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December 6
Being: The Only Option

When you see
that there is one all-inclusive, infinite Being,
then the logic flows  
that everything ever created
is the substance of this Being.
Without exception.

This means
that it is impossible for you
to be and experience
anything but this Being.

This always was true,
always is true,
and forever will be true.

Being is the only possible option occurring.
You can never lose your Being.

This means that death is
the outgrowing of a partial form
and the simultaneous rebirth into a new one,
because Being can only continue.

December 5
Two Strategies

Fearing the Unknown.

Unconditionally trusting the Unknown.

Picture the course of your life
throughout eternity
living from each.

Consciously choose
to live your preferred strategy
such that it becomes that to which you default
in each moment.
(Why wait any longer?)


December 4

You belong to your Source
because you share the same “is-ness.”

you are never abandoned
by your Source
any more than a wave
can be abandoned
by the ocean.

Changing form doesn’t mean disconnection.
It is simply how we are forever
experiencing our growth
as the Universe expands.

December 3

The more you understand Nature
the sooner you may arrive at
the conclusion
that we are all unmistakably
She teaches us this endlessly.

Everything affects everything.
Everyone affects everyone.
When you grow, we grow.
When you atrophy, we atrophy.

For now, reciprocity is the law.

In one perspective you are soloing.
In another you are partnering.
In another you are ensembled.
In another you are unified.
In another you are all of these at once.
In another you are none of these.

For now, living from reciprocity
feels essential.

December 2
Lifting Our Game

Pay attention
to the flock you fly with.
They are likely influencing you
as much as you are influencing them.

Our lives reflect
the individual and collective mental models
we consciously and unconsciously adopt.

Each one of us is urgently needed
to lift our game.
Please face it straight up:
it matters what you do and how you be!

December 1

is called forth
when the ego is waiting
for what Grace has
already delivered.

November 30
What Matters Most

what matters most
is that you live authentically,
and devote to that which to you
is real and true.

Try writing down:
What is real and true to me?
And then ask yourself:
How tangibly devoted am I
to this truth?

Notice the resistance
to living this consciously.

If you are not authentically living
from your truth,
whose truth are you living from?
Whose life are you living?

November 29
Her Majesty

on a walking meditation
I suddenly looked up
and was arrested
by this mother-tree.

I stood still
and breathed her in.
I could feel her being.

I slowly approached her
and gently placed my hand
on her trunk.

There was an energy
being transmitted.

It was a tangible presence
like nothing I have
ever felt before in nature.

Her majesty was indescribable.

An elderly woman walked by and said,
“Quite a tree…
It has been here a very long time…
I hope it stays forever…”

All I could muster was
“Truly remarkable…
I hope so too.”

November 28
One Being

When you believe that there is
one infinite Source,
from which everything,
without exception,
is created,
you ask different questions,
reason from different perspectives,
and have only one reference point.

The whole landscape changes
when you open to the possibility
that all is God.

November 27
Why Be Still?

Could it be
that the fulfillment
of our deepest yearnings
lie waiting within us?

Could it also be
that the fulfillment becomes accessible
the more still we become?

This, is my experience.

November 26
Feeling Imprisoned?

What happened to you
can’t be changed.

Your perspective
and the beliefs you created about it
can be 100% transformed.

Are your beliefs serving you,
or are you in solitary confinement,
locked in your self-imposed prison?

The key to freedom
is within your authentic heart.

November 25

When your being and doing merge,
every moment feels like
it designed for you and all.

Everything is vital:
deeply imbued with meaning.

You feel borderless:
part of something bigger
than a mind and body.

Your infinite potential
becomes everyone’s infinite potential.

Limits are merely partial perspectives
arising to be seen through.

Every moment is cherished
as a gift of Glory.

November 24
When life gets really hard

it is not your circumstances
that is causing this.

It is your mind saying that
something different
is supposed to be happening.
Reality is not conforming to
your mind’s ideal.

The way through
is to realize that your mind
does not actually know
what is best for you.

What’s hard is that for most of us,
in the past we have gotten reality to line up
with our mind’s desire pretty well.
So much so, that when it doesn’t happen
we lose our reference points
and can feel discouraged and lost.

By fully accepting whatever
is occurring now,
your energy is freed to be
completely in this moment.
This taps you into
exactly what you need to know
when you need to know it,
and shows you how you need to be,
to navigate in these uncharted waters.

