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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

March 21


You don’t belong to you.

You didn’t make you,
or purchase you.

You are renting your body
and brain (for free).

You also don’t belong to another.
(And they don’t belong to you.)

You came through a mom,
but not from her.

You belong to Life.

You came from Life
and transitioned into this form (or format).
While in this format you are in Life.
When you transition out of this format
you are in Life.

You are always the way Life
sees, experiences, and enjoys Itself.

March 20

Building Authentic Relationships

How do you know
if you are developing
an authentic relationship
with someone whom you care deeply?

Are there specific things
you avoid talking about because
you are afraid that their answer
might throw a wrench in the relationship?

If so, then you are building
an inauthentic relationship,
which is guaranteed to
interfere with intimacy
and deep connection,
and eat you alive from the inside out.

As soon as you are aware
that you are repressing feelings
and withholding honest issues,
decide which is more important,
your well-being,
or a relationship based in fantasy.

March 19

Life appears

to be a journey
in which we spend
most of our time
and effort
and money
trying to find
someone or something
to complete us
that so miserably fails
over and over and
and over
that we finally
another option:
we are enough.

I think I may
this on my soul
so that next time
I don’t wait so long.

March 18

Living in The Flow

A friend asked:
How do we get in “the flow?”
How do we sustain it?

Today I find three components:

  • Get crystal clear on your purpose in life
    (why you are here)
  • Work to uncover and unlearn
    that which blocks you
    from being your authentic self
  • Develop your relationship with your Soul,
    so you continuously feel guided

As you make these three areas
your top priority in life,
working at them relentlessly,
your experience gradually becomes
one of Flow sustaining you.

March 17

R.S.V.P. to Stress

Stress is created by
attaching your belief in your well-being
to something or someone.

Stress is relieved by
detaching your belief in your well-being
from something or someone.

Stress-free living is maintained by
living from a space
of non-attachment.
Non-attachment lets everything and everyone
come, and go.

When you notice stress arising,
there is nothing wrong with you.
It is here as an invitation
to show you what you are ready to release.
R.S.V.P. that you won’t be attending
by detaching
and abiding in non-attachment.

March 16

Getting to Know Me

I have a question
that I am asking myself,
in deep quiet.
I really want to know the answer,
because each part of me
seems to have a different take.

Plus, I don’t think until recently
I have ever let myself
honestly and wholeheartedly
look at and respond to my answers.

The question is:
“What is in your heart (my heart)?”

I’m really listening into
each of the rooms in my psychic house
to see if the parts in there
have something in common in my heart.
I have not been in some of the rooms for decades,
so this is a little scary to see what I might find.
It’s almost like I’m getting to know me
for the first time.

It’s time for compassionate listening,
and Grace-directed, intimate integration.

March 15

Where is Fulfillment?

My version of the conditioned mind
is always trying to make a plan
for the ultimate fulfillment. 
It is always thinking about unrealized potential,
and what is possible,
and what it could be like if and when…

What if I didn’t go there,
but instead stayed here?
Like always. Not just sometimes.

I can get lost in circular questions like:
What would my life be like
if I wasn’t always thinking about
what my life could be like?

But seriously, I ask myself:
Is it enough to be present
with whatever the Moment unfolds
and celebrate it as pure magnificence?
All of it.

What is it like to live completely
on the unfolding edge of Life:
to not want more, or different, or better?

Who am I kidding when I don’t do this?
Only me.

I am just now,
in the last couple of months,
beginning to live into this space,
and it is a complete game-changer for me.

Anxiety is losing its audience.

March 14

Is She Safe With You?

Do you listen
with your head
or with your heart to her?

Are you focused on her clothes
or her soul’s character?

Are you interested
in her deepest hidden experiences,
or are you interested
in how she appears?

Do you want to hear
and feel the depth of her pain,
or are you too busy
judging the words she uses
to try to express it?

Do you see her through
the standards for your eyes,
or can she be unkempt and bankrupt
in your presence,
and still be cherished?

When one has performed all her life,
perhaps it is time
to allow that which she has repressed
to come up unadulterated,
so that it can be seen and accepted
by herself (and maybe another),
in the daylight of non-dual being.

As she is just now
beginning to be safe with herself,
is she safe with you?

March 13

Passing the Baton

There is no greater gift
to give or receive,
than seeing another
in their all-inclusive
human and spiritual wholeness,
and truly being seen.

When your seeing accepts me
as I bees,
at low tide and high tide,
and loves me
for only one reason:
because I am uniquely me,
that’s the gift,
that can actually change my life,
because just maybe,
(if there’s a full moon shining on my darkness)
I might actually glimpse and accept
that I am loved for being the me
I thought no one ever knew,
and that was never enough.

Your seeing and accepting
all of me,
hands me the baton to hide no more.

I will run like hell,
even if it is not pretty
and I stumble and fall.
I will get the fuck up,
so I someday,
can pass the baton to another.

March 12

The Wholehearted Investment

We humans
way over use our mind and body,
and underuse our soul.

The mind and body are useful tools
that are given to us to navigate
our daily activities.
We are so comfortable with them
that we often mistakenly think
that we are our body
or the thoughts and feelings in our mind.

