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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

May 26, 2018

You were not created

to live someone else’s dream for you,
no matter how well-intentioned it is.
You were not created
to audibly or silently suggest to others
that for them to be worthy and respected by you,
they need to live your dream
of righteousness,
no matter how well intentioned it is.
You were created to be love.

May 25, 2018

I can’t live free

while I hold you in chains.
I am invited to free you,
in order to free me.
We are indissolubly linked
as autonomous beings
in the oneness of Life.
We share the same Being.

May 24, 2018

An Offering of Innocence

Your mind
does not need to understand
another’s motives and actions
in order to love them.
Awareness does not require
a confirmation of our beliefs
before it bestows blessings.
Its very nature
rests on all it touches
with an uncontrived
offering of innocence
as the only option.

May 23, 2018


Don’t see yourself
according to how you have been.
A rose bush, once pruned,
does not bloom the way it did
in previous seasons.
It blooms anew
because it is rooted
in the eternal grace
of the Divine Feminine.

May 22, 2018

The honest path,

is the one that you choose alone,
because it feels like it chooses you,
again and again.
It is the “choiceless” choice.
On it, if you meet someone,
or many,
as they walk beside you,
you will recognize them
because they are following their heart,
as they know it this moment.
Extend your open hand
to your brother or sister.
For while you travel solo
in your mind and body,
you are already connected
in your heart and soul.

May 21, 2018

A Safe Harbor

You are infinitely bigger
than whatever can enter your experience.

May 20, 2018

Egoic Collusion

The mind,
when permeated with partial scripts
from its fractured life,
tries to gain evidence
so it can write its story
and desperately justify its discontent.
So, it colludes
with anyone and anything it can
in order to solidify its story,
and shore up its collapsing walls.
This is just what minds do.
You are not your mind.

May 19, 2018

The Motivation Behind Questions

It is wise to notice
the motivation
behind the questions you ask.
You can waste precious moments
and ruin precious relationships
by dwelling in loaded questions.
Here are some reflections
that may help you catch questions
before you ask them.
Where did the question come from?
Are you trying to confirm a position
you have already formed?
Why do you want to know this?
What will you do
with the information you receive?
What is the benefit to you
of asking this question?
Is the person’s response
potentially going to shift
how you see them?
Are your questions impelled by Grace?

Friday May 18, 2018

When receiving inspiration

open your heart
and let it have its way with you,
using your mind
so you can have your way with it.

Thursday May 17, 2018

Unobstructed Love

Love does not need
you to understand.
Love does not require
you to figure out anything.
Love does not demand
you follow the rules.
Love does not suggest
you need to improve.
Love does not offer
Love does not demand
you cling to truths.
Love removes your need for a past,
and thus your fear of a future.
Love radiates for you, through you,
in you, and as you, and all.

May 16, 2018

You Are Not Your Vehicle

Each of us has a vehicle
with which we navigate the planet.
You picked it up when you arrived here.
It includes your body, your conditioned mind,
your ego, your personality, your family culture,
your gender, your race, etc.
When you judge someone by their vehicle,
it says that you see them as their vehicle.
This misperception petrifies your love
and freezes your affection.
All it really is, is a public announcement
of your inability to see another’s wholeness
and to stay in your own business.

May 15, 2018


The words “I love you”
and the action “I judge you”
are 100% contradictory.

If you entertain both of them at once
the judgment wins 
and your relationship atrophies.

The words “I love you
and the action “I see you”
are perfectly aligned.
The two work together
to ride any storm.

May 14

Stitch by Stitch

There is a thread of Soul
that weaves us all together
in a single tapestry
throughout eternity.


It may feel like you have lost your stitch,
or that your tapestry is damaged or incomplete,
or had been violated.
But, this is because you have lost your perspective,
not your wholeness.


Instead of seeing the entire process,
you have focused on a moment in time.


You can’t know
how the tapestry is to look.
What you can know
is that the tapestry is designed
by its Maker
to bring out your strengths,
and to show forth your glory,
stitch by stitch.



May 13

Stuck Making Poor Choices?

If someone wants to change
and keeps making the same poor choices,
it is often because
they have not linked their desire to change
with their authentic heart.


They have left their desire
stranded in their mind
where the soil is not fertile enough
to plant and grow fruits.


When you link your motivation
to your heart,
it trumps your mind
by filling you up
with pure unfiltered fulfillment,
where inspired action
is the only viable option.




May 12

By Design

The universe is not designed
to cause you to suffer,
or to keep you suffering.


It is designed to help you unlearn
whatever you need 
in order to experience
the innate freedom of your soul,
at one with Life.




May 11

A Platform for Authentic Communication

Seeing another’s wholeness
and sincerely communicating you see it
independent of their actions,
increases the likelihood that
you will create an environment
conducive to transformation.


This does not condone their actions.
It creates a platform for authentic communication
upon which relationships
can be built, repaired, or sustained



May 10

No One Should Have Done Better

It is not accurate to look back
and to say you or anyone
should have done better.


That is coming from a confused mind.
Every moment each of us
is doing the best we can.


If we knew how to do better,
and could find it in ourselves to do it,
we would.


You don’t have to believe this,
but the alternative
is to hang out in judgment
which is always a death knell
to peace, progress and love.




