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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights

January 17

Two Approaches to Life

1) I live or die by the choices I make,
and am responsible for my (and others’) future.

2)I can’t do anything to stop Life
from being given to me each moment
throughout eternity,
so I open to rolling with all of it
from the humblest intention
that feels real to me.

#1 makes me feel the weight of the world,
and non-stop anxiousness and guilt (or blame).

#2 invites me to trust a Universal Intelligence
that I will never wrap my mind around,
so instead,
I enjoy the ride
by accepting the Divine design
of the gifts and lessons.

January 16

Your Top Priority?

You are here to remember
your soul’s purpose for being here,
and to live as it guides you.

At the same time,
your mind does not know
what is going on
or what will happen next.

These two exist

Most of us try to steer our lives
with our severely limited mind,
and have no conscious contact
with our soul.
This is a recipe for dissatisfaction
and unfulfilled relationships and lives.

To remember our soul’s purpose
is not something we do with our mind.
It is something that is revealed to us
by our soul,
when the mind is still.

Perhaps spiritual practices
that allow you
to quiet the mind
and open to your soul
would reveal your life’s meaning and purpose.

Do you care enough
about yourself and others
to discover and prioritize
these kinds of practices?

Please don’t answer with your mind.

January 15

Give Your Mind a Break

Quantum physics and metaphysics
divulge that you and I
and all life
are actually forms and patterns
of consciousness,
all governed by a single, invisible,
ordering Intelligence.

While this is true,
we also clunk around
in these armored suits of matter,
which is also true.

Said another way,
we are beings of Light,
living in various fields of darkness.

How do we make sense of these
contradictions or paradoxes?

How about
instead of using your limited mind
to deny and accept
so as to figure it all out,
you embrace it all as possible,
and live in a space of bewilderment,
even awe?

My experience is that if you dwell
in this clueless space long enough,
your mind takes a break,
and your soul reveals
a non-dual clarity
that actually heals and transforms
your life.

January 14

Could it be this simple?

to follow my breath
is so soothing.

Everything stops spinning
for those sacred moments,
as I allow my attention
to be in the awareness
of the air entering and leaving my body.

It’s like the Universe is inviting me
to drop in
to Her gift in this moment.

And by this,
She reminds me that
She gifts me every moment.

How could I want more?

January 13

Have you done this?

Rather than risking
losing the love of someone special,
you completely put your own desire on hold,
and speak and act
the way you think
the other would like you to.

When this becomes a pattern,
you end up solely focused on pleasing them
so they have no conflict with you.
This gives you the delusion
that they love you.
But really they have not met you.
You have hidden the authentic you.
They get to know the you
that you have manufactured for them.
This is how you lose touch with,
and ultimately abandon,
your authentic heart and voice,
and the seed of loneliness is planted.

It is more important
that you feel they love you
than it is for you to share
your honest feelings.

Building a relationship from this standpoint,
while very common,
is unsustainable,
and is setting it up for tremendous stress
and painful disconnection.

January 12

This Dawn Feels Different

How much of my life is spent
accessing my yesterdays?

Or, do I keep going back to the same
tragic moment, and replaying it
over and over and over and over…?

It feels like the conditioned mind
defaults to the past:
getting me to create ruminating ruts
about the way it was,
or could have been,
if only…

There seems to be so much momentum
to use the past
to project and create a fantasy future.

The level of fitness it takes
to not look back
feels immense,
one exhausted morning,
I give up,
and this dawn feels different,
as I hear Grace saying,
“I am always with you,
but you can’t look back to find Me.”

January 11


Awareness is different
from our normal every day thinking.

It doesn’t try to change anything.
It is looking without interpreting.
It is listening without forming a response.
It is sensing without reacting.
It allows everything to be as it is.
It makes no demands.
It doesn’t accept or reject anything.
It is completely void of judgment.
It is so light that it leaves no trace.
It is so still that it makes no ripples when it lands.
It is free of time and space.
It is an open doorway
through which angels come and go as they please.
It engages with everything and nothing
in the same way.

Setting aside a space each day
to dwell in and as awareness
is a sacred gift to yourself and others,
and a silent thank you
to the Grace from which it flows.

January 10

Our Sacred Dance

Take a quiet, deep look at yourself.
Notice how much,
and how many years,
you have struggled to be
all you can be.
Recognize how many times
your heart has been broken,
and your mind
has wanted to run away.

Then look on the being of another,
and say in your heart;
“I accept your yearning to be bright,
and have no way to know
how many sleepless nights you have endured
because you long to be brighter.”

We are in this together,
throughout eternity,
so please, for once,
let’s accept where we are,
drop any desire to judge for any reason,
and bow in acknowledgment
of our sacred dance with Divinity.

