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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

March 16

There is a transformative Song

that arises in each of us,
when our heart feels safe
enough to find and speak
our authentic voice.


We are here
to find this sacred gift for ourselves,
and to offer it unconditionally to each other.


Holding this breathing space for each other
is so attractive that it
reciprocally encourages us
to deepen our devotion
to providing it for ourselves.


It is a field that invites the soul
to take root
so that it can break the crusted ground
of egoic conditioning,
and bloom and blossom
in rare, radiant rectitude. 



March 15

Questions Worth Pursuing

What is it that keeps you
from taking inspired action?


What can you consistently do
to prepare yourself
so that the actions you take
flow out of the truest part of you?


Will you devote your heart
to living from
the grace of Presence?


The quality of your life,
and the quality of your relationships,
and the peace in your world,
are in direct proportion
to how inspired your actions are.


Please answer these consciously.
And, if you are willing,
practice taking inspired action.



March 14

You cannot sink

and stay down.
You cannot be down and out.


Wherever your mind and body take you,
your soul will go with you,
and will always bring you
back to Center.


No matter what your mind says to you,
no matter what you have done,
what you have said.
what you have thought,
what you haven’t done,
you cannot be lost.


Your soul brings you home
because your soul is
the individualized presence of Grace.
It never leaves it Source,
so you never leave your Source.


Learn to follow your soul
and you will experience
clarity, wisdom, freedom,
and buoyant resilience.



March 13

The Fire of Mercy

The only reason
we judge another being,
is because
we are so filled with self-judgment
that it has to find a new place
for our confusion.


Next time you are tempted
to judge a precious other,
for any reason,
see if you can, in that very instant,
tenderly open your heart
to love them with compassion
and clean forgiveness.


The fire of mercy
will start a controlled burn in you.
This divinely sweet affection
will make place for the seeds of Grace
to reground themselves
in your burgeoning heart
so you can include more of us
in your healing embrace.



March 12

Peaceful Transitions

Human experience
is one of continual transition.
Everything changes
except what you are.


Do you embrace the changes
or fear them?


You can’t know when
things will transition.
You can only know that they will.
Being okay with
this is the foundation of peace.


See if you can open to
the constant changes
while cherishing
the unchanging constants.



March 11

Why Live on Purpose

When your life-purpose
animates your being,
every moment
is the opportunity
to creatively fulfill
the reason you have chosen
this incarnation.


Anything worth doing
is worth doing on purpose.


If you have trouble
being disciplined
about an activity,
it may be because you have not seen
how the activity
is a fulfillment of your purpose.

When you are living on purpose
low self-esteem
is replaced with
a feeling of deep significance.


When you live without purpose
you may drift into the hollow routines
of a busy life.
This is not why you are here.


To consciously live off-purpose
is the long way home.



March 10

When the Divine Feminine

gets hold of you
you know it
because you can’t stop
smiling and dancing.


You fall in love with Her dance.


All you want to do
is resonate with Her grace
because anything less
makes no sense,
and is no longer in your repertoire.


You are willing to do whatever it takes
to show up
because you are watching
Her harvest happen.


You can’t stop being grateful
because new blessings keep pouring forth
as you see Her preciousness everywhere.


You need less sleep
because when it’s no longer about you,
it’s all about Her.



March 9


I want to hold you close,
while you read this.


Every person you meet
is offering you a tender blessing.
There are no exceptions.


Are you open to it?


To find their actions offensive
is to be caught
in your mind’s judgmental snare.
This was the best they could find
in this moment.
Can you see it as such?


If you don’t like
their words or tone,
then you may reject their gift,
and miss your connection
to your own soul,
and sadly, ours.


open your soft heart wide enough
that you will not snap it shut
on anyone.


Hearts are design by Love
to include.
We all need
your divinely tender caress.



March 8

Sustaining Ensembles

I must allow you
to sing your song
in whatever key you choose,
with your own lyrics,
even if to me
it sounds like dissonance.


While I can offer what I hear,
I am not here
to try to control your music,
so that it completes my half-notes.


We each are here
to listen and yield
to the Lyricist of Soul,
allowing ours and others
unconstrained vocal chords
to give authentic voice to Grace.




March 7

Child’s Play

Your soul is not impacted by
how many times
the earth spins,
rotates around the sun,
the solar system flies through the Milky Way,
and the Milky Way soars through the universe.


That is child’s play for the soul.


Your soul does not age.


Do you?



March 6

By Design

It appears
that the infinite Cosmos
is not designed
for us to understand It.


It is designed for us
to experience It,
and let our lives
be choreographed by It.



March 5

Next Steps

If you are struggling
with how to lead a fulfilling life,
there is something to do
instead of researching all your options,
doing a cost-benefit analysis,
and ruminating endlessly.


Get to know your soul.


Where and how does your soul
fit in to your daily life?


The soul’s role is to guide you
within the divine order
for every aspect of your life.  


It is ready and waiting
when you are willing
to make it your top priority.


You won’t be disappointed.



March 4

Try It and See

By being willing
to give up everything,
you lose nothing
that is authentically you.



March 3

Decluttering Your Mind

One reason so many of us struggle
with making progress
and experiencing freedom,
is that we are so identified with our minds
that we often confuse our mind with our identity.


Your mind is one of your faculties,                  
but it is not who you are.
It does not have the capacity
to understand or articulate who you are.


We think and say unreasonable things like:


  • I am confused.
  • I will never get it right.
  • I am worthless.
  • I am a terrible, partner, Mom, Dad, friend, etc.
  • I am not as good as _________.
  • I am not creative.

These may describe the way your mind sees you,
but they are not you: your authentic Self.
Next time any of these thoughts
(or similar ones) arrive,
try rephrasing them with the preface:


“I am noticing my mind thinks…”


So the first one would be:
“I am noticing my mind thinks I am confused.”
Try each of the bulleted statements,
and some of your own.


The I that is aware and notices,
is who you are.


If this small but powerful shift
can become your new default,
you may find
you may declutter your mind
from many errant, toxic judgments.



March 2

The Path of Grace

What is the deepest,
most lasting peace,
you have ever experienced?


When you identify this,
relentlessly pursue the
qualitative mindset and “heartset”
you were in.


Be willing to sacrifice anything for it,
until Grace opens you
to what is beyond
even that.


As you enter this new dimension,
be willing to sacrifice anything for this,
until Grace opens you
to what is beyond
even that.


This is the unending path of Grace.


At some point,
you will not even consider leaving it,
because anything else
is not as raw and real and present
as this uncontrollable Love.


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