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October 25
Vital Observation

The more you understand
how your conditioned mind works,
the less you will believe it,
or act from it,
or react to it,
and the more you will value
your Essence, your Self,
and find clarity emerging
where there used to be fog.

It’s worth prioritizing observing your mind.
It can be subtle,
but the patterns reveal themselves
with daily, sustained observation.

Enjoy the study.
Liberation awaits!

October 24
Setting Boundaries

When setting boundaries,
set them for yourself,
not for others.

You are not trying to control
others’ behaviors.
That’s not possible.
You are reminding yourself
what you will and will not allow
into your experience.

For example,
if you don’t want to be around
someone who screams at you,
you can’t stop them from screaming.
You can just choose to love them
to not interact with them
if they choose to scream at you.

Your boundaries remind you
of what is essential for you.

October 23
You are here

to prioritize
and to release

October 22
There are times

when clarifying and deepening your intention
is a vital strategy.

There are other times
when yielding everything to the Transcendent
is a vital strategy.

Knowing when to do each
is wisdom.

Doing each
is love. 

October 21
Reconsidering Hate

When you fill yourself
with hatred toward anyone
or anything,
you are unconsciously hating
everyone and everything,
including yourself and God.

May not be worth it.

October 20
No Story Needed

Another person’s resentment
never impacts you.

What impacts you
is the story you create
about their resentment.

If you can see
that their resentment
is them at their best in this moment,
then you can let it go.
No story needed.

Everyone is always at their best.
This is how Creation rolls.

October 19
Being With

Presence is found by
being with
whatever arises.

Notice how much your mind resists
being with
the moment, unless it is peaceful.

It tries to interpret what arises
to accept it, or get rid of it.
This is your conditioned mind interfering
by trying to control your life.

being with
whatever arises,
you open to the Ground of Being,
and experience yourself as Presence.

You are not what arises.
You are Presence
being with
whatever arises.

October 18
One Government

The same unerring Intelligence
that pervades and governs empty space,
pervades and governs the space
that you think
your body is taking up.

The same unerring Being
that pervades and governs empty space,
pervades and governs the space
that you think
your body is taking up.

It governs Itself,
which includes all of you.
Your mind is not in charge.

October 17
The Most Common Question

How can you tell
the difference between
when the Divine
or your conditioned mind
is guiding you?

The faculty to discern the difference
is built into you.
It can help to develop it.

Pay less attention
to getting lost
in the content of your life,
and more attention
to witnessing the content.

By dwelling in awareness
you will start to notice
your unique resonance
in your heart and gut
that is distinct to Grace.

You will also notice
your conditioned mind’s vibration
which in comparison will feel dissonant
and a little out of tune.

When lost in the content of our lives
we are oblivious to the differences.

If this is important to you at this point,
commit to working on it.
If it’s not important,
you’ll still be fine.
You are just choosing
the longer route home.

October 16
Yesterday when driving

started to land on my windshield.

Before my intermittent wipers came on
they each landed and stayed there,
thousands of them.
Then the wiper went and paused,
and a thousand more landed.

Grace shared:
“My order for every, single, raindrop,
is what you are witnessing.
There are no exceptions.
I am caring for you, and all,
within this same, perfect order.”

That felt so good.

October 15
One Job

When you meet
that which your mind
says is challenging
with Presence,
your job is done.

What happens from there
is Grace in action,
no matter the outcome.

You can trust that Grace
knows more than
your conditioned, story-laden mind.

October 14
Being Home

Nothing you have done
has made your life worse.
No need to regret the past.

You can’t screw up your life.
No need to worry about the future.

Both these states of thinking
are based in a false belief
that the one Universe did not or will not
optimize Itself, including you.

Being unfolds in magnificent order,
beyond what our minds can possibly comprehend.
You can’t be outside this order.

Welcome home.

October 13
The Vital Call

What do you do to ground yourself
so that you do not get swept away
by the stories in your mind
and the corresponding feelings?

The response to this will be different
for each of us,
but the call to be grounded
is urgent and vital for all.

October 12
Grounded Knowing

As my mind runs ahead
and my heart runs to the past,
my soul just smiles in stillness
like a seasoned parent
watching the kids learn.

October 11
One Heart

There appears to be one Intelligence
which governs the universe
which we call Nature.

Perhaps this one infinite Mind
is our Mind.

It seems to me,
that it would not be a stretch to say
there is one Love
which governs the universe.

Perhaps this one infinite Heart
is our Heart.

What if we lived from this premise?
Could you tap into loving
in the way this divine Heart loves:
loving everyone and everything
without any conditions?
Could be worth a try.

October 10
Cultivating Space Within

There is a still space built within each of us
that is so expansive
that it can tenderly hold
whatever you are going through.

Can you abide in this heart space each day
such that no matter what you have
done, said, thought, or felt,
your worth does not fluctuate?

Giving yourself
unconditional respect and love each day
could be the most powerful investment
you could ever make.

It’s the only way you will be able
to offer this to those you care most about.

This is really, really important.
I promise.

October 9
Not Knowing Who I Am

I used to think I know who I am.

