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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

July 13

The courageous gift

of following your authentic heart
instead of your conditioned mind,
is that you bring Presence
to every relationship,
inspiring others to live in this healing space.

When you ignore your heart
and live from your conditioning
you send confusing signals
and others have to deal with your messiness.

Cleaning up your act
adds less ego pollution
to the space we all breathe.

Thank you for this inspiring gift.

July 12

Sacredness Within

There is a place in us
that is always open
and waiting to receive.

It is filled with the
activity of stillness,
the melody of silence,
the clarity in not knowing,
the maturity of innocence,
and serious playfulness.

It is that from which
we leaf and bud and blossom.   

It has no borders
other than those
to which your conditioning has instilled,
and to which you are yet to be acquainted.

Enter at your ego’s risk
and your authentic heart’s delight.

July 11

Desiring Clarity and Certainty

I don’t have clarity attached to certainty.
If my clarity is attached,
then it is conditional
and I feel scared by the swells
of our ever uncertain unfolding experience.

Certainty feels like an illusion
that I try to grab onto
to avoid the nature of Reality.

Clarity to me
is abiding in Presence in the moment,
which means I am fully engaged
with what is unfolding,
like an athlete in a game,
or a dancer in a performance.

This type of natural focus
allows us to access
the grace and wisdom
that is unfolding as part of each Moment.

We really only ever have this Moment,
which can’t be rushed.
We can wish it was more certain,
but that is conditioned, wasted energy.
It is dreaming away from the game/dance.
It is withholding the spontaneity of Love. 

I have spent decades
(and likely lifetimes)

in that anxious space.
I’m just now beginning to catch it,
as it is really not working for me anymore.

July 10

Graduation Requirements

You have no idea
why someone does what they do.

There is no basis to judge someone,
other than the need you have
to be right.

And, there is no judgment
for your need to be right.
It is part of the human curriculum
that we all get to work through
before we eventually graduate
from this level of incarnated matriculation.

This issue often gets played out
in pretty much all of our relationships.

So next time that you are bothered
by someone’s choices (on any issue),
it’s time to be still,
look in your Soul’s mirror,
and be grateful for the impersonal lesson.

July 9

Wholehearted Honesty

The path is one of wholehearted honesty:
first with oneself,
and then with others.

If you are afraid of being honest with others,
it may be because
you want what you want,
and you figure
that if you are completely honest
you may not get what you want.

So, you withhold truth,
or spin it to your advantage.

This may feel like a win in the short term
because you get what you want,
but it leaves you feeling
hollow and disingenuous
and severs the intimacy in the relationship.

Is your willfulness worth
the withholding of love in a relationship?

Honesty can be messy
if your authentic truth is not what they want to hear
because it may disturb their world view.
But, you are not responsible
for what they do with your honesty.

You have to live with you 24/7.
Wholehearted, unconditional honesty
with yourself is the most direct path
to losing your egoic and conditioned mind
and finding your authentic heart and soul.

July 8

Immeasurable Grace

To believe we know
the limits of  
what is going on
within the depths
of individualized consciousness
in any form of life
is a degrading misperception
of the glorious magnificence
of Reality.

July 7

The Place of Spirituality

I used to think that all will be well
when I reach a specific state of consciousness
and then I’ll be on top of things:
no more suffering, or at least
I would have the key to stop the suffering quickly.

This feels like using spirituality as a drug:
turning to it when I need
a harmony fix.

While desiring to not suffer is natural,
spirituality feels like it is much bigger
than a ticket to solving problems.

It feels more like an invitation
to live in non-stop discovery
through unlearning what we are not,
and in finding the part of oneself that is whole,
without needing conditions to change.

July 6

“Perfect. Thank you.”

Do you ever feel like:

  • no matter how much you do it isn’t enough?
  • the To Do List has a life of its own?
  • you will never catch up…ever?
  • rest is not a viable option?

I took this to Grace today and here’s what I heard:

“You have left the present, yet again.
You are focusing on what is undone
because it hasn’t happened yet. Why?
100% of tomorrow is undone.
100% of this and every Moment is done
and is enough.

