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August 11
Heart and Soul Intelligence

Genuinely accessing
the intelligence of the heart and soul
has the effect of balancing
the mind’s tendency
to want to control, govern,
and comment on
every aspect of your life,
including those close to you.

It softens your demeanor
while bringing more clarity.

It can transform your relationships
bringing a new depth and intimacy
where there used to be routine activity.

It adds a compassionate awareness
that embraces every situation
as an invitation to Oneness.

August 10
Your View of Reality is Essential

If you feel justified in judging another,
that they could have
or should have done better,
then you have a view
of universal Reality as incomplete,
as not optimizing Herself in every moment.

That is like believing there are gaps
in the Universe that are void
of the Intelligence that we call Nature:
or, that Grace creates reality perfectly,
but does not maintain it.

If you hold
this incomplete view of the Universe,
then every single person
(including yourself) is a sitting duck:
waiting targets for your judgment.

This conditional love
makes it extremely difficult to trust you
and feel safe around you.
If we don’t act as you deem appropriate,
you may write us off.

You also may find
that your self worth fluctuates dramatically,
which makes it extremely difficult
for you to make progress
in that which is most important to you.

All of this has its genesis
in your dualistic view of Reality.

August 9

We are always being guided,
but we may not always
be listening.

What if humbly listening
for guidance from Grace,
and acting on what you hear
became your number one priority?

This direct route
can reveal why
you chose to be here,
so you can live
in fulfillment of this purpose.

August 8

is the impenetrable substance
of your Being.
It is not a temporal quality
that can be disturbed.
It exists in and as you,
independent of commotion.

There is a common belief
that we have to struggle
to find Stillness.
That’s like saying
that the more noise you make
the more you will experience silence.

Let your awareness rest in this moment,
without any efforting,
and you will experience Stillness. 

Stillness is the ground of Being
from which everything arises,
and to which everything returns.

Stillness is the harmonics of Grace.

August 7
Being Awake

You have within you
an awakeness
that doesn’t need to look forward
to anything.

It is awake to Being, in this moment.

It doesn’t get lost
in dramatic memories of an unfair past,
so it creates no stories.

It is awake to Being, in this moment.

It has no “what ifs” to be concerned with
so it has no worries.

Be awake to Being,
and experience your liberated Self.

August 6
An Approach to Transformation

You can’t out think your conditioned mind,
or get it to stop.

What you can do, is nothing.
You can consciously do nothing
to try to change the thought or feeling.

In that moment,
a sense of Being gently emerges,
which at first feels strange, or different,
given the pattern you have been dwelling in.

As you stay in the space
of not trying to alter
that which is occurring,
the conditioned mind loses its audience,
and becomes less of a distraction to you.

Through this process,
Being gradually becomes
your new default,
because you are no longer identifying
with resisting something.

August 5
How Do You Define Yourself?

Right beside any emotion
or sensation which arises
is awareness,
which remains forever
untouched and unchanged
by fluctuating energy in any form.

If you think you are
your body or your emotions,
your ride may be very inconsistent,
and your self-concept insecure.

Knowing and feeling that you
are pure awareness,
or the way the Divine
is aware of Her creation,
makes for a non-judgmental ride
filled with moments of deep clarity
and a grounded and secure
sense of Self.

August 4
The Ripple Effect

When you notice that something
is not as you hoped and expected,

is it more important to you
to willfully get your way,
or to gracefully inquire
if something could be changed?

Think about the ripple effect
you send out into:
the other person’s life,
the neighborhood in which they live,
their country,
our planet,
our solar system,
the millions of earth-size planets
revolving around stars like our sun
just in our galaxy,
the hundreds of billions of other galaxies….

Your actions matter this much.
Please choose the way of grace.

August 3
There is a deeper reason

we are here
than to check things off
our To Do list.
See if you can
cultivate and contemplate this daily.
There is no more vital activity.

Let it nourish you
as you feel into it,
letting your doing
be informed and permeated by
your Being.

August 2
A Short Dialogue with Grace

Dear Grace,
Please help me see
where I am blocking
a deeper connection
to You and your creation.

Dear Sandy,
Look at that which you fear.
Open to why you fear it.
Look at that which you love.
Open to why you love it.
This is enough right now.
Walk with Me
as I illustrate these revealing paths.

August 1
Heart and Soul

Deep within the fabric
of our heart and soul
there is a natural desire to serve.

It’s like we are built
to be in relationship
and to make a difference
in the lives of others.

Put another way:
the Divine uses our heart and soul
to help us stay deeply connected
to Her and Her creation.

How can you more humbly
cultivate your relationship
with your heart and soul?

July 31
Your decisions

are not yours to make.
They are yours
to listen into and receive.

