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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

January 16

Awareness and Identity

comes and goes
your awareness
your identity.


Cultivate the first,
and you will cherish
the second. 


They are eternally related.



January 15

A New Path to Presence

Your mind
can be dreaming or worrying
about the future,
or angry or sad
about the past.
And, it then get lost in stories
about both of them.


Your body,
all the while,
is here and now.


Your body is present
as a field of energy
and can represent Presence.


So instead of trying
to “read” and make sense of life
with your mind,
what if you listened and felt and “read”
with your whole body?


It may sound strange to your mind,
but I invite you to try it.
It may keep you more present,
and bring you to Presence
in a fresh, alive, vivid way.



January 14

You Can’t Have Anyone

No matter how much you think
you love someone,
you can’t have them.


This may seem obvious, but,
notice what the mind does
when it thinks it loves someone.


Things like:

  • Worrying about them.
  • Wondering what they are doing.
  • Wondering if are they safe, happy, etc.
    Wondering why they haven’t called or returned your email.
  • Thinking about what it would be like if they focused on you
    as much as you are focusing on them.


When you love someone,
you see them as whole and complete,
you want what is best for them
whether or not it involves you,
whether or not they call you,
thank you,
nor initiate activities with you.


When loving another,
you don’t get to have them
(no matter what their age or stage).
You get to have the pure joy
that comes every time you release
your will to Grace.




January 13

Finding Your Authentic Revolution

When you open deeply
to the fire in your authentic heart,
to that which is so alive in you
that you can’t wait to set your alarm
extra early to get up and dive into it,
and if you had the space,
you would explore and do it all day…


When you open to this,
this is your authentic revolution!
Give everything to it.
Sacrifice everything for it,
including any trace of indolence.


Realize that even though
people close to you might resist
this unrequited devotion,
they secretly wish they had found theirs.


You are on the planet
to live your soul’s revolution
in every aspect of your day.
Anything less is treason.



January 12

Launch Yourself!

There’s nothing in your past
that needs to have
a magnetic pull on you.
Give it up.


A minute ago is completely over.
You are being reborn
and sustained in each Moment.
Such is the nature of our one Life!
Don’t sleep through it.
It is too glorious to ever worry again.
Leave your baggage on the plane.


Launch yourself all day!
Sky dive into now.
Free fall into this Moment.
Pull the ripcord and enjoy the ride.
See where you land.


Live launched.



January 11

When it is Hard to Be With Someone

Will you allow your heart
to see and feel their heart?


Or, will your head get in the way,
because they don’t look like you,
or think like you,
or speak like you,
or act like you,
or value what you value.


But, how would you know,
what beats and echoes in their heart
if you have not opened your protected heart,
and listened,
and found what’s broken in yours?


Is it Grace that is keeping you
from pulling in beside
and walking with them,
and holding them,
while they struggle
to make sense of their world:
their confusing, lonely, broken, painful world?


It just may be,
that if you really listen with
your non-judgmental, innocent heart,
you will find
that you share a common heart.



January 10

How We Make Ourselves Miserable

When your ego decides that someone
should be different than they are,
then you will use everything that happens
as evidence confirming your belief.
And, you will do this unconsciously.
You will make it all about them.


If you think that someone doesn’t love you,
then everything they do
and everything they say
as they live their day-to-day life
will prove to you
how much they don’t love you.


And, you will likely start to resent them
acting this way.


When you collude with your ego,
you live in your own make-believe world.
In your tragic soap opera,
the other person is made
in your ego’s image and likeness,
and you are their victim.


Can you find this travesty?



January 9

Time to Surrender

The mind wants to know why
if each of us is an eternal soul,
do we incarnate
into a limited body and mind?


It thinks that if it figures this out
then it will be more in control
of mastering and harmonizing
this time on earth,
and making it to Heaven.


Nice try mind.


What the mind gets to do,
is forget the “why,”
surrender the desire for control,
and celebrate not knowing,
because there is infinite evidence
that Something it can never understand
is running the entire universal show:
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


When the mind gives way to Grace,
the heart and soul bring us all home.



January 8

Heart Meditation

Meditation does not
have to be solely a head thing,
where you are trying
to quiet your mind.


I’m finding
that there is a way
to open your heart
and tangibly feel
it extending presence
to anyone,
physically here or not.