November 23
A Rare Gift

When you give someone
your undivided attention,
it doesn’t cost you anything.

Yet, you are giving them
a priceless, unforgettable gift.

This doesn’t require
an accumulation of words.

It requires a still mind
and a capacious heart.


November 22

Everything is sourced
from Stillness and Silence.

All manifestation is sourced
in the Unmanifested,
and returns to it.

If you are struggling,
perhaps you are trying
to control the way
the manifested world
is operating.

That is not only impossible,
but it will not bring you
lasting peace.

Breathe and feel into the Stillness
that is always here,
and you will find
your affections and actions
re-aligning with Source
as you naturally co-operate.

November 21
Transmuting Toxicity

The only thing
that can unify us
is love lived.

When we offer love,
independent of the transgression,
we are saying
that no matter what they have done,
love is bigger.

So we have a choice:
flood the environment
with hatred
for what happened then,
or with love
for what is happening now in you.

November 20
Losing the Path

There are times
when it feels
like we have lost the path.

Perhaps these are times
when the path we were on
is a perspective we have outgrown.

We only drift from that which
needs to be released.

Don’t try to get back to where you were.
Step into the unknown now
and see what is here,
waiting to be realized
in your soul’s gift to you today.

November 19

As we incarnate
within this non-dual universe
we are forever learning
how to expand our identity
from a partial view
which limits us
to one which is
more and more inclusive.

The scared ego
resists this movement
and suffering results.

Next time you suffer,
let your view
of who and what you are

And breathe.

November 18
Rediscovering Self

Until you recognize
the unconscious programs
running your life,
you will think you are
your thoughts and feelings.

Once these programs are exposed
for the imposition they are,
a fresh dimension of Self is rediscovered.

It feels somehow familiar:
more like you are remembering
something you forgot.

Your Soul never condemns you
for taking so long to return to it.
It has been holding you the whole time.
You never really were lost.

November 17
Offering Miracles

When you speak with someone
you have no idea
what they are understanding.
Their filtering mechanism is
unknown to them
so there is no way it can be known to you.

This being the case,
you don’t need to be discouraged
if you are misunderstood.

It’s actually a miracle
if they reflect back what you have said
in a way that you feel they got it
and why it is significant to you.

This is why it is so sacred if this happens.
Rarely, if ever,
are people conscious enough to do this.

Perhaps you can offer miracles.
Or not.  

November 16
Honoring Your Body

These days I’m seeing
that the reason our consciousness
exists with a body at this point,
is not so that the body is denied
(as I thought for decades),
but so that we become intimately
embodied with the here and now.

The body is obviously here and now
but our consciousness can get lost
in the past or future.

The portal to Presence
is through the here and now,
so perhaps for guidance
we are being reminded
to feel, listen to and trust
our authentic heart and intuitive gut
more than our conditioned mind.

November 15
You are invited

to explore and experience
levels of consciousness
that are beyond
what you could ever imagine.

As you expand out of your
perceived limits to identity,
you help yourself and each of us
find new dimensions of harmony,
waiting within.

You may be already doing this,
but in case you are not,
you can never say
you were not invited.

November 14
Abiding in Presence is Enough

It is not possible
to know what will happen next.

It is possible
to trust that what has just happened
is what the Universe unfolded,
and was exactly what needed to happen.

Trusting that,
takes away the anxiousness
about what will happen next,
inviting you to experience Presence
in each moment.

November 13
It Is

When it feels like
the Universe is designed
for you,
It is.

When it feels like
it is not designed
for you,
you may have forgotten to remember,
It is.

There is one Being
and one Design.

November 12
One Puzzle

The Universe does not make mistakes,
so you don’t either.

What may feel like a mistake
at this time,
is you not having enough
of the puzzle pieces
for your mind to see how it all fits.

While the mind doubts,
your soul knows and trusts
that there is one Puzzle
where all fits together perfectly.

November 11
The Question Behind

If you don’t get a clear answer
to the question you are asking yourself,
there is a question behind the question
that is the one
that really needs to be answered.

Let yourself listen into that question.

Your authentic heart may have
a special message waiting for you there.

November 10

When you feel something soft,
how do you feel?

Can you be that softness
for someone,
independent of their age or stage?

Can you softly bless another today?

Can you let the softness in your heart
feel the softness in their heart?

We all have soft in us.

Can you find and embrace your own softness?

Can you offer
“I soft you”
to each and all?

I don’t think they will mind it.