As we practice this
with our little
seemingly insignificant choices,
it will naturally flow into
that which feels really important.

Egos like to feel in control,
as if they are running your life.
They are not.

The Universe is self-sustaining
so our opportunity
is to open to and receive guidance
and take inspired action.

July 30
Just One

when I stick my toe
into the Infinite Ocean of Oneness
I get the feeling
of how there can be no other.

Since there is just One,
we are It.

Very grateful.

July 29
Partnering with Grace

If you are feeling overwhelmed
and under constant stress,
you may be exhausting
your personal capacities.

This can either be depressing or exciting.

What if you saw it as a wake-up call
to partner with Grace?

There is nothing
you ever need to do alone.

Consciously co-operating with Grace
opens you up
to expanded capacities, insights,
and an order for your activities and life
that fulfill your purpose
for being here this time.

July 28
Grace’s Invitation

There is a power
and resonance
in the Stillness
and Silence
that invites
a quiet mind
and an open heart
to hear it.

Let’s RSVP
in the affirmative
each day.

July 27
How about this?

Let’s see and feel each person
without the slightest twinge
that they should know better.

At the same time,
let’s know that Grace
is holding an open door
for each of us to step through
into Her will and order for us.

To hold these side-by-side
allows us to:
not fight against what is,
love without conditions,
live without judgments, and
follow Holy Will in our own life.

This may just be enough.

July 26
Once Upon a Time I was a Victim

When you feel like you are a victim
it is because you have created
and are believing a story
about what has happened to you.

Whatever has occurred is a human fact.
It is value-neutral. It is what has occurred.
It is not until your conditioned mind
creates a story about what has occurred
that your suffering begins.

In this narrative,
you play a lead role.

The story you tell yourself is that
your well-being is helpless
and is taken over by another.

The story you tell yourself is that
you are a marionette,
and that someone has full control
over how you feel:
your happiness, peace and joy.

Stories are never true.
They are imagined worst-case scenarios.
They always lead to suffering.

Stories stick when you have forgotten
the truth of your identity
and the overarching Oneness of all Being.

stories only exist to remind you
to come back to Truth,
to Reality, to your innate
and impregnable freedom.

July 25
Living on Purpose

What is the greatest difference
you could make
in the lives of those
you care the most about?

Once you are clear on this:
What would it take to live
with this as the top priority
in your life?

These are vital questions
to continually revisit,
deepen, and live into.

July 24
Embracing the Unknown

There are parts of consciousness
that are terrified of uncertainty.
These are not your “higher angels.”
These conditioned parts
are focused on control
and trying to keep you locked
into a very limited mindset.
They inhibit growth.

You also have a soul
which embraces the Unknown.
It helps your experience reflect
the perfectly choreographed
order of the Universe. 
It maximizes your blessings
and optimizes your growth.

You get to choose
whether you listen to and follow
petrified parts
or your salubrious soul.


July 23

It is not possible
to grow and stay the same.

Growth involves:
trusting and embracing the Unknown,
leaving the womb,
dying into a new form,                                                                                                                      acceptance and appreciation of change.

Which is more important to you,
growth or staying  the same?
Which will help you live
a deeply fulfilling life?

July 22
In This You Can Trust

The Divine
never loses sight of Her creation.
So, you are never without
Her evolving, unerring guidance.
(Pause, breathe that in.)

Each step you take is Hers:
it is that which She is revealing to you.
You are never taking a step alone.
(Deep breath again.
Feel it all the way down.)

you can stand, and face, and accept
whatever is happening,
because all experiences are offered
for your growth and benefit.

In this you can trust.
She would have it no other way.
Connection to Source
is the Law of the Universe.

July 21
Taking Inspired Action

To awaken from your personality patterns
you need to be willing to act out!

Acting out in this sense
is the willingness
to break out of the normal way
of even well-intentioned thinking and acting
and listen for and take
inspired action.

When caught in your conditioned web
you are sleep walking
and talking in your sleep.

While in this dream state
existence feels real,
but it is vague and lethargic,
and happening only in one place:
in your mind.

You are needed to radically wake up,
by not getting lulled into a false peace
by listening to your mind’s stories.

You are needed on fire:
to be so lit up by Truth
that you take inspired, guided action!



July 20
Moments of Clarity

Each of us is gifted
with the ability to receive
moments of Clarity.

How frequently they appear
may be in proportion
to our desire to receive them,
and our corresponding actions
to make room for them to land.

A cluttered mind
does not often create
a space for the awareness of Stillness.

A worried heart
does not often create
a space for deep Connection.

A hyper-active body
does not often create
a space for embodying Presence.

