should be better.

September 12
Question Your Certainties

It’s worthwhile questioning
what you think you know for sure.

If you don’t include room
in your life for paradoxes,
you will stay stuck in constant regressions
with only incremental improvements.

Paradoxes can help you embrace uncertainty
and lean into the Unknown,
which is where all true growth occurs.

You can’t control your growth.
You can only surrender to Grace
and watch Her reveal Herself
as and through you.

September 11
No Other

When there is only One,
there is no other.

Just I AM being.

If there is no other,
what are you?

Let yourself feel deeply
into where you are
in this equation.

September 10
Full Access

From a non-dual perspective,
where there is one infinite Being,
you have full access to all of God,
and God has full access to all of you.

September 9
Trust in Truth

Relaxing into the moment
without trying to control it,
could be the most essential
spiritual practice
that allows us to experience Reality.

This may be easy at times
when life is flowing,
and hard when life
is fearful or painful.

Either way, yielding away
from egoic control
and into the Moment
will reveal valuable lessons
and build trust in Truth.

September 8
Walking in Your Truth

When you know
and feel
you are grounded
in the authentic truth
in your heart,
you don’t need
to justify your actions.


It doesn’t mean
you will be understood.
It doesn’t mean
you won’t listen to others.
It just means
there’s nothing to defend.
This is your truth, today.

September 7
Perhaps There is One

Many of us look at what has occurred
and then try to justify
that it was God’s will
because of the harmony.

Alternatively, we look at discord
and believe that we or someone
screwed up and that God’s will
was missed.

This view of God is all ego.

Feel free to learn from the past
but if it occurred it was what
the Universe brought forth.

The harmony or lack thereof
is a partial perspective from a mind
laced in dualism.

At some point we will outgrow
this mind that tries to
justify, divide and conquer.

there is one infinite Intelligence
that includes and governs all
with unerring rectitude.

September 6

When in doubt,
relax into the moment,
feel It’s presence,
and let It reveal Itself
to you.

You won’t be led astray.

September 5

One authentic moment,
where you are not hiding
behind the disguise of personality,
can change your life,

Even if it is messy.

September 4
Being Enough

You have never
not been enough.

that tells you otherwise
is lost in a delusion.

To access more
of your innate ‘enoughness,’
notice who tells you otherwise
and thank them for sharing
and move on.

If your inner critic
tells you otherwise,
thank it for sharing
and move on.

You are too precious
to be intimate with
such obvious lying voices.

Choose your companions wisely.

September 3
Struggling With Meditation?

Many think they cannot meditate.

Next time you try,
instead of being frustrated
that your mind is so busy,
notice your mind.

In that instant
of witnessing,
you are tapping into
the still Mind.

This is meditation.

To expand that space,
next time you notice your mind,
take a breath while noticing,
and maybe even another…

The stillness will expand in you.

September 2
The Movement of Being

Your past is not here.
It is designed to be over,
not carried forward.
Your conditioned mind uses it
to interpret the present.

Each moment arrives brand new,
with its own wholeness,
completeness and integrity.

Your role is not to try
to control the moment.
Receive it with
calm openness,
and feel it
with a receptive heart,
as it moves through.

Nothing comes to stay.
Everything comes to pass.

You can trust
the perfectly orchestrated
movement of Being.

September 1
Any moment

we are willing to be
open and present
in mind, heart, and body,
without any pushing,
space opens within us
to intuit, feel, and embody,
the guidance, rhythm, and energy
of our true nature
as Love.

August 31
No Mind Games

When a harmonious experience occurs
it is not a sign that you are in the favor of God.
If you believe that, then you open the door
to interpret other things you experience
as out of God’s favor.

The divine/universal Order
is always happening.
It doesn’t choose to reward you like Santa
when you are naughty or nice.

Life/Nature/God doesn’t play mind games.
Egos do that.    

August 30
Radical Loving

If you truly believe
that you and everyone
are always doing the best we can
in each moment,
then there is never a reason
to judge or blame
yourself or anyone.

This is how the nondual Universe rolls.

There are no gaps in Reality
where you or they
could have done better.