Instead of a head awareness
where we are “looking” and noticing,
in sacred stillness
there can be a heart awareness
where we are lengthening
our love, our affection,
like a yoga pose,
and gently dwelling
in the oneness
of intimate Connection.



January 7

Let’s Give Her a Hand

We are all guided
by a divine Hand.
If you choose
to put your hand in Hers,
you will never be lost.
Her hand will become yours.


If you open your hand
to Her consistently enough,
you will lose the desire and ability
to close it in a fist
with anyone.


The divine Hand
is open to everyone.
No exceptions.
Let’s give Her a hand
(or even both).



January 6

Focus and Relax

These two verbs
are not in conflict.


It is possible
to look out with soft eyes,
to intentionally relax,
to pay attention to letting go.


You can be awake and calm,
fully present and at ease,
motivated and open,
on purpose and supple.


You can love without wanting,
hold without clutching,
listen without directing,
lead without controlling.


You can hold the moment lightly,
with an open palm,
so Grace can land.



January 5

Why did they do that?

If you feel that you
cannot possibly understand
why someone would act the way they do,
you are correct.


We can never fully understand
why someone makes the choices they do.
And, we do not ultimately need to know.


All we need to know is that
given the multitude
of individual and collective influences
we each deal with,
this was the best they could do in the moment.


This is not to condone their actions.
It is intended to keep you
out of the judgment space
which only harms you
and sucks you into unhealthy drama.



January 4


We are created to work together,
not in opposition.


What if you adopt
a symbiotic mindset and “heartset”
no matter who the other person is
and how they come across?


This is not to say
that you would in any way
try to force the other
to work with you,
nor is it to say
that you agree
with what they say or do.


It is to say,
that no matter how they behave,
you remain non-judgmental,
seeking to understand their perspective,
why they behave as they do,
and compassionately communicating
that you see their viewpoint. 


Picture the possibilities
of synergy and peace
versus self-righteousness and dissonance,
if we worked out from
our common Soul.



January 3

Making the Leap!

What if you saw
that whatever came
into your experience
to limit you from any “source,”
was not actually something
outside of your consciousness?


Can you make this leap?


It is an invitation
to Soul-based empowerment,
autonomy, and freedom.



January 2

Tuning into Your Soul

That which you need to progress
and to awaken to your oneness in Love
is never withheld from you.


Your conditioned mind may tell you
that you don’t have what you need
or what you want,
or that you don’t know what to do,
or that you are not where you need to be,
or don’t have the people around you
that inspire and support you,
and on and on and on.


That is because this mind
does not have the faculties
to intelligently govern and comment on
your spiritual progress and issues of identity.
These belong to the soul.


If you consult the mind
on these crucial issues
you are tuning into distractions, frustrations,
discouragement, detours, pain, and suffering.


The human experience is about
learning how to tune into your soul
for anything related to identity,
and using that wisdom to unlearn
that which you are not.
This then gives you the compass
to learn how to love
everyone and everything
without judgment.



January 1

The Still Space Within You

It doesn’t appear to be about
figuring it out,
or making it happen.

Both of these can be exhausting
because they tend to insert
a separate, responsible you
into the process.


It appears to be about
a sacred, still space within you,
where you can listen
to your Grace-driven soul,
as it reveals
the lyrics, music, and choreography
of every aspect of your life.


“Fromever” and forever.



December 31, 2017

Life is This

For This to be experienced as new,
requires a willingness
to open beyond
our conditioned ways of responding
where our mind tries to predict and control,
and gets disappointed
when its expectations are not met.


All that gets dropped
so that we experience
the ever-dawning Moment,
with awe and reverence,
no matter what it delivers.


Let the celebration begin,
and continue,
through your soul’s awareness
of the divine fractal
in all facets of Life!



December 30

Sweet Spots

Everyone has within them
many sweet spots.


These are those places where you:

  • resonate with your gifts,
  • feel connected to others and Life itself,
  • get the sense that all is well,
  • are in awe of beauty and simplicity,
  • feel the transforming power of authenticity,
  • watch Grace in action (or in stillness)
  • celebrate that even though your mind
    doesn’t know what is happening, your soul
    reminds you that the Universe is Self-sustaining

Sweet Spots can take infinite forms.


It is important to find yours
and nurture them daily.


Try making a list of your sweet spots
and open to dwelling in one
as part of your spiritual practices
each day.