As we recognize and release
our distracting clutter,
our insecure anxiety,
and our frantic activity,
a manger is revealed
wherever we are,
for graceful moments of Clarity
to cleanse our day
and transform our world.
Later is too late.

July 19
The Healing Power of Intimacy

When you move
from needing something to be different
in order to feel you are okay
to being completely open to
and intimate with
whatever is present,
you move into a space where
the dualistic conditioned mind
is no longer calling the shots.

In those moments
you are completely free
because there are no opposing forces.

This is a taste of non-dual Reality
where the Divine witnesses Herself
through your awareness.
In these moments of pure grace
you experience yourself
as the flow of Presence.

This never leaves you
where and as it found you.

July 18
Celebrate Your Being

Our natural state is one of celebration,
but our minds may be
so locked into the future or past
that we miss the gift of the moment.

You can tell when you open
to your Being
because your joy is not dependent
on anything or anyone.
It is not situational.

See if you can open
to your natural state of Being
each day,
by breathing in and feeling “I”
and breathing out and feeling “am.”

It is enough to just be:
to feel and celebrate your being.

July 17
Witnessing Transformation

The only thing
that will never leave you
is your Being.

All form
(thoughts, feelings, sensations, matter)
will come and change and go.
This is by Divine design.

How can you or do you
consciously companion
with your Being?

How willing are you
to let your forms evolve?

Our educational opportunity
in the human realm
is to abide with Being
while witnessing trans-form-ation.

July 16
Trusting the Bigger Picture

The more trust you have
that the Cosmos
is evolving and optimizing Herself
through Her infinite creation,
which can’t exclude you or anyone,
the less you will be mesmerized
by immediate challenging circumstances.

There is always a bigger picture
that can help you expand your horizon
and not feel so caught
in your micro world-view.

Your Soul is always ready
to give you this picture
and usher you along
on Her path home.

July 15
Devotion and Attachment

To what are you most devoted?
To what are you most attached?

Discerning the difference
between the two is key.

Attachment leads to prisoning addictions.
Devotion can lead to liberation.

Attachment tries to manipulate the known.
Devotion can trust and surf the Unknown.

Attachment strangles what it loves
to keep it close.
Devotion can free what it loves
to fly.

If you choose devotion
to replace your attachments
you can help us all
be ushered into
a Field of Grace.

July 14
Lasting Fulfillment

What ways of being and doing
bring you the deepest,
most lasting fulfillment?

When you can answer this question
and devote to expressing
these qualities and characteristics,
your life will be filled
with fewer detours
and more peace.

July 13
The Issue

It is the identification
with the content
in the conditioned mind,
not the content itself,
that is the issue.

July 12
Progress for All

What is progress to me
is not necessarily progress to another.

We can’t afford to let another’s resistance
to our progress inhibit our inspired action.

We each need to follow our inner Light
and allow each other to follow theirs.

There’s room in the Universe
for everyone to progress
without trying to control another.

July 11
Navigating the Unknown

The conditioned mind
tries to stay in control
by holding on to the known.

The more it is forced to deal with
something outside of its influence,
the more reluctant and anxious
it becomes.

Enter Soul.
Your Soul-based faculties
lean into and rely on the unfolding Unknown,
listening for and receiving
guidance each moment.

They are not influenced
by the mind’s fear
because they are the way the Divine
is evolving and experiencing Herself.

While the conditioned mind feels disconnected
the soul feels (and is)
our uninterrupted
communicative connection to Source.


July 10
Intimacy or War?

We are intimate with
whatever enters our experience
by accepting in this moment
that which is present
and moving through.

We are at war with
whatever enters our experience
by denying in this moment
that which is present
and moving through.

War brings unnecessary pain and suffering.

Intimacy brings healing and transformation.

July 9
One Being

Where does God stop
and you begin?

July 8
Don’t Question Your Worth

If any questions you are in
or thoughts you are holding
make you question your worth,
immediately delete the questions and thoughts.

They are dead ends.
They are not worth pondering
or wasting energy with.
They will just needlessly drain you.

Your innate worth is not open for debate
from anyone or within your conditioned mind,
no matter what you have done,
or what you are going through.

Your worth is matchless
because were created
as an indispensable dimension
of creation.

Your worth cannot fluctuate.
It forever shines with glory
as the offspring of Love.

July 7
The Divine Feminine and Masculine

Each of us needs to consciously
honor and cultivate
our divine feminine and masculine
qualities and yearnings.

What may this tangibly mean for you?

Where have you unconsciously
denied or repressed
these natural expressions of Grace?

As you blend these innate characteristics
in your daily walk and communication
you will help correct
the current dramatic imbalance
that exists in human-kind.

