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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

November 16

Be the Field

So yes, I too yearn for abiding love. So, tonight I asked Grace, what do I need to see/feel right now? Here is what my heart heard.


“Feel it all. Let it all in. There is room. 


“You have spent decades filtering, perhaps lifetimes, only allowing your mind’s ideals. It’s time for your heart to have Her day.


“You exist in and as Mother Nature’s field…the field of Love. You are not in charge of the field. You don’t get to determine what happens there. It is not a prim and proper garden. It is wild and simple and extravagant and free!


“It grows by which seeds the birds drop and the winds carry,… and which leaves aren’t eaten by caterpillars,… and which blossoms the bees pollinate,… and a billion plus other factors…all beyond your control.


“So, give up the analytics. Lie down in the field, naked to the heart-wind. Relax and breathe and feel. Are you afraid there won’t be beauty and connection and intimacy? How would you know?


“Let your heart fall open so wide that it breaks, beyond your protective plastic dividers, and see what arrives when you are still, holding on to nothing.


“You are not here to live one more time, in the fantasy of your mind, or in the confines of your body. Reality is too glorious to be held in your mental and physical clutches. You are the field. You are the beautiful, mysterious way that Nature reveals Herself.


“Feel the eternal intimacy. It is beyond the physical, because it is always here. Drop. Everything. Else. And, when all you have left is the unction of sacred connection, keep opening. You will find that you are not holding It. It is holding you, because It is our Being.”  


November 15

This Moment is All

Worrying in
this ever-unfolding,
immaculate Moment,
squeezes out my innate joy
and turns me into
an anxious nightmare.


It leaves me constricted:
strangling myself
in abandoned isolation.


May I learn that
no matter how well-intentioned
my desires,
they are all to be surrendered
to this Moment. 


For it is only Now
that I consciously experience
and celebrate
the intimacy and activity
of this spectrum of Grace.  




November 14

Access Points

What if your priority in life
was to be an access point
to the Divine,
for yourself,
and for those with whom you interact?


I can think
of no higher gift.



November 13

Surrendering to the Soul

Your conditioned mind
tries to meet your needs
through willful ways.
It attempts to control others or circumstances
to bring about the results you want.


When you deepen,
go within,
and yield your desires
to your soul,
it meets your needs
in unexpected ways.


It grounds your experience in a way
that your mind may not
be able to make sense of.


It transcends time and space
and connects you to Life
in an intimacy
of pure, abiding peace
and transcendent joy.



November 12

A New Best Friend

Until your best friend
becomes the Unknown,
you will live in a constant state
of anxious hesitation,
second guessing
every decision you make.


You don’t know
how the Universe
sustains Itself,
including you,
but It clearly does.


Perhaps you can trust It
to do the only thing It does.



November 11

Dwell honestly

and consistently
in a deeply curious state
about what you are,
and you will gradually
lose interest
in identifying
with what you are not.



November 10

Embrace Everything

There is nothing
that can arise
that can ultimately
work against you.


Whatever shows up
is either an immediate blessing,
or that which will be transformed
into a blessing.


When we are
grounded in Oneness,
we remain clear on this.



November 9

The Holding

There is
a Stillness,
a Silence,
that holds everything:
all the commotion
and destruction,
and pain,
and desperation,
and beauty,
and light,
and intimacy,
and innocence,


As we open completely
to the Stillness,
the Silence,
we too,
hold everything,
even as we are held.




November 8


You exist.
And, you are whole.


The simplicity of wholeness
is that it doesn’t need
anything or anyone
to complete it.
It is not something you achieve.


In its entirety, it is unified.
In Creation’s entirety, It is unified.
In your entirety, you are unified.


When you see and accept wholeness
in people and situations,
no matter what is presented to you,
you will have the innocence and clarity
to know how to act authentically.


Never sacrifice wholeness.
Sacrifice everything to it.



November 7

The Kaleidoscope of the Soul

Our minds default
to a dualistic mindset,
such that anything outside
of its black and white logic
is written off as untrue.


What if anything outside of its logic
was an invitation
to a bigger, colorful picture
in a non-dual Universe?


In other words,
what if you relaxed your current convictions
and opened to that which
in the past seemed out of the question?


Anyone exploring a new field in science
has to do this daily,
or they would be out of a job!


Can you do this with your view
of yourself, others,
and what is possible in life?


A beautiful, gracious, Universal Spectrum
is waiting to reveal Itself to you
when you look through
the kaleidoscope of the soul.



November 6

Wisdom Within

Wisdom is a characteristic
you include.


It is not something you pursue,
or figure out,
or gain through study,
or talk your way into.
You don’t become wise.


You are not a being
who is lacking something
that at some point you hope to acquire.
That dualism seals you off
from your innate wisdom.


Wisdom flows from meekly realizing
your ageless connection
to the ceaseless stream of Grace.
It is accessed through listening channels.


It is how your life-force
gently and intuitively guides you,
when you stop giving your egoic mind
an audience.


