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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

April 1

All Within

May I meet each moment with love.


Softness. Warmth.
Inclusion. Home.
Abiding tenderness.
Divine sweetness.
Intimacy. Connection.
Radiance. Presence.


Transcending space.

March 31

A Wholehearted Invitation

Today is an invitation
into a deeper and clearer
way of being.


You are at the threshold
of this field of Grace.


Acceptance of the invitation
means a willingness
to step into each unknown Moment
and listen and act
as guided by your soul.


Shall we meet in the Field?

March 30


See if you can notice
how often you identify with
dualistic, right-wrong thinking and doing:


This is right. This is wrong.
This is good. This is bad.
They are right. They are wrong.
I have value. I don’t matter.


This is mental pollution.
Any time it is present it is a toxin in your life.
It adds to the climate catastrophe on earth.


Let your awareness go beyond this
and just notice what is occurring.
See how you feel
when you form and voice no judgments.
You may breathe easier.
Others will appreciate
your pollution-free climate.

March 29

Being Free

Freedom is our innate state of being.


You are always free to be.
And, your being has been and will be
free throughout eternity.


What’s so fascinating
is that being can only be experienced
here and now.
As can freedom.


The reason most of us don’t feel free
is because we feel shackled by
our conscious and unconscious
identification with the past.


Discovering and releasing these chains
will free you to be fully present,
and simultaneously release
any fear of the future.

March 28

You Can’t Do This Alone

We would all rather live
in a world of peace and unity
versus war and isolation.


That being the case,
what can you do to more consistently
align your internal atmosphere
with the way you would like your
external environment to be?


In other words,
what if you made a deep commitment
to welcome and embrace
whatever came to your consciousness,
so that you would no longer live
in an internal atmosphere of
self-judgment, repression,
self-condemnation, or shame?


If you take this on,
don’t try to do this alone
by figuring it out.
It won’t work.


This work requires
you to access your soul,
your quiet connection to our guiding Presence,
and your authentic heart,
your deep unconditioned loving
and acceptance
of all creation.

March 27


Right here,
in the middle of
whatever is occurring
around you and in you,
your being is untouched
in Stillness.


This can be felt and experienced.

A disruption of
or an end to
is not possible.

March 26

A Tipping Point

The world seems to be
at a tipping point.
How about you?


Are you using this experience
to open yourself
as Life calls you
into a new and deeper
way of being?


It is there,
waiting for your
humble acceptance.

March 25

A Doorway to Freedom and Peace

I used to think
that the most radical and revolutionary
stance I could take
was to buck the system
to make great things happen.


Today, for me,
the most radical and revolutionary stance
is one of unconditional acceptance
of whatever is occurring.


This is not a bland laissez-faire approach.
Nor is it an agreement with what happens.
It is an awareness that
this is what is moving through
my present experience,
and that my mind need not be attached
to wishing it would stay,
or leave.


It is a complete acceptance of this Moment
without conclusions.


It feels like a doorway
to freedom and peace.

March 24


While some of our doing
may be put on hold,
it isn’t possible
to interrupt being.


March 23

Go Big

All I know
is that I don’t know enough
to assume
that the Universe works against Herself.


The expanse of the infinite Unknown
is filled with an Omniscient Intelligence,
so why would I want to draw
a conditioned conclusion
based on my tiny speck
of subjective evidence?


I think I will go big and trust
versus go small and worry.

March 22


There is a way to see
where the eyes and heart and mind
are open


The thought
that this should not be happening
has no place to land

In an atmosphere of acceptance
everything moves through
while you and all
remain unimpeded

March 21

What Endures?

Can I base my sense
of peace and security
on something within me
that can never be disturbed?


If not,
I will live in an atmosphere
of tidal anxiety.


When I remove my self-identification
from something transient,
what endures?


I think I will find this
in silence and stillness.

March 20

Golden Presence

When you see and feel
every moment as precious,
without exception,
your eyes and heart
have become
the Divine Feminine
beholding Herself.

March 19

Time in the Chrysalis

Just like each of us
has a reason for being,
there is a collective reason
for mankind being here, now.


this is time in the chrysalis
to provide for a metamorphosis
in which we are reborn
with individual and shared values
that provide a safe, nurturing space 
for future sister and brother caterpillars
to thrive and prosper on their journey. 



March 18

The Direct Route

If you do not welcome feedback,
it is very likely you will not receive
valuable information
from people who deeply care about you,
that could aid you on your journey.


Feedback does not mean you are deficient.
It means an alternative perspective
is being offered for consideration.


If unreceptivity
is a hardened personality pattern,
it may be making your path
home to your essence
way more circuitous than need be.


Humility is the most direct route.
Not easiest, but most direct.


P.S. Humility and humor
come from the same base word meaning,
“…of the earth.”

March 17

Never Unconnected

that you have to do something
by yourself,
is just the mind
misperceiving an invitation
to feel the guiding presence of Grace.



March 16

Untold Blessings

Every moment
is revealing
untold blessings.


They are found
when we open
to not needing
the moment
to be different
than it is.


Devotion to Being 2.0
Jan. 24, 2020–Oct. 10, 2021
Grafton, Illinois
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