Your wholeness is needed, right now.


July 6
Releasing Yourself

When you are willing to look
at anything you have
thought, felt, said, or done,
without any self-judgment,
you will be shame-free
and ready to release yourself
into new forms
of wisdom, beauty, service and grace.

July 5
An Invitation to Non-Duality

In a sense
we never arrive.
In another sense
we are always here
with nowhere to go.

Being holds them both.

There are times
when it is essential
to focus on one
while holding the other
in the background.

Finding these two spaces within
is an invitation to non-duality.

July 4
My Current Unlearning Path

For years, actually decades,
I withheld sharing any negative
or disturbing feelings
because I was afraid
that it would not be safely received
and that someone’s love
might be withheld from me.

The very lonely story I lived in was that
I was there for them,
but they could not possibly be there for me.

But, how could I know this
since I never revealed
how afraid I was
and how desperate I was feeling?

This is no way to live.
So, as scary as it still can be,
because I’m leaping into the unknown,
I am devoted
to letting my authentic heart
guide me, and sharing honestly.

This is my current unlearning path.


July 3
Be True to You First

If you are not willing
to be true to your own heart,
you can’t expect
anyone else to be true to it either,
because they have never seen it.

Stop hiding and protecting yourself
and you may just find
the love you have always wanted
but had always been out of reach.

Its been waiting for you within you.
When it is authentically lived
it can be authentically shared
and your connections will be real.

July 2
This is Love

Seeing and feeling what is true
when those around you
are believing what is false,
not pushing your truth on them.

July 1
Hit-the-street Devotion

What matters most
is not where you are on the path,
but the quality and amount
of humble, hit-the-street devotion
you have toward
addressing your own transformation.

You can’t fake real growth in Grace.

June 30
Partial Perspectives

I believe there is evidence at many levels
that the cosmos is Self-sustaining,
and that this includes what can appear
as destructive forces.

How can there be destructive forces
in a unified, Self-sustaining universe?

Because these forces can’t destroy Essence.
They are examples of
limited views of Reality
changing form to our partial perspectives.

I see this as an invitation to seek out and find
any destructive forces in me
to see if when they are understood and incorporated
they can reinforce the unity of Life.

Perhaps that which we view as destructive,
in the bigger, non-dual picture of living forever,
is constructive.

June 29
The Power of Awareness

See if you can
bring awareness
to any conflict
instead of judgment.

If judgment appears
then just notice this is happening
instead of getting wrapped up
in believing it.

Awareness keeps you clean
and gives you the ability
stay centered and grounded.
This is where you are needed
and will facilitate healing
for you and others.


June 28
Being Completely Available

When you make yourself
completely available
to each moment,
you will not be plagued
by fears of a dark future.
This is where the Divine
has placed you,
and is your only access to Grace.

In this sacred space
thought won’t drift away
so you don’t gets lost
in fantasies, stories or nightmares.

Your default will be
to embody Presence
on your guided learning journey.

June 27
Why We Are Here

Perhaps each of us
is inseparably permeated by Love
such that it is the substance of our Being.

And perhaps that Love would not exist
without us.
And, perhaps the primary reason
we are here in this form
is to open to being
Love in stillness and action.

June 26
Weathering Relationship Storms

When there is a mutual devotion
to humbly unlearning, growing, and loving,
and authentically listening and sharing,
your relationship can weather any storm.

I’m not using the word, “easy.”
But you can trust it is possible.

These qualities can be consciously
cultivated and nurtured.

This is an investment
that will keep growing and blessing.

June 25
Perceptions or Values?

There is a tendency in the human mind
to lock you into your perceptions
even when they conflict with
your deepest and cherished values.

An example is:
justifying judging someone,
while holding the value
of loving without conditions.

Are you open to looking within
to see if you can find
any of these inconsistencies?

They are not serving you.

June 24

There is never a valid reason
to condemn yourself,
or even feel bad about yourself.

If you trace your reasoning
back to its source,
you may find that you are believing
that you should have known or done better.

Since the Universe is always
optimizing Itself,
this must mean that you are too.
There are no exceptions.

That being the case,
it is not possible
that you could have or should have
done better.

Each moment is the best
you can access. 


So, see each moment
as the Universe’s gift to you
to learn and evolve.

June 23
Peace and Stability

If you can’t find
the peace and stability
you seek inside you,
you will look outside.

You may then either become
dependent on others,
or try to control them and the environment
to make them represent
the peace and stability
you can’t find within.

Neither of these work.
And, they damage your relationships.

See if you can practice
looking and feeling inside your heart
and staying there long enough
to focus on the Stillness that lies
beneath all activity.

This peace and stability never leaves you.