You can tell when wisdom arrives
through anyone
because it is never pushed.
It lands softly,
and feels like they have spoken a truth
before they had time to think about it.



November 5

Not to Be Believed

Our mind is like
a stand-up comedian,
until we believe all it says,
and then it is often
a creator of dramatic fiction.


The things that it suggests
that we believe,
we need to laugh at,
instead of identify with.


As soon as you feel caught in drama,
you have cast yourself
in its storyline,
and you will act out a tragic plot
of fear, anger, confusion, and discouragement.


The mind is not to be believed.
It is to be observed.


Your authentic heart,
and guided soul,
are designed to help you navigate
the waters of life.


Get to know them well
if you want to stay on course.



November 4

Soul Guidance

My conditioned mind
likes to pretend
that it knows what is going on,
and even when specific events
should not occur.


The big one was death.
I thought I knew when
someone should not
have transitioned off the planet.


How insane.
Like it is my business
to know that,
or to have an opinion.


We are guided throughout eternity
by an Intelligence that leads our soul,
and all souls.


The more we get to know our soul,
the more we lose any fear
that anyone,
will ever be without their Life.
And, the more we relax
and enjoy the ride.



November 3

Stop the Chase

Too often our spiritual work
is all about chasing the Divine
(the missing inspiration).


We spend all our time seeking,
trying to assemble a metaphysical fabric
knit so tightly
that nothing unspiritual
can get through.


We feel if we can only get
that missing link,
then everything will click
and we will finally
be done.


This is exhausting and frustrating
because it is dualistic,
and never leaves us at peace.


How about letting
Grace approach you
(on Its terms)?


How about
and relaxing,
and opening,
and listening,
and being so still
that Grace could land?


And when It does,
digest the offering
and let it go,
because there is another one
right behind it,
and another and another….


Stop the chase,
and open the heart.



November 2


An accurate view
of oneself (and others)
uncontainable awe!


It opens you up
to embracing
the uncontrollable
possibilities and beauty
of the unfolding Moment.



November 1

Lose Your Timer

How about we let
a single day pass
without thinking that
something should have happened
sooner, or later?


See if you can do it.


Our conditioned mind
is so tied to time,
that you may find
a delightful space appears
where you can dance
to the soul’s music.




October 31

Walking Together

When you truly understand
and deeply feel
how incredibly challenging it is,
for anyone
to break out
of the centrifugal force
of their egoic conditioning,
you will never judge again.


Compassion will effortlessly flow
when they are struggling.


Awe and celebration
will spring forth
whenever they taste
moments of freedom
through dwelling in Presence.



October 30

Loving Your Self

If you don’t love yourself,
it is not because
there is nothing in you to love.


It is because that which
you are trying to love
is not who you are.



October 29

A Recipe for Peace

You can’t have this:
knowing what is going to happen next.
Needing it creates
unnecessary, chronic anxiety.


You can have this:
witnessing what is happening now.
Accepting whatever this is
brings peace.
Now is all you need.


Where you allow
your focus of attention
to reside,
determines the ride of your life,
and your fitness to help others
ride theirs.



October 28

This Immaculate Moment

To wish this moment
was different than it is,
is to miss the point.
It is here in this form
for a reason.


Life never works against you.


Life is happening
for you and as you,
not to you.


Open to how this moment
is a blessing.
Your soul will help you find it.




October 27

Loving All

Everything on this plane of existence
is temporary,
except identity.
You are you, forever.
This is true for us all.


That being the case,
getting to know and love and accept
your and others authentic Self
is the grounding upon which you walk forward.


Getting to know and love and detach from
your and others false self
allows you to see it for what it is:
an impermanent residence.


Love is the motivation,
the doorway,
and the modus operandi,  
to Heaven on earth.



October 26

Feed Yourself Well

You are always digesting
that which you take in.
This is true physically, mentally,
emotionally, and spiritually.


If you are not consciously feeding yourself
nutritious substances,
then you will start to either
gain excess weight or atrophy.


We get this physically,
but the same is spot-on
in the other three realms.


Beware of toxins of judgment
and frivolous substances
that promise fulfillment
and only deliver short-term highs.
They ultimately deplete you.


It is worthwhile to be aware
of what you accept into your consciousness.
Your career and relationships
will reflect the quality of what you feed
your body, mind, heart and soul.


Feed yourself well,
and we are all blessed.



October 25

People Don’t End

They just leave locations and forms.

Life is a never-ending

School of Love
with divinely authorized teachers
who embrace and guide us
on our journey.


If someone you know and love
is leaving (or has left),
it is always a “See you later.”
It’s never a “Good-bye.”


Independent of
your perception
of their mental or physical state
as they transition,
they take with them
a full consciousness  
of all the lessons learned
and joys shared.


Anything not faced
gets non-judgmentally recycled
into future lesson plans.


We always do our best.
We are never alone.
And, Life is never over.


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