One of mine is listening to how
these Unlearning Insights
unfold each day,
and sharing them with you,
and our sisters and brothers
around the world.



December 29

Asking Transformational Questions

Are you in the sacred presence
of an unerring guiding Intelligence?


While responding to this question
may be helpful,
no matter how you respond,
you are still in a dualistic mindset:
there is you,
and there is a guiding Intelligence.


The question reframed
invites you to choose
between a dual and non-dual mindset.


Are you the sacred presence
of unerring guiding Intelligence?


An affirmative answer to this question
shifts your world
if you take it seriously
by letting it permeate
how you think about
everything and everyone.



December 28

Living Without Loneliness

That which we call loneliness
is a shrinking away
from the presence of Oneness.


In that sense,
it is not an independent entity.


It is dependent upon us
closing our mind and heart
to Presence.


Oneness is not the combining of two.
It is the awareness of the reality
that everything is only and already
connected in the One.


As you lose the mind’s judgment,
and dwell in the soul’s awareness,
you experience intimacy
and the presence of connection
in Love.



December 27

The trick is

when you have
a moment of quietude,
to not worry about the future,
or be upset at the past.


If you don’t do some derivation
of either of these,
what’s left?


Live there.



December 26

Non-dual Living

We are the experience
of Life enjoying Itself.


As you allow your awareness
to be in precious awe
of everything, just as it is,
and everyone, just as they are,
your judgmental constrictions
fade away
like guitar strings plucked once.


Your soul is Being,
showing up
as the individualized splendor
of this immaculate Moment!



December 25

Well-intentioned Busyness

If you have a proclivity towards
consciously allowing
your intentions, words, and actions
to be choreographed
by our common Soul,
then you are signing up for
releasing your untapped potential
and exponentially blessing others.


In order to consistently
abide in this field of Love,
an ever-deepening devotion
to your own radical self-care
is essential.


Without this,
the conditioned mind
can subtly seep into your daily activities
by usurping Grace
under the guise of well-intentioned busyness.


Permitting this substitute
is not why you are here.



December 24

Are You Out of Time?

You can stop believing
that you have a limited amount of time
to experience deep love and peace,
because consciousness is not governed by time.


Time is simply a concept in consciousness.
It cannot touch your experience of love and peace,
unless you believe in that false construct.


As we unlearn time as a limiting factor,
we lose the fear of death
for ourselves and others,
and we live in the abiding presence
of eternal relationships
filled with deep love and peace.


Are you ready to be out of time?
(You won’t miss it.)



December 23

One Question

It’s never about figuring out
what to do.


It’s about giving your full attention
to this one question:


“To what will you listen,
and how will you respond?”


You know when you
are grounded in Presence,
or not.



December 22

Avoiding Relationship Conflicts

If I think you need to change
to please me,
then I am confused.


I apologize for acting
like I want you to make me happy,
and for treating you better when you do.
This is not your job.
It is mine.


I need to go within
to find the authentic Me.


Once I am grounded in Me,
I can then find the authentic You.


Out of that our Us is born.


Other than that,
we have no relationship.


I have a relationship with
my stuff,
and my view of your stuff,
but I don’t really know You,
or Me, or Us.


December 21

Cross the Threshold

When we honestly love the Unknown
as much as we love the known,
we are at the threshold of
and getting to know Grace
on Her terms.


Until then,
we pretend God is calling the shots,
but we are really hoping and praying
to use the Divine to work things out
in the way we think is best.


What will it take
for you to cross the threshold
and not return?
(If you already have,
thank you.)



December 20

The Resonance of Truth

See what happens
when you remove consciousness
from the mind,
and let it rest
in a still place,
deep within.


Follow your breath down
where you soul appears
in the pauses
between breaths.


This is the place
where stories fade
as the resonance of truth
fills all space.


It is here,
where decisions
are made for you,
and your heart is full.


December 19

Unknown Vistas of Love

There are dimensions of consciousness
that are available to us
that reveal unexperienced fields
of harmony, guidance, and Grace.


They are found beyond
your current level of awareness
and require that you
explore areas that your conditioned mind
finds illogical and terrifying.


Instead of constricting away from fear,
go into it and through it.
Your authentic Self is infinitely larger
than any terror.
Waiting for you on the other side
are unknown vistas of Love.


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