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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

January 21
Our Wake-up Call

It can be a huge wake-up call
when we realize how willful we are.

Much, if not all, of our suffering
comes from wanting reality
to be different than it is.

simply accept what occurs
for what it is:
that which is occurring.

Judgment augments suffering.

Awareness disperses it.

January 20

The Soul’s Dispatches

If I rarely spend time
listening to the quiet voice within,
is it any wonder
that I don’t recognize
its language
and hear its message
of validation
and unerring guidance?

January 19

The Heart’s Journey Home

I am here to love
with no will
or desired outcome
or intention
other than to love.

Turns out that this
is the hardest lesson
of my life.

So very grateful that
this keeps getting teed up.

I don’t want a free pass.

January 18
Feeling Lost?

The feeling of being lost
comes from yearning for certainty
and not finding it
when transition is occurring.

Since we are always in transition,
perhaps it
is the certainty
through which our soul leads us.

Destinations are only momentary
exhales before the next inhale.

Life is a forever guided transition.

January 17
Unbroken Connections

There is a way to listen
to another
such that your soul
responds to their soul.

This is not something you try to do.
The words are formed for you
before you have time to think of them.

It’s like our souls have been
communing throughout eternity,
and in this moment
we are just dropping in
on their dialogue.  

January 16
The answers

that I am clearest about these days
come from questions
where my response is
I don’t know.

January 15

The tighter I hold on
to anything
the more I mis-identify
with it and as it.

This can be:
an object,
a personality,
a desire,
a relationship,
a career,
a body,
an image,
a concept,
a belief,
a location
an artistic creation,
a feeling or emotion,
a point of view,
a spiritual state,
really anything…

January 14

Deep, reverent devotion
to listening to Grace
reveals a perspective
that grounds your anxiety
on the shores of Presence.

January 13
Being Awake and Willing

Just because
you give something or someone
the absolute best you have,
does not guarantee
an exact outcome.

What can happen
if you are awake and willing,
is that you will learn
exactly the lesson needed
for that day, relationship,
or lifetime.

January 12
The Most Radical Route

May I consistently choose
the most radical route:
complete, ego-free acceptance
of whatever the moment presents
as part of the non-dual Holy Will.

This does not mean that I do not work
to reduce suffering
and try to bring out the strengths
in myself and others.

It means that I don’t argue with
whatever is occurring,
but actually celebrate it
as part of the Universe’s perfect choreography.

January 11
Learning Our Way Forward

Our mind seeks
the gentle side of Grace
where it feels like we are in the flow
and we are in awe of Life!

That’s great when it happens.

My heart is more used to
the fierce side of Grace
which brings us back into alignment
when we have become attached
to something (really anything)
and it is time for this thing
to move on and through.

It can feel like heartbreak
when I am emotionally vulnerable,
and that is just plain hard.

I’m so grateful that Love
keeps bringing me back into the fold,
as I keep testing the waters.

Learning our way forward
is such a precious gift.

January 10
A Wellspring of Grace

If you feel like
something is missing in your life,
then that is accurate.

You are.

Within each of us is a wellspring of Grace
that keeps us present
to a tangible, resonating wholeness
in every aspect of our lives.

Our minds tend to predetermine
that which we think we need
to be at peace.

Our soul delivers the goods
when we humbly open to receiving
Love’s holy plan,
each moment.

January 9
Abandon All Seeking

That which you think you will gain
from that which you seek
will only be found
when you abandon all seeking.

A journey of a thousand
moments, days, years, or lifetimes
will never be enough
to quench your desires.

The peace, intimacy and connection to all life
is already resident within you.

You wake up to the wholeness of Now,
or you stay asleep,
dreaming of tomorrow.


January 8
The Lens of Self-Concept

When you believe
that your worth is conditional,
every statement you make
and action you take
and conviction you defend
will reinforce this toxic delusion
and self-sabotage
that which means the most to you.

Most of us would never miss
brushing our teeth
once or twice a day.

Cleansing the lens of self-concept
of impurities of limitations
is way more vital to all forms
of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Please don’t start your day without it.

January 7
The Embrace of Peace

There is a way to be
with whatever is occurring
such that you can always feel
the presence of Love.

You can’t think your way
into this space.
It is already included in your
non-judging, authentic heart;
thus it is opened to and received,
not manufactured.

Defaulting to the field of Love
versus the story-ridden mind
reveals the embrace of peace.

January 6
Yield and Trust

There is no place in the entire Cosmos
that is out of order.

Therefore, that includes
every element of your being
and everyone else’s.

Evidence to the contrary is partial.

To this we can yield and trust.

January 5
A Revolutionary to View Behold

Can you accept
that there is one infinite Source
that has created everything
that every was made and ever will be?

Can you accept that this benevolent Source
is forever inseparable from its creation?

Can you accept that the activity
of this omni-intelligent Source
is perfect without exception?

Can you accept and feel
that this awareness and understanding
is so lovely that is calls us to love it all
and be in awe of it
without needing it to be different?

If so, welcome to the non-dual view of reality.
Reasoning out from this paradoxical premise
is a complete game-changer
that will enrich your life forever.

January 4
Trusting the River

The river of Life
has its own perfect flow.

We exist within It,
but parts of consciousness
often forget this
and try to influence or control
the speed and direction.
Frustration and suffering result.

This. Never. Works.
Please feel free to remind me.

January 3
Humble Pie

May my main course each day
be humble pie.

My previous diet of
egoic feel goods
and strict avoidance of disturbing feelings
left me filled with judgmental toxins
and lost in ungrounded absolutes.

I apologize if you were at the table with me
when I was unconsciously serving
self-righteous stew.

Cheers to forgiveness and new beginnings!


January 2
Being at Peace

There is a deep stillness, peace, and rest
that is available within us every moment.

It is more dependent upon
complete acceptance of the moment
than needing the moment to be different
through an absence of distractions.

Try dropping into the moment
by feeling the resonance of your breathing,
or the harmonics of the Stillness
that is here without any effort.

This can happen anywhere
and in just a few seconds,
just like if you were swimming in the ocean,
you could at any time
drop down below the agitated surface
and experience a deeper all enveloping presence.

January 1
Deep questions

about what matters most
to you in life
are not designed to be answered
by your conceptual mind.

When we use our mind in this space
it leaves us confused, frustrated and/or anxious.

When these questions arise,
let yourself access your soul
by sinking into the Intelligent Stillness
which permeates all being.
Feel the resonance there,
and listen for the intuitive guidance.

You may get an answer,
or you may discern the question
is irrelevant or miss-timed.

Either way,
the highest order
you are ready to receive
will be delivered.