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May 16
Multiple Fields of Intelligence

There are apparently
multiple fields of intelligence
occurring simultaneously
throughout the Cosmos.

We tend to dwell
at our ordinary day-to-day level,
and can even believe
that this is what is real,
and that any other
is imaginary or mythical.

These days I’m appreciating
opening to these non-ordinary states
and as tangible, vertical dimensions of Reality
that have more to teach me
than my linear mind,
which is primarily focused
on the horizontal landscape.

I really enjoy not knowing much.

May 15
Who’s in Control?

Most of our psychological fears
are based in our penchant
to need to feel we are in control
of what will happen next.

We never have and never will be
in control of what will happen next.
That is the Universe’s role, not ours.

We are designed
to lean into the Unknown
and receive and act
from what we are given
each moment.

The more we practice this,
the more anxiety is released
as quickly as it appears.

May 14
Holding Everything Lightly

When you cling tightly onto something
it causes stress and strain
and is not healthy.

This is true in the physical realm
as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Many of us get stuck
in our desire for security and identity
by clinging to objects,
a physique,
a personality structure,
an emotional blend,
and/or a metaphysical strategy.

Each of these can be useful tools or vehicles
we use to make sense of our world.
Hold them lightly

and allow them to come and go
on your journey toward returning
to your wholeness in and as Love.

May 13
Wholehearted Devotion

When I was twenty
I had an instantaneous healing
from a serious soccer injury
that changed the course of my life.

It tangibly opened my eyes and heart
to the infinite potential in the Universe
to which each one of us has access.

This potential is within you right now.
It can be experienced
through whole-hearted devotion
to unlearning that which you are not
and discovering that which you are.
Both components are essential.

The mind wants to avoid
unlearning the shadow
so it can dwell with the light.
This is the long way home.

It’s not rocket science.
It is an unwavering consecration
to vulnerable, authentic, hit-the-street
growth in Grace.

May 12
Could You Have Done Better?

The Cosmos is optimizing Itself
every moment.

It makes no sense to look back
and second guess It by wondering
if It could have done better.

You are an indispensable aspect
of the Cosmos.

There has never been a moment
when you could have done better
than you did.

While you do have infinite potential,
your actions were the best
you could access in that moment
–without exception.
That’s how the Cosmos operates.

Looking back and thinking
you could have or should have done better
is a delusionary waste of time
which destroys your peace.

Looking back and learning
from what you did, can be useful.

Living from this standpoint
opens you to new fields of Grace.

May 11
A Conscious Shift

Let’s be attentive
to where we use the word “I”
and what we attach it to.

It causes major confusion
when we mix “I” as
our authentic or true Self
and the conditioned mind or ego.

For example:
avoid “I am confused about what to do.”
Try “My mind is confused about what to do.”

Avoid “I am overwhelmed.”
Try “My mind is overwhelmed.”
Or “I am noticing my mind is overwhelmed.”

This simple, conscious shift
can create immense spaces
for a genuine recognition
of divine identity, innate clarity, and worth.

May 10
Embracing the Journey

What if every birth
was a death of the stage before it,
and every death
was a birth into the next stage?

Perhaps we would expand our bookends
and embrace the journey
in every stage:
ours and everyone’s.

May 9
Shall we dance?

Souls are naked
and not afraid to be exposed
to humble, receptive heart-fields.
They only know intimacy.

Their silent transmission
is received
when you are still enough
to feel embraced by  
the heart’s yearning harmonics
within the message.

The soul’s resonance
will remain hidden
in the presence of
the mind’s lustful desire
to fix or figure out.

are an invitation
to dance
to Evolution’s divine melody.

May 8
Perennial Rebirth

The number one reason we suffer
is because we are out of touch
with the dynamic, pulsating
depth of our Being,
and identified with our outer shell,
our conditioned personality.

Being unaware of this,
we may try to pray
our personality shells together.
This only creates
frustration and somatic suffering.

The way forward is to
allow ourselves to become deeply grounded
by letting our roots break our shells open,
as they are led to find fresh nutrients
in the Divine Mother.

She then fortifies us from the inside
to puncture the crusted topsoil of surface life
as we are drawn to the sunlight
of our oneness in Love.

This rebirthing is how the Divine
perpetually evolves Herself
through our souls.

May 7
Being First

When we are willing to make space
to devote more
to our being than our doing,
the whole game changes.

You can’t fake this,
or give it lip service.

Society rewards us for sacrificing our being
for more productive doing.
Look where society has us at this point:
barely surviving on the planet we are destroying.

