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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

June 3

Compassion First

If you don’t understand
why someone would act as they do,
instead judging it,
start and stay with compassion.


Look through the lens of the heart
and see what that reveals.


June 2

The Truth of Current Reality

Sometimes the truth of current reality
is so painful
I am afraid to address it.


Sometimes the truth of current reality
is so scary
I can’t admit it.


If I don’t learn to gain
an honest and accurate picture
of current reality,
the vision I hold for the future
is foundationless and
a convenient distraction.


I have to start with
where I am now
and empty the trash,
and watch my assumed identity
get incinerated.


This feels like the only way forward.


June 1

Tapping the Reservoir

I wonder why
with all the training we got
from parents and school and church
and extra-curricular activities,
we were rarely, if ever,
taught how to be still,
and really listen to the Voice within?


Imagine that being consistently taught
as much as memorizing facts was.
We might actually be good at it.


Perhaps our teachers were never taught this.


I’m not seeking blame.
Just noticing what society values.


When going within
and tapping the Reservoir
becomes a deep priority,
then we will see how to
contribute meaningfully
to the course correction
the Divine Mother is offering mankind.

May 31

Consecration Please

If you were to look back at your life
right after you left it,
what would be the most important thing
that you would like to
feel good about?


It’s never too late
to devote to this.

May 30


We think we can control so much.


We do nothing to keep the earth
revolving on its invisible axis.
We don’t influence how the planets
move around the sun.
We don’t dictate how the solar system
flies through the galaxy.
We don’t direct how the galaxy
soars through the universe.


Something is governing all this.


Perhaps the same benevolent Power
is governing every detail of all of our lives.


Why would it be set up in any other way?


You can safely give the controls
back to the Pilot.
She knows whence we came
and whither we go.

May 29

Deep Cleaning

Our human experience
is designed to cleanse us.


By opening to the presence of Grace,
life is like an air-purifier.
We are invited to let everything
come up out of the unconscious
and filter through awareness.


What gets caught is any limiting beliefs
we are ready to release.


This process removes impurities and toxins,
leaving us breathing compassion, clarity, and wisdom.

May 28

Greet each moment

from your authentic soft spot.


It’s that which receives all information
with agenda-free listening,
in a harbor of Presence,
and an all-inclusive embrace
of non-dual compassion.

It’s the part of you
that is so clear
that it doesn’t know how to judge
for anything.


Imagine being greeted this way.

May 27

Provide a Field

Instead of battling
your judgmental thoughts,
provide a non-dual field
for the content to relax
in the space of awareness.


In this meadow, observe it

amongst other wild flowers,
but don’t believe it or act from it.


Notice it without an “I”
and it will not be able
to take root in your experience.

May 26

Releasing Your Placeholders

There is an Order
that is ready to be your order.


There is a Connection
that is ready to be your connection.


How can you experience it?


By releasing your identification
with your placeholders
where you try to
figure out your way forward,
and control your relationships.


intuitive Guidance is gifted you
each moment,
and humble acceptance
of whatever is present
is your Soul’s message.


Grace doesn’t make you wait.

May 25

Grace’s Eternal Seasons

Within one, dynamic, universal Being,
death describes the difference between
a form being inhabited
and then not being inhabited.


This is simply one of the ways
uninterrupted Being continues
while changing form,
like Nature assuming various forms.


Forms arising and distilling
is seen quickly in the waves on the ocean:
cresting, falling, and reforming.

It is seen more gradually
in a perennial flower
moving from bulb to bud to blossom and back,
preparing for next year’s springing forth.


From the conditioned mind’s perspective,
we appear out of nothing,
and go back into nothing.


From the soul’s perspective,
we appear out of Allness,
and go back into Allness,
all the time never leaving Allness.

May 24

Follow Your Soul Home

Our soul is the forever link
to That from which it flows.
It is the stream pouring forth
from the Mountain Spring.


This creates a natural unction
in each of us
to feel connected to Source.

How conscious this desire is
varies greatly
depending upon the soul’s evolution,
and the choice you made
for your current conditioning
in your human being vehicle.


Our Source is the home of
our unrealized potential,
so what we often feel
when we reconnect
is deep fulfillment:
an all-is-well presence
that vibrates in every cell.


These daily Unlearning Insights
are simply an invitation
to follow your soul Home.


May 23

Not Knowing Who You Are

We have been trained to think
that “knowing” is the way forward.


What if it wasn’t?


What if not knowing who you are
was the way?


To admit that you ultimately don’t know
who you are,
means you are releasing all the
false identities you’ve accepted,
(gender, relational, roles,
personality, spiritual descriptors, etc.).
It frees you to be  
the power and presence of the Unknown.


This leaning into not knowing
develops a reliance on the soul,
which reveals
the ever-unfolding,
created new each moment,
divine Order.


What if this was enough?

May 22

Inside of Being

you live
with a different resonance
than all this well-intentioned commotion.


Breathe into Being.
It’s where your song is playing
and your life
is waiting to dance
to the rhythm of your soul.

Just once,
for three seconds,
let everything go.
See who’s been waiting
inside for you,
inside of Being.

May 21

The Only Option

You can be here, now
You can be here
You can be
You can


Y not?

May 20

Avoiding Detours

As you are working through
the issues in your life,
notice at which points
you start to feel reactive, anxious.
and out of control.


Any conclusions you draw
from this miasmic data base
will lead you on unnecessary detours.


See this rough patch
as something to go through to unlearn,
not something to identify with
and take up residence in.

May 19

A Learning Journey

Let’s remember that it took
incredible courage and vulnerability
to choose to come to this planet
to learn.


I honor that in you.

May 18

Not Knowing Moves Us Forward

It is not relying on
the content we know
that moves us forward.
That becomes repetitive.


It is relying on
our soul’s capacity
to receive this moment’s guidance
as revealed by Grace.
Open to the blossom as it arrives.

May 17


is the reality
we are.


is the delusion                   
we fear.


is why
we are here.



May 16

Choose Your Beliefs

It could be that ultimately,
the only limitations
are those in our beliefs.


Quantum physics and metaphysics
bears this out.


Beliefs are that which we accept
as real and true.


Many of us are still
pledging allegiance
to the beliefs we adopted
from society or our parents,
and feeling stuck because of them.
They can run like relentless recordings
in our conditioned minds.


What would it take for you
to shift a restricting belief
about yourself
or another?


Abundance is waiting for you.

May 15


What you see,
is more important
than what you say.


If you are struggling with
what to say to someone
so that you are a contribution in their life,


Shift your focus
to seeing them
in the actual glory of their wholeness,
no matter how they are showing up to your mind.
You will know you have done this,
when you can love what you see.


Your non-dual, judgment-free seeing
will reveal
when, and if, and what
words are needed.


maybe even often,
this heart-seeing
is enough.

May 14

Empty Yourself

You can’t force your spiritual intuition.


It has its own timing,
is populated by Grace,
and arrives when
you are sufficiently empty
of preconceived notions
and outcomes.


Stopping and being still,
gives it a pasture to land in,
and says you are ready
when it is.

May 13

An Upgrade

you are called
to give something up
without knowing what
if anything
will replace it.


This is the soul
creating new spaces
for you to abide within.


It’s an upgrade,
but the conditioned mind
likes to hold on
to outgrown real estate.


May 12

The Package

As I learn to listen to and follow
my Being,
I can see and listen to
the same Being in others.


This is not higher math.
It’s part of the Package.


The more I am a mess,
the more I get caught
in the mess I make of others. 


The clearer I am,
the clearer I see
Being in them.


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