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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:April 16

April 17
I Soft You

Is there ever a reason
not to soft someone?

The world can feel so hard
and many of us
have not unlearned enough
to soft ourselves.

Softing involves allowing
our heart to breathe
without judgmental hiccups.

It allows the soul
to usher us
to our reserved seat beside everyone.

Softing can use words,
but it also uses eyes
and touch.

Imagine relationships grounded in
and built upon softing,
where each person
left each interaction cherished.

If we are not here to soft,
why are we here?

April 16

Use your imagination
to go deeper
into expanded levels of consciousness.

opens us to the Unknown.
Rational thinking
keeps us locked in the known.

April 15
Repetitive Metaphysics

A strategy that worked for you
that involved a spiritual truth
is just that:
a strategy that worked for you.

Our mind tends to want to make it
into a universal concept
that we can use over and over again
as we hope for similar results.

This repetitive metaphysics
is a recipe for losing interest in
authentic, hit-the-street spirituality,
which leans into the glory of the Unknown.

April 14
To judge yourself

for what you said or did
is as useless as judging the weather
for how it showed up
in your experience.

It is an unnecessary detour
which delays your learning
and ruins your day.

April 13
A Love-cleanse

There is a Wellspring of love
within each of us
that is available
to wash away the self-inflicted wounds
we made up and sourced to others.

It is never too late to clean up
the past.


April 12

Each of us
is being invited
to cultivate our heart’s desire
as seen through the eyes of our soul.

When you consciously say “Yes”
to this invitation on a daily basis,
it will grow in you.

Your life
and the lives with whom you interact
will never be the same.


April 11

No matter how high I count,
I always end up at One.

Usually I get stuck at two.
But my heart softly whispers,
that even that is One.

April 10
Being in Love

Most of us
have spent much of our lives
consciously and unconsciously
pining for love.

It started with what felt like
a “fall from Grace”
when as infants we became aware
that we are separate from our mothers.

Since then we have been
unconsciously using every situation
to return to the sacred space
of undifferentiated oneness,
mostly seeking this outside of us
in people, places, and objects.

Our conditioning says,
if we get what we think we want from outside us
it will fill the hole in our heart.

While this is common, it is fallacious.

The Universe and Her creation
is completely without holes or gaps.
It is all interconnected without flaw or lack.

Holes, gaps, flaws, and lack
are conclusions drawn
from partial perspectives in the mind.

In the space of non-dual Reality,
these are seen
as consciousness changing form
within one infinite Being.

What dawns is that
this moment, right now, right here,
is perfect love.

Every moment we are being gifted
that which fulfills our heart at the deepest level,
because the pure harmony of our Being
is undisturbed and the actual way
that the loving Universe shows up.

This, right here, right now,
is perfect love.

April 9
Self-Liberation Through Love

When we invite and allow
our unconscious triggers and patterns
to become conscious in our heart,
we open the doors
to reinterpreting past events
that have driven our behaviors,
limited our freedom,
damaged our self-concepts,
and caused suffering in our relationships.

Self-liberation through love awaits.

April 8
Seeing Clearly

The more grounded you are
in the moment-by-moment perfection
of the infinite non-dual Reality,
the less likely you will be caught
in the snares of self-judgment,
anxiety, and shame.

Awareness is judgment-free discernment
through the eyes of Grace.

April 7
Perfect Order

It isn’t until
we stop trying
to plan and control
our and others’ lives,
that we create enough space
to witness and acknowledge
the Universe ordering
every aspect of creation.

April 6

seems like the only
appropriate response
these days,
as I look back
and realize how narrow-minded
and narcissistic I have been
and still am.

It has always been my best shot,
so no shame.

Just immense gratitude
that so many have put up with,
and even appreciated me
as I stumble forth.

Grace certainly gives us
a very wide berth
as She gently and fiercely
keeps bringing us back to the path.

If you have known me,
thank you for your clear seeing.