Now I’ve grown to see
that that was my spiritualized ego,
convinced that I was a spiritual concept.
This became a comforting attachment
for my mind.

At this point I now see
that by not knowing who I am
it keeps me relying on the Unknown Now
for my confidence and well-being.

This oneness feels deeply honest and true
in my gut.

October 8
Useless Suffering

There is no basis
in a non-dual Universe
to look back
with self-condemnation.

You are condemning the Universe
for not doing a better job.

This is not a worthwhile investment.
The only effect it has is to lead you
down a rabbit hole of useless suffering.

October 7

As soon as you begin to feel
personally responsible for anything,
you’ve picked up a weight
that is not yours to lift.

You get to carry strain and stress,
or drop it
and realize that
you are not the Source of anything.

Non-doing does not mean not doing.
It means doing unfolds and flows
from a focus on Being.

October 6

There is a tendency
for the conditioned mind
to justify what happened
by back-filling:
showing how past events
made what occurred right and good,
or wrong and bad.

This is the ego
trying to make itself feel good.
No need to waste any time there,

What occurred is the way
the Universe expanded
(or Grace unfolded).
It doesn’t need
your mind’s justification
or opinions.

And you don’t need them either.

October 5

See if you
can let go
of trying
to control
for five seconds.

This doesn’t mean
you try to have a still mind.
That would be control.

It means
you simply allow
whatever is present
to be present
and move as it moves,
and you just be,
and experience it.

I like to take
these little
throughout my day.

It reminds me
how yummy
just being is.

October 4
An Option

Many people feel misunderstood
throughout their life.

They often make this mean
that they have greatly diminished value
as a person.
This is a very heavy weight.

When you give them
your full listening attention
and try to understand them
and their feelings
without trying to change them,
their weight may start to lighten.

This is not your responsibility.
But it is your option.  

October 3
A really good listener

is as rare
as a four-leaf clover.

A really good listener
is sincere, empathic, curious,
warm, perceptive, authentic,
self-aware, non-judgmental,
grounded, humble, and unselfed.

This is why they are so rare.

October 2
Stare into these eyes
(Monkey picture)

long enough to see and feel yourself
looking back at you.

We really are one.

October 1
Being Present

Learning to feel your feelings
instead of think your feelings
involves feeling what is occurring
without instantly repressing them
or making them mean something.

Just be with your feelings
when they appear, linger, and move through.

Being present to your life
instead of trying to control
and manipulate it into a successful project
might let Grace have Her way with you.

Imagine that.

September 30
Serious Progress

If you are seriously interested
in living life at a new, deeper level,
you won’t likely get there
by keeping the same paradigms  
and doing the same practices
that brought you to this level.

There’s only one thing
holding you back.
Your mind’s view of you
and what is possible.

You need to devote to
trading in these views
and radically relying on the Unknown
as it recreates you
through It’s design.

September 29
Life is Optimized

Believing there was a time
when you should have known or done better,
is like believing
there was a time when Nature
stopped being Nature
and should have acted differently.

Believing either is ludicrous.

September 28
Listening from Truth

From a non-dual awareness
of the Oneness of all Being,
any belief in something
other than wholeness
is healed as soon as it
touches this Consciousness.

Try listening to another
from this Truth-based perspective.

September 27
Ego Transcendence

As you awaken from the egoic dream
of believing in two or more beings,
clarity dawns.

Your ability to support
another’s transformation
is in direct proportion
to your devotion
to transcending your own ego.

September 26
Cherishing Oneself

If you are consciously
hiding from yourself,
what are you afraid might happen
if you stopped
and took an honest look in the mirror?

Can you love what you see
no matter what you have done
or not done?

Can you find and cherish the you
who is not identified
with what you have done?

September 25
Working With the Ego

It’s not a concern
that the ego is running all the time,
as long as you are not letting it
run you all the time.

What if you made friends
with your ego
instead of battling it?

Perhaps you could offer it
unconditional love
vs. conditional hatred.

Which would you like to embody?

September 24
Shall We Reconsider?

Somehow we think
that if we hold on
to our storied grip on the past,
it will benefit us more
than if we open to, receive and feel
what Grace is giving us
each moment.

The logic escapes me.

September 23
Feels Like Coming Home

I can’t know
how you will respond
when I share authentically
from my heart.

But I can know
I have no longer withheld my truth
so that you will like me.

This lesson has been decades
in the making.

September 22

are your best friends.

They are a gift
to help you loosen
your conviction
that you are in control
and that you know
something for certain.

They are intended
to launch you into
reliance on your soul
instead of your conditioned mind.

September 21

is Grace’s gift to us.

The receiving of it
is our gift to others.

September 20
Trusting the Silence and Stillness

The same ceaseless Intelligence
that changes the ocean tide,
knowing when enough is enough,
governs every aspect of your Being,
showing you when enough is enough.

All in perfect silence and stillness.

September 19
Close, Closer, One

What if the air you breathe in
is how close God is?

What if the air you breathe in
is God?

What if the air you breathe in
is pure energy
and God is the only energy?

What if you are a way
God is breathing,
a way God is Being?

What if you
can’t be,
other than
a way God is Being?