This is the foundation
for radical loving without conditions.
This could transform any-and-all.

August 29

Getting in touch
with how you have
misidentified yourself
is vital to your relationship
with everything and everyone
you care about in your life.

If you think you have not
misidentified yourself,
then arresting this belief
would be a good starting place.

Assume that your current self-concept,
even a spiritual concept,
is an illusion because
it is partial, ever-evolving,
and conditioned by your mind.

It is a minuscule placeholder for Infinity:
a single frame in the movie of eternity.

August 28
Perhaps You Won’t Wait

If you are in a relationship
and something happens between you
that you are too afraid to talk about,
the longer you wait,
the more a gap grows between you.

The first thing that falls in this crevice
is authentic intimacy,
because in the back of your mind
this issue doesn’t leave you alone.

You work around it
and try to cover it over
and ignore it
and justify it,
but it just festers in your subconscious
and your actions are influenced
by this fracture in your heart.

Perhaps you won’t wait decades
to deal with it
like I did.

This is a lesson, I am currently living into.
Authenticity from day one.

August 27
Breaking Out of Prison

If you are not consciously working
to break out of the egoic prison
your mind is locked in,
you are likely reinforcing its walls
with your attachments and stories:
positive or negative.

No one can do this work for you.
When you are ready, you will know it.

The insatiable desire arrives
through an experiential glimpse of nonduality,
the oneness of all Being,
or through a cracking
of your or another’s comfortable,
self-fabricated habitat,
which makes you desperately question:
“Isn’t there something I can do?”

Often both.

August 26
Love Now!

To love without conditions
means that you love
everything and everyone,
as they are right now,
without exception.

Your conditioned mind can’t do this,
but your authentic heart can.

Don’t wait for your mind.
Love now!

August 25
We Include That Which We Desire

is the experience
of unbroken connection.
It is not an act.

Intimate connection
is available without gaps
because it is the very fiber of Existence.

We are actually One Being,
one infinite Self.

Perfect non-dual connection
and coincidence is how Life rolls.

It is yours and everyone’s
each moment
for the receiving and expressing.

August 24
An Experiment Worth Trying

Instead of rehearsing
and holding tightly onto                                                           
a set of beliefs
that you hope will bring
new levels of harmony
into your life,
try releasing all those beliefs,
relax into each precious moment,
and seeing how Life/Love
acts through and as you.

August 23
Full-on Acceptance

When you are completely open
to receiving whatever is occurring
in the moment,
without interfering with your mind
by needing it to be different
or making it mean something special,
it frees you to experience
the divine Order,
and respond with inspired action
when and if needed.

August 22
Non-dual Living

When you see and accept life
from a non-dual space
of seamlessly ordered Perfection:

You listen and receive
without needing to think about
what you will say.

Your words are formed for you
as you speak.

You find yourself acting
as impelled from within.

You are not attached
to specific outcomes.

Your heart connects
with all life forms.

You default to peace.

August 21

What if there is just

Who would you be?

August 20
The Lead Wall

Sometimes we are so afraid
that it feels like
a solid lead wall comes down
for us to hide behind to protect us.

This part of consciousness
is not protecting you.
It is protecting a fabricated image of you
that is so fragile
that you won’t let anyone near it.

The only way to remove the wall
is through embracing
this desperate part of yourself
in a completely safe, condition-free love.

August 19
One Space, Two Views

The exact same space
described as nothing
by the ego,
is experienced as fullness
by the soul.

Your choice:
emptiness or Presence.

August 18
Remember This

The biggest picture in the Universe
is that there is just one infinite,
Self-sustaining Being.

Remembering this
puts your issues in a context
that invites trust
and releases anxiety.

August 17
Just Peace

When you stop craving
for the moment to be different,
suddenly the one needing a change
and there is just peace.

This is available to you
each and every moment.

August 16
What Are You?

The more deeply
you look for your center,
the more you will find
that you are not there.

There is no “me”
hiding somewhere in you.

So, what are you?

One way the Universe
experiences Itself.

August 15
No Self-definition

Feelings describe
the experience of the moment,
like weather passing through.
They never define the person.