April 5
Staying With It

When you sit in stillness,
if you hear nothing
your mind may say:
“What’s the point? Nothing is going on.
Where does that get me?”

Your soul may say:
“That which is a void to the mind
is filled with a guiding, intelligent fullness
that is felt by the heart.”

Please stay with it long enough
to hear your soul’s message.
It can change your life.

April 4
Feeling Divine Presence

When your meditation
is laced with gratitude
your heart is engaged
and Presence is embodied.

April 3
Keeping it Simple

Whatever enters your day,
is a special delivery
from Grace.

What if you opened your heart
and received it as such?

It is just right,
for now.


April 2

The freedom we seek
lies in unlocking our mind’s grip
by opening our hearts
to listen to the mind’s stories
with deep self-compassion
and complete acceptance.


April 1
Your Primary Default

It’s not possible
that something has occurred
where Grace or Intelligence or Nature
was not in control.

It is possible
and highly likely
that your mind does not believe this.
This may be because your mind
believes in two creations where
good is pitted against evil.

If you suspend your assumptions
for just a moment,
consider the possibility
of one, infinite, all-inclusive,
forever coordinated, self-sustaining
Creator and creation
in which our souls live and grow forever.

One of these two options
will be your primary default,
and determine the course of your life.


March 31
The Ride of Your Life

It is not enough to live
to just fix the broken parts of you.

Your passion is waiting within you
to be ignited by devoted attention.

Once it is lit,
watch out world!

March 30
You are Needed

Please, please, please, please,
please, please, please, please,
show up for your life!

How ‘bout it?
How ‘bout now?

March 29
Spiritual Bypassing vs. Non-Dual Consciousness

The difference between spiritual bypassing
and working out from a non-dual consciousness
is that spiritual bypassing
denies and represses
anything but spiritual truths,
where a non-dual consciousness
accepts and embraces
everything that has every appeared
as an indispensable part of the one Reality.

Spiritual bypassing is a dualistic escape
based in selective exclusion.

Working from a non-dual consciousness
is abiding with what is,
based in unconditional inclusion.

March 28
Being Okay Being Clueless

I have no idea what will happen
in the next moment.

So, to anchor my happiness
on circumstances and relationships
being a certain way
is a recipe for anxiousness and suffering.

I only need to remind myself this
at least every waking hour of every day.

In those moments of clarity
a different kind of peace
emerges from the Stillness.

Quite an adventure:
learning to be okay
and even delighted
with whatever is occurring.

March 27
There is a space

in the authentic heart and soul
where communication flows
in ways that the rational mind
questions its validity.

Instead of letting the mind discard
this communication as immature or incomplete,
consider the mind’s counsel as narrow.

It can’t bestow worthwhile guidance
on that which it does not believe exists.

March 26

The course of my life
is not up to me.
I am a witness
not a creator.

That being said,
I am not a passive bystander.

I am fully engaged in
receiving and allowing Grace
to animate every action I take.

We are co-operating
as One.

March 25
Connecting to Another

The unction in the heart
to be connected to another
can be fulfilled
when one experiences oneself
as the presence of Love.

At that point,
all you offer is love,
and what your receive
is accepted as love.

March 24
Never Love Less

There is never a viable reason
to withhold love.

March 23
All In Forever

Nature is such that
any individualized aspect of it
would never question
if it is 100% governed by it.

Why do we?

March 22
Inner Battles                                                                                                    

When parts of you
feel like they are working
against each other
(do this—don’t do this),
it may likely be because
no one has shown them
that they are working for the same host.

They each need to be acknowledged,
listened to, understood, and genuinely thanked
for their deep devotion.

Once they are onboard
and feel how loved they are by you,
it is easier to get them
to take a new role
and row in the same direction.



March 21
Making the Turn

When we finally make the turn
to follow our authentic heart
at any cost,
it can feel very dark
at first.

This is usually because
we have been unconsciously steering
by the light of the mind
for so long that anything else
is unrecognizable to our reference points.

Keep going.
Your foot knows where to land.