Much of our mind is conditioned
by personal and collective beliefs,
that dramatically limits
our access to our innate, boundless potential.
It has as order to it that is self-constrained.

Existing side-by-side with our mind and body,
the soul, is the gateway to Grace.
It offers free access to a higher order
than the conditioned mind
or instinctive body.

In our western society,
we receive very little training
in soul communication,
which is why so many of us feel lost.

Your soul individualizes your experience
with the Divine,
making it relevant to your entire daily life.
It harmonizes and lubricates your experience,
providing direction and fulfillment.
Therefore, it is the soul to which
we bring our biggest questions
and deepest issues.

What if you made as a top priority
getting to know your soul
such that it opened to you
your two-way communication channel
with universal Intelligence and Love?

It is yours if you will make
the wholehearted investment.

March 11

A Minute of Singularity

Everything comes out of silence
and then goes back into silence.
What if you provided an invitation
each day for the noise in your mind
to go back to that from which it came?

One way to do that
is to give your mind a single object
to follow instead of the
cacophony of random thoughts and feelings.

The simple beauty
of following your breath
is that it is singular,
and between each
inspiration and expiration
is this Space of silence and stillness.

Drop into this even for one minute.
Watch what discontinued,
and the soothing balm which arrived,
as you were re-embraced by
the Ground of Presence.

March 10

If you feel stuck

one of the main reasons may be
because whenever you encounter
a specific negative memory,
you think of it in the same way each time.

The mind repetitively re-coils
by blaming or judging yourself or others.
This distances you from the experience
by putting it in a convenient
(albeit painful) place.

It frame freezes it
by turning it into a love-hate relationship.
Love because you give it so much attention,
and hate because thinking about it brings suffering.

To truly transcend the experience,
try getting closer to the memory
instead of further from it.

Mentally and emotionally
go into the specific memory
and see what happens.
Don’t push it away.
Pull it in closer.
Breathe into it.
Let the experience move through you
and see what arises.
It will not remain where it was.
Expect new clarity from this inspired movement,
as it will eventually transmute the negative feeling.

Trust that Grace
is carrying you through and beyond.

March 9

Everything Works Together

There is a view of Life
that is bigger than
that which our dualistic mind
can fathom.

Here’s one:

If you are willing
to surrender to the flow
of what is happening,
see if you can
let that be enough.

Instead of trying to make
all the pieces fit together
and being really concerned
when they don’t,
stay with each moment
and realize it is here for you.

Listen for how it is for you,
instead of being disturbed and frustrated
that it is happening in opposition you.

A non-dual Universe
does not work against Itself,
so you don’t need to either.

March 8

A cappella Living

There is a quiet space in each of us.
The problem is pausing long enough
to notice it.

It is inviting you to live a cappella,
without the accompaniment of busyness,
inside first, and then out.

Enjoy the harmonics of quietness…
as you breathe into your soul,
and let your Soul breathe you.

March 7

Hands Off

What if you gave up resistance?

What if you let
anything and everything
enter and pass through
without needing to:
Believe then unbelieve?
Accept then deny?
Judge then unjudge?
Hate then forgive?
Catch then release?

How can you do this?

By meeting it with awareness
it would be:
and perfectly clean.

And so would you.

March 6

Want Your Life Back?

It just may be that the source
of your most entrenched suffering
is thinking that
you or another
should have done better.

Notice how you cling to this
with vice grips
like your life depends on it.
Can you find it?

I would offer that the health and serenity
in your life and relationships
actually depends on
you ejecting it.

This insane belief has no basis in reality.
It is like oil in the fresh water
of your authentic heart.
It rides on the surface
but cannot penetrate its sacred depth.

March 5

Consecration to Grace

My yearning prayer
is to treat my life
as if it was the most sacred
pas de deux.

May I remain grounded and centered enough to:
Accept what enters my experience
without needing it to be different,
Hold lightly that which is with me,
Release what leaves without attachment,
and cherish it all.

March 4

More Kindness Anyone?

Kindness feels like
the oil that keeps
our relationships
lubricated and flowing freely.

What if we were kinder
to ourselves,
one another,
to any groups we lead or are involved with,
to those in the public eye,
and to nature?

We could even build
an extra measure of kindness
into the systems and processes we create
to navigate life,
individually and collectively.

I don’t think anyone,
or the earth,
would complain
that we are too kind.

It actually might extend
life on the planet.

March 3

Life is Not Out of Order

If we think that something
should not have happened,
then our view of reality
is too small and exclusive.

Life occurs on purpose.
Denying or arguing with it
is a detour.

We get to accept, unlearn,
discover, and celebrate.

It may take a while
for the order to make sense,
but if we keep opening to it,
when we are ready,
we will see it.

Grace never leaves us stranded.

March 2

Timely Questions

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you remember hearing that question?

How is your life answering it?

Is it time to revisit it?

Who, or what, is running your daily life?

If it isn’t your authentic Self, then what is it?

Will you take your life back,
and live the love embedded in your soul?


This is where you are needed,
called, and guided.

Living on Purpose
March 29–31
St. Louis, MO
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Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over nine years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook, and now you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

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