“Try celebrating with Me this and every moment:

  • You wake up at night… “Perfect. Thank you.”
  • Your alarm goes off… “Perfect. Thank you.”
  • You remembered to send an email… “Perfect. Thank you.”
  • Someone comes to mind… “Perfect. Thank you.”
  • The light turns to yellow and red… “Perfect. Thank you.”

“Listen for what I want to reveal to you,
which may or may not include an action.
You get to dwell in constant
openness, awareness, listening and responding.
There is never a need for worry, anxiousness or fear.
Nothing is left undone in this Moment of Life.”

Perfect. Thank you.

July 5

Hit-the-street Spirituality

Sometimes our conditioned mind
sabotages our deepest spiritual intentions
by convincing us that it is enough
to rehearse deep spiritual truths
in our mind.

Would you agree
that this (and every) Moment
can be explored and experienced
in ever-deepening fields of consciousness?

If so, how do you explore these fields
such that they are embodied and experienced?

It is not enough to believe in and ponder them.
They need to be breathed and lived into.

Hit-the-street spirituality
lived as judgment-free compassion
and wisdom-guided actions
can help us meet desperate needs
on the planet right now.

July 4

Life Melts Us Into Herself

Sometimes we are met with a quality
that melts us with such beautiful simplicity
that we feel merged with Grace.

It could be:

  • a smile that radiates through one’s eyes
    from a soul at home with itself
  • the way the light glances through trees
    and enlightens a bright green, fractaling fern
  • the adorable spunk and sparkle of a toddler’s
    unexpected retort
  • an idea shared with such pristine clarity
    that it nestles in to meet a need
    you didn’t know you had
  • an authentic conviction that wholehearted living
    is the only viable option
  • the spaciousness that arises from holding
    the asanas in such a way that your fascia sighs
    with a sweet thank you
  • the embracing softness in the awareness
    that this and each moment is enough
  • the whole-souled, agenda free,
    Love-choreographed listening of a fellow heart
  • breathing in a feeling without needing it to be different
  • the heart-set that refuses to judge you
    no matter what you have done

These immense gifts from this tiny incarnation of Life
are a short sampling
of that which awaits us throughout eternity.

July 3

A Special Message

A hummingbird
just buzzed by my head
so close that I heard its wings
before I saw it stop
at a nearby hanging plant.

It comes to me to ask her:
“Why did you appear to me right now?
Do you have a message for me?”
As I listen, here’s what I hear:

“We share the same Life,
and many of the same capacities.

“I am modeling for you
what the movement of communication
is like on the astral plan
where we are bodiless.
You think it,
and the message is sent and received.

“As you tap into deeper levels of awareness,
you can experience instantaneous communication
here and now with anyone,
regardless of their form,
and with any aspect of nature,
regardless of its form.

“You can see this in a flock of birds
or a school of fish.
The only thing hindering you,
is your conditioned belief
that this is not possible.

Open to deep Stillness,
and let it reveal itself to you.”

(I’m so glad I asked.)

July 2

What matters most

is that which lasts forever.

Identity and relationships.

You will always be you,
and you will always be in relationship.

You have watched the form
of both of these change,
and they will continue to
be reborn throughout eternity.

What if first and foremost
in all our work with ourselves,
we were to embrace and acknowledge
the value of our unique essence?

And, what if first and foremost
in all our dealings with each other,
we were to embrace and acknowledge
the value of their unique essence?

Imagine if that was the foundation
from which we lived
day by day by day,
without excuses.

With these as our top priorities
we couldn’t help but work together
in transformational compassion,
humility, and forgiveness.

July 1

Living Beyond Belief

There is a dimension of openness
that transcends the conditioned mind.

It is not one in which
you are open to any new idea
as long as it confirms
your existing beliefs.

This insular practice
will often site quotes
in order to reinforce
the “rightness” of its position.

It looks to find security
in the known.

The opportunity is to
open to the sacred space
beyond beliefs,
and discover what it’s like
to live there.

Perhaps there is more to Life
than viewing it through the peep hole
through which we have
become accustomed.
An unfathomable Cosmos of Glory awaits.

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Would you like to receive an original, inspiring insight in your email each day? For over nine years we have been writing and posting these insights on Facebook and Instagram, and you can receive the same insight directly in your email. This is a free service.

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