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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

July 13

Leaving and Arriving


Somethings must leave
so other things can arrive.


When judgment leaves
compassion arrives.


When objectification of people leaves
innocence arrives.


When willfulness leaves
tenderness arrives.

When fear of being vulnerable leaves
intimacy arrives.

When the desire to flee leaves
Presence arrives.


When pride leaves
divine sweetness arrives.


When control leaves
humility arrives.


When procrastination leaves
progress arrives.



July 12

The Ultimate Win-win

Until you devote to do
what is spiritually right for you to do,
no matter the opposition,
no matter how hard it is,
you will get pulled in all directions
as you try to do what is right for another.


Trying to do what is right for another
is not your role.
It is not unselfish.
It is not a gift.


You have a soul that is spiritually wired
to guide you to what is right for you.
This is paradoxically the most unselfed
thing you can do.


Because you are modeling living
from your authentic Self,
and this is the greatest gift you can give another.
This is why each of is here,
to find and live this unselfed Self.


Living by the egoic self
and trying to please others
is not a gift to them or you.
It leaves you feeling used, stressed, and resentful
and doesn’t encourage and inspire them
to find and live from their authentic Center.


Imagine a society where everyone
is trying to please others
vs. one where everyone
is living from their authentic heart.
Which would you rather live in?
Who would you rather be in relationship with?


We are here to come home to the Self.
Doing this, helps receptive others
come home to their Self.
Living from that space
is the ultimate win-win.



July 11


Develop the ability
to dwell in and as awareness.


Awareness observes and notices.
It gently lands.
It is completely present.
It is fully conscious.

It draws no conclusions.
It does not attach to anything.
It makes no judgment.
It creates no stories.
It doesn’t do drama.

It never trespasses,
It does not interfere.
It leaves no trace.
It needs nothing to be different.


Awareness naturally clears the mind
so that Grace
can have Her way with you.

Awareness creates a space
for the womb of wisdom
to come forth
from within your soul.


Awareness gives birth
to the Emerging Elder.


With all thy getting,
get awareness.



July 10


Do I have enough in me to trust
the universal and personal unfolding Moment?
Can I let go enough to trust
this Moment?


If not, then I am still trusting,
but it is a trust in my view of the past,
that I will be able project it into the future,
and bring about
an intended outcome I want.
This kind of trust leaves me
hollow and afraid,
unable to eat, immobilized, gut punched.
I stay in the pain until the air in my mind
is too thin to breathe. 


Gasping, I ask Grace for transcendent oxygen.


She gently breathes into me:

“All there is, is this Moment
unfolding as Life.
It is living you and all.
It always has and always will.
This is all It does.
Let It do Its job.
Witness It.
Walk It.
Be It.
Love It.

Then you can trust It.”



July 9

Not On Your Own

Each of has
a deeply transcendent reason
for being in this incarnation.


Discovering this calling
and devoting to it
as your primary purpose
reprioritizes your entire life
around the divine Design.


You realize that you belong
to Something and Someone,
and you are not on your own.



July 8

Your Life Message

                                                                                                                                                                                           When you let yourself
be buried by judgment and deficiency,
you can’t see beyond
your tombstone.
Life feels dark, heavy and burdensome.


When you let yourself
be hoisted by the presence of Wholeness,
everything points upward to the possibility
of unlimited potential, connections and blessings.


You are sharing one of these messages
with those you love,
every day.



July 7

Tapping into Seasonal Wisdom

There is a time to release
and a time to hold on.
This is true in Nature
and true for people.
Each of these seasons
is governed by an invisible Intelligence.


Because it is different for each of us,
our mind finds it is difficult to trust
something other than itself.
It thinks that it is responsible
for all decisions,
and thus tries to take charge
and be in control:
not only of itself, but of those around it.


Maturity dawns as humility is born
and the mind realizes
that it can be governed
by a higher Connecting Order,
experienced as Presence.

It discovers an intuitive knowing,
that seems to come out of nowhere,
where yielding to this state of grace
replaces endless rumination and debilitating anxiety.


This Seasonal Wisdom transcends
chronology and cultural norms
and leads the way home
to a universal family in Love.



July 6

Oneness Is

Coincidence is fundamental.

Unity is a given.

Individuality is interconnected.

Correlation is indestructible.

Wholeness is irrevocable.

Solitary is relationship.

Simultaneous is the Chord.

Together is Presence.

Cooperation is how it all works.

Love is the Only.

Self-Sustaining is All.



July 5

The Message in Stillness

There is a message
waiting in Stillness.


It is missed in the commotion
if you let yourself
fall into emotional reactivity.


The mind seems to default to this.
The reactivity can be
like rage or rebuttal,
or inwardly-expressed
like resentment or judgment.


Both equally block
the inner ear of the soul.


We must learn
to engage the Stillness,
within the commotion:
to pause in silence,
to listen
and breathe,
and really hear,
and allow the Moment to reveal Herself,
so distilled clarity can emerge,
as wisdom.



July 4

Being the Theatre of Life

Have you ever been
in a relationship
where all of you is accepted?
In other words,
no matter how you show up,
you still feel valued and loved?
If so, you will remember it,
because it is so sacred and rare.


Probably the more important question is:
Are you in relationship
with yourself,
where all of you is accepted?
In other words,
no matter what you think, feel, say or do,
you still value and love yourself?


One way to do this is to realize that
what you think, feel, say and do
is not what you are.
These are activities which give you information
about that which is in your experience.
All of these things are always changing.
You are the theatre that displays them,
but you are not them, and they are not you.


These are aspects of your life experience,
but like a tragic scene in a play,
the drama does not make the theatre tragic.


Whatever you go through,
or comes and goes through you,
does not define you.
Let yourself be the theatre of Grace
where everything in life
is accepted, experienced, and celebrated.



July 3


When you want what Grace wants,
you don’t need to know in advance
what that will be.
You just know that it will be perfect.


When you want what you want,
you think you know in advance
what that will be,
and you leave Grace out of the picture.


This is one of the ways
we drift from Presence
and start to feel anxious
and responsible for our lives.


If you do this enough
Grace becomes irrelevant
and fear becomes
a primary condition in your life.


Just remember:
When you want
what Grace wants,
you get
what Grace gives.



July 2

BIG and small

I find that both
BIG and small come into play
in my desire to awaken to what I am.


BIG comes on line when I quietly cherish
our common Source
and how infinite and expansive
the possibilities and opportunities are
for blessing and being blessed.


Small comes on line
when it is important to look at
the specific ways the human mind
is conditioned to keep us small
and locked in a prison of certainty.


Spiritual practices are designed
to open up the BIG and small.
Meditating on the BIG can reveal
the small that needs our attention.
Exposing the cramped falsity of the small
can provide unrestricted access
to new fields of Grace.



July 1

Beyond Belief

What if instead of trying to hold onto
all “the right” beliefs about Life,
we worked at releasing
all beliefs about It
and let Her magnificence
surprise and live us?


Beliefs can be useful
to align the human mind
with Truth.
But, to experience
the transforming efficacy of Truth,
we need go beyond the mind
and surrender every desire
to the unfolding Moment.


Instead of trying to conform
to our sense of Love,
we let Love transform us
and our experience
into that which is beyond our conception.


Acadia Vision Quests
#1: July 7—14, #2: July 21—28
Mount Desert Island, Maine
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Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over eight years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook, and now you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

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