We need a radical shift toward Being first.
Inspired discernment, connectivity,
and deep fulfillment will bud and blossom.

May 6
The Endless Anxiety Parade

Most of us trip along
hopping from anxiety to anxiety.

Can you find it?

It can be very subtle (or not),
but if you get still enough
see if there is something about the future
that you are concerned about.

Once you have either past that situation
or worked through the fear with dominion,
see if there is another one on the horizon.

I find there is an endless anxiety parade
in my mind.

It’s like it defaults to concern or worry
about how some specific
task or relationship or situation
may or may not work out harmoniously.

The worry is completely useless energy.
All it does is eat away at my equanimity,
replacing it with dissonance.

We don’t need to try to stop the parade.
We just need to stop grandstanding
and walk one street over where
we take inspired action
as directed by the Grace within us.

May 5
The Pathless Path

Can you be here with reality as it is
without dissociating through
repression, distraction, or numbing?

If not, you may be side-stepping progress
and taking potentially long detours
in your realization
of your and our oneness in Love.

The inspired ability to be with
whatever shows up
will counterintuitively
allow it to move through
and reveal Grace’s curriculum
for your life.

Being this present
is the pathless path.

May 4
Transformation is Messy

There comes a point
when each of us
feels unmistakably called
to be our authentic self,
even if it causes disruptions
to those around us.

Transformation is messy by definition
because it requires taking inspired action
to trans or go beyond
your current form or format.

Do it anyway.

Caterpillars that do not enter
the chrysalis of transformation
eat themselves into stagnation and death
and deprive the world of butterflies.

May 3
The Inner Healer

There is an ever-present aspect
of each of us
that is forever leading us
back into the Wholeness
from which we have never left.
This is the Inner Healer.

This healing presence is in
your body,
your mind,
your emotions
and your soul.

You are designed to be whole.
To experience this healing
you need to ask the Inner Healer
to reveal and guide you to unlearn
any beliefs you are holding to the contrary,
no matter where you learned them
or how long you have had them.

Freedom is innate within your Wholeness
and waiting for your full-on acceptance.

May 2
Evolving is the only option

Reality evolves.

What you get to co-create
is how much egoic conditioning
you bake into your joint creations with Grace.

The more you recognize and eliminate
the egoic ingredients
the better life tastes for you and all.
You are evolving,
and you are a vital part of us.

And right now,
“us” needs your most
courageous and humble devotion
that you can access.

May 1
Learning to Receive

Many of us, me included,
have not learned how to receive.

We are schooled
in giving and being unselfish,
which have left many of us
feeling like we have to earn
the love of others.

In other words,
if you didn’t act in a way
that others appreciate,
you would not receive love.
Can you find this?
I can.

In learning to receive,
I am beginning to recognize
that the entire universe
is gifting Itself without conditions
to be received and expressed.

April 30
Non-stop Intimacy

There is an intimacy
waiting to be experienced
every moment.

The fundamental nature of Reality
is that all is completely interconnected
in and as one infinite Being.

Disconnection is an optical delusion,
achieved by thinking parts
are separate from the whole.

Experiencing intimacy
is not dependent upon circumstance.
It is dependent upon
recognizing, accepting and appreciating
Divine connectivity
in everything and everyone.

April 29
Waves of Grace

while breathing into
and meditating to music
for a couple of hours,
I deeply felt and tangibly experienced
that my entire body was 100%
waves of energy.

Instead of seeing it as particles
that form into bones, muscles, organs, etc.,
my whole body awareness was filled
with waves of Grace,
inspired by the music.
It was all that was present.

I will never again
think of the body in the same way.

April 28
In order to grow

you need to be willing
to nurture your life force
in ways that cause you to outgrow
and gradually burst open your shell.

Does your self-care do this,
or does it just polish the shell
or try to make it comfortable
fitting in with shells around it?

Dysfunctional shell inhabiting
is in epidemic proportions
on earth right now.

Your chosen internal environment
and the people you choose to align with,
influence your evolution
and thus mankind’s
depth of advancement toward Oneness.

April 27
Living in New Depths

What’s more important
than being right
is being in graceful connection with all.

There is not a single moment
to waste in indolence or self-righteousness.

We are here on earth
at this crucial time
to live from our authentic hearts
in new depths
of humility, courage and affection.

Our indigenous ancestors
have modeled depths of oneness
that our mind will never comprehend.

Please do and be your vital part.

April 26
Productive Rumination? Not

Whatever we can’t know
we don’t need to know right now.