May 9


We have deep within us
the yearning to be free.


The way to be free s
is to stop, breathe,
and be receptive to the Moment.


As you stop seeking something different
from the Moment,
you are free.



May 8

Tell the simple truth

as you feel it in your heart
(or maybe even see it
in your mind’s eye).


Tell it honestly and compassionately.
Embrace yourself in your truth.
Tell it such that you can stand in it,
and not lose your balance.


Keep coming back
to honoring your truth,
(maybe for the first time),
and not what you think another,
many others,
or society wants to hear.


Don’t leave your heart.
Share what is there,
even if you are afraid.


This is your revolution:
the one you can feel, and own,
and dip into each morning
for nourishment.


As impossible as this feels to do,
it is a gift to the one you share it with,
because as you come out of hiding from yourself
it invites them to navigate with you
in these new fresh waters.



May 7

A Big Deal

When your purpose
for being on the planet
is remembered,
you have the all-important choice
to either live with it
as a reference point and guide to
everything you do,
or deny one of the most essential tools
available to you,
and go back to drifting
in and out of fulfillment,
missing opportunities to bless.


It is that big a deal.



May 6

Unerring Guidance

Have you developed your ability
to listen to the Divine
such that you can raise any question
and feel guided?


Of any spiritual pursuit
this would be at the top of my list
to encourage you
to practice and develop.


The mind has a tendency
to think and talk about the Divine,
whereas practicing direct
interactive contact
is vital to our progress
and well-being:
as individuals and mankind.



May 5

Graceful Intensity

Are you willing
to feel and express
a consistently
graceful intensity that keeps you
living fully from your authentic heart
in every interaction?


If you are,
please do not postpone
answering this question
with inspired action.



May 4

Chasing Bliss?

Many of us spend our lives chasing bliss.
We seek to sustain specific, positive feelings
or states of consciousness.


Feelings are not meant to be grabbed and gripped  
like young children relentlessly clutching
their favorite “blankie” or stuffed animal.


Feelings are meant to be experienced
and released.


If we try to prolong them
we start to use our minds to do this,
and then we become anxious
that they might not last.


The alternative is to be okay
with whatever is occurring,
and to stop seeking a different experience.


When we stop
our willful grasp on maintaining feelings
and our endless seeking,
there is a freedom that is born
as we celebrate the unfolding
of each moment, just as it is.



May 3

How is your heart today?

The other day,
someone genuinely texted me:
“How is your heart today?”


The question was arresting.
I had no idea.


When I tried to go there,
what came up
was all the things
I either recently got done,
or were still yet undone.
This is not the heart space.


I literally had to close the door to the mind,
and pause,
and breathe,
and breathe,
and breathe,
(for three full minutes)
to honestly and vulnerably
let my feelings poke their buds
through the crusted soil
of non-stop identification with activity.


I found a heart that was:
and grateful,
and tired,
and yearning,
and exposed,
and learning to not be protected and hide,
and resiliently refusing to close
as it begins to find its voice.


How is your heart today?



May 2

Unlock Your Affectional Consciousness

If you cherish your innate worth,
and see that you share
a common Source with all life,
you will find it easier to
value another’s worth.


If you feel deficient
and separate from your Source,
you will have a proclivity
to be disturbed
by what you perceive as lacking in others.


Ultimately, you can only see
and truly treasure in another
that which you have accepted
and seen in yourself.


You hold the key
to unlocking your appreciation
and affection toward anyone you choose.



May 1

Please Don’t Forget

There is a way to stand
in your authentic voice
without losing your heart.


It is by realizing|
that perhaps,
what you most want for the world,
is that each person feels love.
Can you find it?


You can tell
if your conditioned mind is running you,
because love is an after-thought.


You can tell
if your authentic heart is running you,
because love is in the foreground.


Life is too precious
to try to figure out how to rectify
any part of it,
without Love’s presence.


Please don’t forget.



April 30

Empowering or Deflating the Ego

When an egoic thought arrives
what do you do?


Do you empower it or deflate it?


Empowering the ego occurs when you:
believe it,
fear it,
fight it,
defend it,
judge it,
ruminate on it,
act on it,
hold onto it,
strategize with it.
worry about it,
personalize it,
repress it,
hate it.


Deflating the ego occurs when you:
are aware of it as the ego,
breath into it, and breathe out of it,
listen for the hidden message within it,
thank it for stopping by,
stay relaxed,
let it be.



April 29


We are not Source,
Fount, or
for ourselves or anyone.


We think we are when take credit
for our or another’s happiness or pain.


This does not give us free rein
to act callously.


Rather, it invites us to find within,
our truest center,
our ground of Love,
and be the magnificence
She sends forth.  


Being this, clean, strong lifeforce,
is a stirring revolution
that fulfills why we are here,
reuniting our hearts
to ourselves, and all.



April 28

Sacred Balance

The blend of consecrated autonomy
and being in meaningful relationship,                                                                                                                      
is a dance to be cherished and held lightly.


Both are vital,
and to be developed.


Notice which one your conditioning
pulls you towards.
If you prioritized the other one
as directed by Grace,
what might occur in your experience?


Without these in balance
you will feel disconnected
from yourself and/or others.


Acadia Vision Quest
July 7—14
Mount Desert Island, Maine
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