Unlearning Insights

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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

May 15
A Listening Space

There is no way
we can ever know,
or dare to judge,
what another is going through.

The best we can do
is provide a listening space
to get the deep significance
of their experience to them,
and perhaps how they are feeling.

This single act
is enough,
and so rare
it can change a life.

May 14
Connect or Disconnect?

The spiritual, orderly laws of the Universe
operate no matter what you believe,
just like the laws of math operate
even when you don’t understand them.

The laws are objective. They are what is.

We have a choice
to align and connect with the laws of Life
or to fight and disconnect with them,
often through willfulness or indolence.

The first route is direct.
The second is circuitous.

Both will get you home.

But the second may take
a thousand more years,
or lifetimes.

May 13
Finding My Way Home

Perhaps I first learn
to follow rules
so I can stay in alignment
with the system.

Then, as I grow,
I can choose
to break the rules
that are not authentic to me,
even if they go against the system.

It may begin with following
someone else’s path,
but that will only take me
to their home.

I must follow my own genuine path
to find my way to my home.

May 12
The Field Beyond the Mind

See if you can take time each day
to open to an all-inclusive, non-dual space
that invites and stretches you
to trust in and rely on
the unlimited Unknown
more than the limited known.

This field beyond the mind
will help you give up control
and experience the flowing freedom
of Grace.

May 11
Sitting First

all the stirring
and non-stop to-do lists
is a Stillness
from which everything arises
and ultimately goes back into.

Starting your day
by sitting in this Stillness
allows for your awareness
throughout your day
to witness the Divine order
more consistently.

It’s worth the sit.

May 10
The Current of Grace

To feel the current of Grace
moving in you…
like what a cat may feel when it purrs…
is to know you are being lived…
and loved…
by Being…

And that you do not belong to you….

May 9

Radical Actions Needed

The misperception of who we are
is the most aggressive and unconscious belief’
driving behavior:
individually and collectively.

It requires our full-on attention
so that we can recognize it as such
and then unlearn and release it.

It necessitates a willingness to abandon
your current self-image,
in whatever form.

Without this devotion,
we are doomed to repetition
of slavery and suffering.

Are you willing to take on
the radical actions needed?

If yes, thank you.
If no, it will be there waiting for you
when you are ready.

May 8
Inside or Outside Route?

Are you motivated and willing
to work on yourself
to find the protective parts
(and any other baggage)
that get triggered and are blocking
your innate peace, fulfillment, joy and love?
This is the inside route.

The outside route is thinking that
your peace, fulfillment, joy and love
come from people, things, and situations,
and therefore you are trying
to control or manipulate these
to be the way you want them to be.

While neither route obviates suffering,
the inside route embraces it as part of transformation.
The outside route tries to get rid of it
as quickly as possible
so you can get back on task.

Which route is primary for you?

May 7

accepting whatever enters your experience
not as
“Now I have to live with this,”
but instead,
“Now I get to watch this move through.”

Nothing that comes,
stays forever.

If it feels like
something negative from the past
is with you constantly,
the witness to that story
can be recovered
and brought into the love in your heart,
and the story will fade into oblivion.

Life is fluid.
Let it flow.

May 6
The Divine thread

weaves through everything.
If you identify something
that you feel should not have happened,
either God screwed up
or your view is segregated.

May 5
Intimate Listening

is the art of opening your heart
to hear and feel that which is resonating
in yourself, others, nature, and our Source.

When you give your undivided
attention and affection
to each of these
a sacred connection emerges
which unites you in love.

May 4
A Horizon Without Edges

If you believe
you can be a victim
to something or someone,
then you will live in constant anxiety.

The fear is obviated
in a non-dual horizon without edges
that lifts you to love
the fullness of this and every moment,
whatever is appearing in front of you.
Embrace it and let it move through you.

Life is not happening to you.
Life is happening for and as you.
All of it.

May 3
Space for Each to Grow

Living from a non-dual perspective
(one Source flowing as one creation,
inclusive of everything and everyone)
opens up entirely new strategies
for dealing with the human situations.

These strategies will never make sense
to the analytical, rational mind.
And that’s okay. They aren’t supposed to.

Those living out of the space of duality
and the belief of good against evil,
will have entirely different strategies
that make complete sense to them.
And that’s okay for them.

These two can exist side-by-side
as long as one side does not try to insist
that the other side must follow them.

Let’s listen to each other,
and give each the space to grow,
which is what we are destined to do
throughout eternity.

May 2
Letting Life Flow

Everything in life
is consciousness in motion.

If you feel stuck
it may be because
you are not being still enough
to allow people and situations
to take their natural flowing course.

If you clutch to the known,
you delay your experience
of the unfoldment
of the majestic Unknown.

May 1
Authentic Love

When you put effort
into manipulating someone
to do what you want,
that which you receive from them
will feel inauthentic.
Most of us do this unconsciously.

try putting your effort
into noticing
what you are afraid might happen
if you didn’t do this.

This may reveal some hidden beliefs
which are constricting your ability
to feel and experience authentic love
for yourself, and others.