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September 18


In life
if you try too hard
you interfere
with the natural flow of Grace.

I have experienced this in
sports like golf, tennis, and soccer;
arts like dance, singing, and acting;
relationships both personal and professional;
and in my view of myself.

Perhaps our role is to let be what is
both with what is going on
inside of us as well as outside.

The ego always tries to change what is happening
to a more preferable state.
This is the foundation of a separate self.

What if we simply followed the path
in front of us,
and trusted that one infinite Being
knows what She is doing?
What if we are part of the way
She is being and doing.
(She doesn’t need our extra efforts,
our well-intentioned interference, thank you.)  

September 17

Soulful Seeing

Within each of us
is the unlabored ability
to see in another that
they are many,
and one.

As I never lose sight
of the wholeness of the one,
I can honor and cherish and nurture the many,
whether they are in:
embryo, caterpillar, chrysalis, or butterfly.

When I see this beatific mystery,
that all these stages can be happening
at the same time
(and are equally precious),
I remove them from my agenda and timeline
and celebrate the dynamic spectacle
of Grace in action.

This Soulful seeing flows naturally
in direct proportion to how clearly
I first see myself
in this same light of Truth.

September 16

What’s Wrong With Them?

Ever notice how
when someone doesn’t respond or act
the way you would like them to
you wonder what’s wrong with them?

Check out that logic:
You are actually believing
that their behavior is askew
because they are not aligning
with your desires.

There is so much ego in this stance
it would saturate a large sponge.

Try this next time:
when someone doesn’t respond or act
the way you would like them to,
try questioning what’s wrong with you!
In other words:
Who put you in charge of their life?

Instead, why not appreciate
that Life is ordering Her universe
and love the person with tender solicitude,
independent of their actions.

This removes willful egoic pollution
from your relationship
and fills your heart
with authentic, non-judging love.
Seems like a good trade-off.

September 15

Breaking the Chain

As humans we wander.
We can feel lost, abandoned,
mistreated, misdirected, abused, violated.
And, we tend to act these nightmares out
generation after generation.

Still, the Divine Feminine
brings us all home.
She does it in Her own perfect way and time.
And, it often is not what
our conditioned mind thinks should happen.

There are no shortcuts,
but there are routes
that are more direct than others.

May we each humbly open,
in our own unique way
to the corrective nature of the Soul,
and break the chain of desperation.

Life is for us,
even when in the middle of it,
it may feel like anything but that.
She has no ability
to work against Herself.

September 14

Finding Common Ground

There is a way to align with
whatever arises in consciousness.

Notice when your knee-jerk reaction
is to deny, repress or try to overcome something,
and instantly shift to:
being still,
breathing into the moment,
and listening for how this thought or feeling
ultimately wants what your soul wants.

An example of this is seeing how
angry feelings are screaming for
peace and respect,
which is what your soul wants.

At the deepest level
you will find the common ground
that is the Ground of Being
from which all creation is symbiotic.

September 13

Where is Your Primary Focus?

Is your focus more on what is going on
outside of you or inside of you?

Outside of you includes:
people, relationships and objects such as
projects, tasks, situations, things, money, etc.

Inside of you includes
aspects of consciousness such as:
personality patterns, ego, your soul, beliefs,
judgments, prejudices, desires, feelings,
goals, visions, values, purpose, Divinity,
spirituality, awakening, enlightenment, non-duality, etc.

While they are not mutually exclusive,
if you don’t make what is going on
in your consciousness
your primary focus,
you will run the risk
of being run by your personality,
which is the slow (or fast) path
to limiting your life and to suffering.

This radical approach to life
is resisted by your conditioned mind,
and those relationships that have gotten used to,
and even rely on,
your personality patterns,
be they healthy or unhealthy.

September 12

How Not to Get Lost

The mind often takes an occurrence
and instantly wishes it was different.
This simultaneously turns into a feeling
like disappointment.

If we stay in a mind/heart connection
we can get lost there when the mind creates
delusional interpretations about the occurrence.

To remedy this,
shift to a heart/soul connection.

To feel and honor
disappointments in your heart
without wallowing in them,
requires giving equal audience
to your soul.

Your soul doesn’t let you get overwhelmed
because it knows that all feelings are transient.
If they linger it is because
they have a message for you—
something it may be helpful to realize.

Wisdom is channeled through your soul,
bringing guidance and equanimity.

Consciously open to your soul:
the voice of the Divine Feminine,
and you won’t get lost.
You will find Her way is your way.

September 11

Freedom is Your Choice

You are not free
because you live in a certain place,
or have a specific amount of money,
or have no debt,
or are healthy,
or have left a relationship.

You are free
when you can celebrate
that everyone gets to act just as they do.

As long as you need someone to act differently
you are not free.

Freedom is the natural state
of your unconditioned mind,
awake soul,
and authentic heart.

September 10

We are Waves

We are waves within the Ocean of Grace.
We are the way the Ocean shows up.

As a wave we have no life of our own.
We only exist because Ocean exists.
No Ocean. No wave.
Yes Ocean. Yes wave.

Our entire reason for being
is to be this unique form Ocean takes.
We will not be more connected
to Ocean in the future.

We need not fear that Ocean
won’t be there for us,
sustaining us.

Once wave reaches a shoreline
it dissolves back into Ocean
to be reformed anew.

How this happens,
when we will be reformed,
and where we will go,
Ocean only knows.

This is how it is,
how it always has been,
and how it will always be.

September 9

Opening to Reality

Throughout the cosmos
the Divine is using
one hundred percent of Her
power, energy and intelligence
to have this moment be all that it is:
perfect, ordered, precise, loving, fulfilling.

She puts nothing into the future or past
since they don’t exist.

If a concern or fear arises for me
about the future or past,
I can instantly drop it
since it has no Divinity,
and hence no Reality in it.

By opening fully to the present,

I awaken to and experience
the presence of impeccable Reality,

Through meditation I release
the future- and past-focused mind,
and open to my present-focused soul:
the choreographed, flawless flow of Life.  

September 8

Redemptive Breathing

Feel the resonant texture
of each of these as you breathe.

Inhale whatever is present…pause…exhale

Inhale stillness…pause…exhale

Inhale softness…pause…exhale

Inhale innocence…pause…exhale

Inhale authenticity…pause…exhale

Inhale wholeness…pause…exhale

Inhale presence…pause…exhale

Inhale equality…pause…exhale

Inhale oneness…pause…exhale

Inhale trust in Life…pause…exhale

Inhale wholeheartedness…pause…exhale

Inhale this perfect moment…pause…exhale

Inhale gratitude…pause…exhale

September 7

Why Would You Wait?

We were created
to experience our limitless nature
here and now.

We have never-ending opportunities
to release this unlimited potential
and experience deep fulfillment.
This is not dependent on circumstances.

Since you have a choice to do it
now or in the future,
why would you wait?

Freedom and inner peace
are yours for the receiving.

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