Whatever we can’t do
we don’t need to do right now.

Time spent wishing
we could know or do either of these
is chasing an egoic dream.

The mind thinks it is productive
in this useless rumination,
but it is actually taking up
vital energy and space
that could be put toward
receiving what Grace is giving us
every moment.

In each moment you are being given
what you need to know and do
and be.

Will you be humble enough to receive
and act?

April 25
The Unknown and the Known

There is no path
into the Unknown.
There is only a path
into the known.

The Unknown
is the soul’s invitation to expand.
The known
is playing it safe in unoriginal ruts.

In the Unknown
you will find you in Us.
In the known
you will lose you and Us.

Choose the Unknown
and live through many small deaths.
Choose the known
and die in many small lives.

April 24
Get Off the Treadmill

You know when you are
truly willing to walk into the Unknown,
because the divine resonance
in trusting each new step
is stronger than the anxiety
your conditioned mind produces.

Until then, we take a step forward
and then step back into the mind,
never leaving the anxiousness behind:
basically walking in place.

This is where many of us get stuck
and feel lost.
Time to get off the treadmill
and take embodied steps
into the new dawn.

April 23
Whose Issue Is It?

If you have an issue with someone,
see if you can discern
if what they did triggers you,
in which case it is now your issue,
or if this is really all about them.

You can then choose between
two very different resolution approaches
depending on your new clarity.

April 22
Listening for Guidance?

When you are listening for guidance
and don’t feel clear,
what do you do?

Most people stop listening
and either go back to
well-known strategies or spiritual doctrines
lodged in their mind,
or try to figure out what to do.

Both of these keep you lost
in your mind, and don’t deliver
clarity, peace, or progress.

when you are listening,
stay in the unknown,
embrace that your mind doesn’t know,
and sit in the stillness
while Consciousness reveals Itself.

This helps you learn,
through devoted, disciplined practice,
to drop in beyond the mind
where the resonance of the Divine melody
leads you forward.

Get to know this resonance
like a best friend,
and you will never feel lost.

April 21
I’ll take it from here, God

When we try to get ahead
of the divine order
we sacrifice Presence, peace and clarity,
engage frustration and anxiety,
and miss the present moment
as the only portal to the Divine.

If none of that matters to you,
keep trying to make your life happen
without yielding to Grace.  

April 20
Inspired Action

We spend so much time
trying to figure out
the “why” of everything.

We overthink most of our lives
and get lost in well-intentioned rumination.
It immobilizes us.

Can you trust that the Universe
knows what She is doing,
is guiding you,
and live in a space of
reception, acceptance and trust?

Let’s listen, take inspired action,
and learn from the results.

April 19
Using Solitude as an Escape

Notice if you use phrases like:
“I don’t need anyone.” or
“I’m happy being by myself.”

Those may be true,
but please see if any of the following statements
are also true:

I have a fear of rejection.
I don’t want to hurt their feelings.
I don’t think they could handle my real feelings.
I have a lot of resentment.
I need people to love me.
They don’t love me the way I want to be loved.
They don’t inspire me.
I’m afraid of being abandoned, again.
I can’t be honest with them.

If any of these are also true
then you may be using
your solitude as an escape
so you don’t have to deal with
your current reality.

I did this for decades.

April 18
The Lead Curtain: Part Two

When we don’t take inspired action
because we feel petrified,
we avoid dealing with the issue
and become depressed.
This is the lead curtain.

What can we do?

We can love ourselves enough
to commit to sitting in our fear
and really feeling it,
even if we don’t know its source.

Acknowledge: “I am feeling afraid
and don’t know what to do.”

Ask yourself,
“What am I afraid might happen
if I took the inspired action
that feels right at this point?”

Answer the question.
Then ask yourself,
“What am I afraid might happen if this occurred?”

Keep answering and asking that question
over and over and over
until you get to some foundational false belief.

When you get there,
sit with that false belief
and see if it feels true.
Ask yourself: “Do I want
to build my life on this false belief?”

The answer will be: “Hell no,
because that will just create non-stop
pain, frustration and suffering,
for myself and my relationships
and mankind.”

Then listen for the inspired action
you need to take,
even if it will be messy,
because this will ultimately minimize the suffering
and maximize the blessings.

Even if it is a small authentic action,
you are stepping with Grace.
Keep walking, one action-step at a time.
This will ultimately dissolve the wall
and restore your peace.

Bottom Line: Keep the wall and suffer,
or unlearn the wall and find
your magnificent liberated Self.