January 9


To look for fulfillment outside of me
will not fill my void.
It may placate the moment
when I get distracted,
but anything or anyone
that comes to me
will also leave me.
And, I will feel empty and abandoned, again.

The only thing
that can fulfill an apparent void in me,
is an authentic part
of my innate divine Wholeness.
It is that which never leaves.
Where could it go?
I can’t be partially here.
I am one.    

So, if I forget to remember
my completeness,
the solution is in Self-awareness,
not pursuing people or objects.

January 8

Fear or Peace?

If I can only trust
when things go the way my mind
thinks they should,
then my thought is caught in
in a delusion
that I am my own entity,
in a chaotic, random universe
in which I have to figure out
how to survive.
This manufactures fear.

When I trust
no matter how things go,
then I am relying on
a single, universal Intelligence
that eternally displays Itself
as my being all being
without exception.
This reveals innate peace.

Unlearn the fabricated fear
to make room
to discover the peace
that is already within you.

January 7


The Cosmos is Soft.
The world and the lessons therein
can feel really hard.
Even relentlessly so.
So hard, that my mind wants to run from them.

Exclusions feel hard.
Judgments feel hard.
Comparisons feel hard.

As I rescue my heart from my mind
and return it to my soul,
I find it is so soft
that it only wants to include
everything and everyone
in an intimate embrace
of acceptance.

My soul-ensconced heart
gently catches and releases
whatever is thrown.

Softness describes
the unconditioned
texture of a Grace-impelled life.

January 6

Celebrating Life Transitions

In consciousness there is no place:
no place from which you depart,
no place to which you arrive.

Life is pure consciousness,
appearing to take forms
which make you think
there is something else.

When these forms change
in what we call death,
all you are really witnessing
is a shift in consciousness.

Those who know
they are without physical form right now
will often greet those leaving
their belief in form.

This is not surprising
because those in transition
realize once again
that their entire essence and wholeness
never left its being as pure consciousness.

As we realize
that which our transitioning friend realizes,
we can celebrate the moment with them,
in the truth of Reality.

January 5

Living Radically

Perhaps living radically means
trusting that
there is Something Bigger
than your mind
in charge of you,
and that you will
never fully understand
what this is
or how it operates
or where it is located
or why it brings things to you
and takes things away
or how much it loves you
and how without This
you would not be
and without you
This would not be.

Perhaps living radically
consciously cultivates
listening and following
the beacon from your soul
and the softness in your heart.

January 4

Unwrap the Moment

Next time you decide
that a specific event
should not be occurring,
you might want to ask yourself:
Since when am
in charge of Reality?

By thinking that you know
better than the infinite Cosmos,
what does it get you,
other than being tangled
in a soap opera
of confusing, frustrating, and willful
thoughts and feelings?

try greeting anything that happens
as a gift.
Unwrap the moment,
and see what is being given to you
by our one Life.

January 3

Just Us

Do you ever feel disconnected?
Only every day?
Here is one source.

I lose intimacy with Life
by believing that someone or something
outside of me
is what I need
to feel peaceful, complete, and loved.

When I believe this
I am never fully present,
because even when that craved for
someone or something is with me,
my mind races ahead to how to have this feeling,
always, and in all ways.

The problem is in the craving,…
moving attention away from this very breath,
and all that is displayed
for me to behold and interact with
in this landscape of Grace.

My conditioned mind does not let
me be fully with you, me, or anything.
It gets lost in fantasy and fear.

We are given here.
We are not given there.
When I fully open to here
there is no there.
Just Us,
connected as One.

January 2

Returning to Wholeness

Could it be
that all this time,
in every relationship,
the one you were looking for
is the one you thought you lost
when One became two to you?

And could it be
that the way back to One
is through loving the brokenness,
instead of trying to lose, fix, or heal it?

We must embody
the return to wholeness.

January 1, 2019

Our United Revolution

While chaos appears to be everywhere,
there is actually a Divine choreography
to every detail in the physical universe:
from how an atom functions,
to how our body operates,
to how nature is filled with fractals,(like snowflakes),
to how the earth spins and circles the sun,
to how our galaxy dances,
to how all galaxies co-exist.

The mental-emotional-spiritual dimension,
can also feel completely chaotic,
and out of control,
yet all the while,
it too is choreographed
through an unerring rectitude.

Since the common denominator
underneath everything created
is Consciousness,
our opportunity is to live
by acknowledging and trusting
this unseen guiding Intelligence,
so that it becomes our revolutionary cause,
and offers an elevated, harmonious,
suffering-reducing presence
to every relationship and situation.

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