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October 25

All Attachments

We are invited
to lose all attachments.


I try hard to let go
of those that bring me hell.


I hold on tight
to those I think bring me to Heaven.


The latter may be
keeping me more stuck
than the former.


October 24

Becoming and Being

The part of me
that believes it is becoming,
struggles to find
non-attached joy.


The part of me
that knows it is Being,
never leaves non-attached joy
during all forms of becoming.


(The reward systems
in our familial, social, academic, athletic,
religious, and business cultures
missed this point.)

October 23

Remember and Repeat

1. Notice my cravings:
that which I think I need
to be at peace.


2. Realize that peace will not arrive
by fulfilling the craving,
but by the absence of craving.


3. Whenever the craving arises
open to the Stillness and Peace
that is still here,
as it was before the craving arrived.


4. Remember and repeat.

October 22

The Unknown

If I’m not willing
to go into the unknown
with trust,
I will never be peaceful.


The known
is a convenient conceptual


All there is, is the Unknown.

October 21

A Life of Service

Through humble openness
and deep relaxation
we are brought into a space
beyond conceptual thinking
into the stillness
where new depths of
Mind are available.


Waiting for you here
are answers to your deepest questions
and questions for your deepest answers.


A life of service
pours forth
from accessing this grace.

October 20

Keeping it Real

To think I know
what is going on
and worry about
what may happen next
is about as intelligent as
thinking I know
how nature operates
and worry if a bud may emerge
or a leaf may drop.


My role is to let Mother Nature
have Her way with me
and not get lost
in non-stop rumination.

October 19

One Presence

As soon as you decide
that the Divine is not present
in someone (including yourself),
you put yourself in hell.


The door out
is to do an about face
and walk.


What are you afraid would happen
if you did this?

October 18

Observe You Distortions

Any justification
you accept for you
being better or worse
than anyone else
(be it person or animal),
is a distortion.

It floods your mental environment
with static,
blocking you perceptive faculties
and clogging your affections.


As soon as you recognize that
these have appeared,
thank them for their limiting bandwidth
and let them know
that your channels are flowing freely
in unconditioned reverence.

October 17

Single-pointed Devotion

There is a tendency in the mind
to spread ourselves too thin,
to try to pursue all our fantasies,
to try to grasp whatever floats by
in the wind of inspiration.


If you had one intention or purpose
to which you would
completely devote,
what would it be?


We are needed
an inch wide and a mile deep,
not a mile wide and an inch deep.


Let’s find our edge and dig,
not slouch into our comfort
and sift sand.

October 16

One Desire

All actions
and corresponding parts of consciousness
are motivated by
a desire to experience love.

Many parts have not found themselves
at a deep enough level
to realize this.

When we see this
and give them the love
they yearn for,
alchemy happens.

October 15

Where to Start

Whatever you think you need
from another
you already contain within you.


If you would commit
to authentically finding that first,
the whole basis of the relationship
may shift
from scarcity to abundance.



October 14

Stillness and Movement

Life involves stillness and movement.


When I am still,
I watch and feel life
moving through and by me.
I discern the higher order
of what to do
and when to do it.


When I think I am
in charge of the movement,
if it doesn’t slow down
and go the way I want it to,
I start to burst at the seams.


When movement is my priority
chaos is revealed.


When Stillness is my priority,
an order and flow is revealed.

October 13

A New Orbit

As children,
we never talked about
our stressful feelings.
We just buried them.


Who ever asked you
“How are you feeling right now?”
when you were angry, or sad,
or frustrated, or afraid, or in pain?
No one did that back then.


If we can do this now
for ourselves, and for each other,
and especially for our children
and grandchildren,
we can potentially lift mankind
to a new orbit of grace and peace.

October 12

Picture the Environment


In a safe space
there is no fear of being vulnerable.
No matter what you
have said or done,
you are accepted and loved.


We typically find this easy to provide
to very young toddlers.
But, at some point
we shift from seeing their choices as ignorance,
to deciding they should know better.


From here on out
the environment we provide
is no longer safe.
It is conditional, and one on which
they will walk on eggshells to please us.


Perhaps we could see all choices
everyone makes,
as the best they can access in the moment:
without exception.


Picture the environment
this would provide
for our precious brother and sisters.

October 11

Tending the Self

is the paradoxical path
to nurturing others
through your overflow.


is the path
to repelling others
through your withholding.


Discern the difference
through identifying the self
you are tending.

October 10


If you were the Divine
and were looking out
through your eyes,
would you see anything
that you did not create?


If you were created by the Divine
and were looking out
through the eyes She created,
would you see anything
that She did not create?


Awareness beholds all
without judgment
or the need to piece it all together
so it fits your mind’s dualistic logic.


Behold the Beloved.

October 9


Perhaps it is in being still
that we find
and awaken to
our deepest connection
to Life in all Her forms.


All this time I thought
I had to “do” my way
into success and peace.


Until recently,
I missed the teaching
on the ineffable power
of Stillness.

October 8


What if we approached
each new day
and each person
with dignity,
and reverence?


Would Grace have you do otherwise?







October 7

The biggest block

to our progress
is our ignorance
that the blockage is within us.


We blame circumstances and others
for our lack of peace.


While that is convenient,
it is rarely the case.


Question your views
and see if you have turned
simple, value-neutral facts
into entrenched judgments and stories.


Freedom awaits!

October 6

A Citadel of Presence

There is within each of us
a stillness that feels like
a citadel of Presence.


Find it by first
discovering a seated position
that you can comfortably hold
so you are not physically agitated.


This may take a while to develop,
but once you have found it
you can quickly settle into it
and open your heart and mind
to the sanctuary of Spirit.


In this manger of Grace
you remain undisturbed
even if your mind is swirling.


You notice that random thoughts
cannot disturb your grounded body
and floodlight of awareness.

October 5

Being Breaks

How often during your day
do you take a Being break?


It’s a simple as pausing
for two or three breaths
to acknowledge and feel into
your Being.


This realignment with your Source
serves to ground you
and broaden your perspective
to remind you why you are here.


Humility is always healthy.

October 4

Absolute vulnerability

is the prerequisite
to honesty.


We don’t get to just look at
the parts we like.


We get to open to it all.





October 3

When hearts

no one loses.


When hearts
no one wins.


The choice
is yours.

October 2

Devotion Questions

How would you describe
that to which you are most devoted?


How does this devotion
show up in your life?


What is the most consistent
form that resistance to devotion
takes for you?


What would it take
to transcend the resistance?


If you have tried this before,
how about taking a new,
more humble approach?


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Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over nine years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook and Instagram, and you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

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