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August 14

Life Options

When fear enters
and is believed,
possibilities narrow
and the divided self
looms large.
Life feels heavy, burdensome,
and barely worth it.


Through the tangible
realization of Unity,
the divine order emerges
and the sense of self
is so light
it is often lost sight of
in the graceful flow of each moment.
Life feels like an awe-filled privilege.

August 13

A Rare Gift

It is possible
to provide
a sacred space
so safe
that another
can share anything
with you.


Why would you ever
provide anything less?

August 12


Each moment
when experienced with Presence
need not be any different.


Each moment
when experienced without Presence
leaves you wanting more.

August 11

Suffering, Freedom and Wisdom

Blame, shame, and repression
are how we go unconscious.
They are handy excuses the ego uses
to protect the only life it has:
your belief in, and identification with it.
This is how our suffering is sustained.


It is only by
fully opening to
and consciously experiencing
whatever you are going through in life,
that freedom and wisdom are gained.

August 10

Where Are Your Actions Rooted?

When you understand
at a deep and resonating level
that whatever is occurring
is how the Universe
is perfectly ordering,
sustaining, and unfolding Itself,
then you don’t need
someone or something to be different
for you to be at peace.


If this is just a thought in your mind
but not anchored in your soul,
then this can be a repressed cop out
for not facing reality.


You can tell the difference
because if it is the former,
your actions will be rooted in this Oneness,
and you will not be acting
in opposition to it.

August 9

Give Yourself This Gift

A wandering mind during meditation
does not mean you should not be doing it
or that you are not good at it.
It simply reinforces how vital
it is to devote to this practice.


The ability to observe
your thoughts and feelings
without identifying as them
is subtle,
but absolutely vital
to inner peace and progress.
Self-awareness is a sacred gift to your life.


Consistent meditation helps develop
this crucial skill,
no matter how much
your mind wanders.

August 8

First Response

When you understand and feel
that anyone’s pain and struggle
is a part of “the pain and struggle”
of being human,
compassion is the only viable
first response.

August 7

Follow Your Resonance

If you follow
your deepest peace
you may not be choosing
the easiest path,
but you will be choosing
the most direct one.


We must learn
to trust our authentic selves,
and must trust
to learn of our authentic selves.

August 6

What We All Want

Separation seeks company:
whether it is blame,
or affection.


What it is really seeking
is wholeness,
which will never be found
outside of you.



August 5


Nothing personal
ever did happen,
will happen,
or is happening to you.


You are not a compilation
of what has happened to you.


You are infinitely bigger
and freer
than your experiences.

August 4

Comfortably Stuck

Life is not about
living by spiritual maxims,
no matter how much they make sense.


You can get comfortably stuck
in that space
by trying to apply them everywhere.


You may never find your Self
if you rely on these
well-intentioned situational truths
to guide you.


Life is about releasing into each moment
and listening for
and acting from
what feels authentically, intuitively resonant.


We need the alive, organic you,
not the create-no-waves do-gooder.

August 3

Fear of the Unknown?

If you think you are afraid
of the unknown,
you aren’t.


You are afraid of
your known thoughts and feelings
you are projecting
onto the unknown blank screen.


you can completely
do something about.


Freedom awaits!


August 2

The path to finding inner peace

is to first notice
that which is so occupying your mind
that there is no space
for silence and stillness.


While you are noticing,
you are not caught in it.
You are abiding in the Stillness
that is watching it.
In that moment
there is peace.

August 1

The Guarantee

If you were a finger
on the hand of God
would you question
your substance?


If you were an arrow
shot from the bow of the Divine
would you be concerned
about your direction?


If you were a symphony
created by the Source of music
would you question
your magnificence?


You can rest assured,
your (and everyone’s)
substance, direction, and magnificence
are guaranteed.

July 31

Straight Up

This moment
is exactly the way
it is supposed to be.


Living from this truth
each moment
releases us
to experience
our boundless potential.

July 30

The Feminine Heart’s Season

The collective mind’s
masculine processing
that brought about
today’s reality
will only sustain it.


The universal feminine Heart
must be engaged
for transformation
to occur.

July 29

The Birth of Love

When you understand
the inner struggles of another,
and your heart breaks
for how hard it is for them,
you lose all desire to judge them.


This may be the birth
of love without conditions
or expected outcomes.

July 28

Never-ending Progression

Facing your mortality
can mean honoring
that at this time
this form is how you are showing up,
while acknowledging
that you have always been changing
and will continue to evolve,
as you outgrow this form.

July 27

A Field of Magnificence

It just may be
that we are being
sustained and nurtured
in a Field of Magnificence
that is beyond space and time
and yet we are also here and now
on this planet.


The invitation
is to open to it all
and let the Field grow you.

July 26

Concretize Your Peace

It is not unusual
for young children
to remember previous lives
and speak of them
to their parents.


Many of my friends
have shared these with me.
There are numerous books
documenting this topic.


Perhaps as a toddler
they are new to this earthly plane,
and their recent memories
are still fresh.


We all carry meaningful experiences
within our unconscious.
What can you do
to allow that which is unconscious
to become conscious?


Your soul is ready to help you with this
when and if it becomes a priority.
Eternity awaits your exploration.
This can tangibly shift
your view of death and life,
and concretize your peace!

July 25

Deep Listening

Until you prioritize
deep listening,
those you are with
will not feel you love them.


You may think you get their issues,
but they will not feel
you get their heart.


They will not feel
like you really care
about them.


If you are not sure,
it may be beneficial
to ask them
if how you listen to them
helps them feel deeply
understood and cherished.
Hope for an honest answer.

July 24

There is a simplicity

in life
when we stop
needing it to be different
than it is.


The future drops away
as something to dream about
or fear.


Here and now
being all there is,
becomes Life!

A classroom.
A celebration.
A space to serve.

July 23


Anything you can do
to take the lid off
your limiting beliefs about life
may scare the hell out of you,
but the Heaven revealed
makes it all worthwhile!


Let. Your. Borders. Expand.

July 22

A Fundamental Shift

It is not realistic
to love whatever is occurring
from a dualistic perspective
where you believe that evil
has a source and life of its own.


It feels like a contradiction to the mind.
Fear runs rampant in this mindset.
Our ability to help is often stymied.

It is realistic
to love whatever is occurring
from a non-dual perspective
where you believe
that there is one infinite Source
that governs the universe
in unerring rectitude.


Here you go beyond the mind’s polarity
to the faculties of the one eternal Soul.
Fear is obviated.
Our desire and ability to help
is governed by the Universal Mind.


To love whatever is occurring
requires a fundamental shift
into trusting that
the Self-sustaining Universe
is all-inclusive,
and knows what She is doing.

July 21

Be the Flow of Grace

Instead of placing yourself
at the center of everything
going on in your life
and worrying about your future,
try fully participating
in whatever is happening.


In these moments
the self disappears
and all you experience
is the ordered oneness
of the flow of Grace.


July 20

Ever-Deepening Fields

This and every moment
can be explored and experienced
in ever-deepening fields
of consciousness.


As we deepen
by accessing the soul’s faculties,
we open to realms
that are entirely invisible and inaudible
to previous stages.


What a priceless, unique adventure
Grace is taking us on!


Acadia Vision Quest
September 5—12
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Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over nine years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook and Instagram, and you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

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