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Here are the most current Unlearning Insights:

September 22

Unconscious Pushing

When we feel personally responsible
for making something happen,
we often start pushing.
When we push,
the fear arises that
if we fail
then we are a failure.


If we believe that fear
then we push even harder
to try to control our environment
to get the results we want.
This usually means we try to
control the people in our environment.


This does not go over well.

People don’t respond positively
to someone treating them
like objects or mere resources.


This pushing does not help us
get what we want,
so we get even more anxious about outcomes.
We start to pressure people
through threats, anger, resentment,
withdrawal, and a host of other
ugly emotional reactions.
(Can you find it?)


If all this pushing is unconscious,
which it usually is,
our well-intended efforts
starts to destroy our relationships,
and self-esteem.


How did this start?
By believing
that we are personally responsible.


A daily investment to unlearn that lie,
and open to how Presence lives us
can pay salubrious returns.



September 21

How It Isn’t

The mind that believes
that the Cosmos
works against itself
is stuck in partiality and duplicity.

The Cosmos must be self-sustaining,
since there is only
one infinite, forever-unfolding creation.

When you are presented
with a picture of two sides
in apparent opposition,
quickly remind yourself:
“This is how it isn’t.”



September 20

Leave No Trace

When you are in a situation
that you find unacceptable,
instead of denying it,
pause, open to it,
and breathe into it.


Denial makes you dwell in
a fantasy-based place in your mind,
away from this Moment.


Denial pushes the experience
into your unconscious
which means you will be carrying it with you,
and be revisiting it later
when it inevitably arises.


Go through the experience fully now,
so that it leaves no trace
in your consciousness.


What you clean up now,
you won’t need to clean up later.



September 19

No Form is Forever

Next time you are presented
with a situation
that you wish would leave or remain,
see if you can instantly accept
that this is your current perception
of ever-changing reality.


It is not forever reality.


This is your experience
of how the one, infinite,
self-sustaining Moment
is occurring.


Experience is never permanent.
It is the movement of Consciousness:
your current perception
of how form is evolving.


No form is forever:
whether the form is
physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.


Be the awareness which witnesses
continuous trans-form-ation,
instead of that which attaches to it
needing to be a certain way.



September 18

The Divine Feminine

Mankind is in desperate need
of a course correction.


Our rate of greed-based,
self-destructive tendencies
are multiplying exponentially.


The Divine Feminine
appears on the planet
in direct proportion
to how much
every female and male
is governed by their
authentic hearts and souls
instead of their
lack-based conditioned minds.


We can bring ourselves, our relationships
and our earth
back into balance,
but at this point it will require
that every awake soul
radically depart from
competitive exploitation and
adopt cooperative, authentic
dialogue and action.


It can start with you and I
humbly and consciously nurturing
the Divine Feminine,
through expressing
deep compassion,
unconditioned love,
absolute vulnerability,
and rectitude.


It is not too late.
Hesitation is not an option.



September 17


If you are waiting
for someone to initiate
what you want in life,
you may be waiting forever.


If you want to experience
more tenderness,
be more tender.


If you want to experience
more authenticity,
be more authentic.


If you want to experience
unconditional acceptance,
make it your business
to unconditionally accept
yourself and others.


You will never fully experience
that which you do not fully imbibe.


You are not on the planet
to wait for someone else
to give you
what your heart desires.



September 16

Allowing Relationships to Evolve

We are forever in relationship
with all beings in Life.


There is no such thing
as a wrong relationship.


There may be relationships
that have outgrown
their previous forms,
because forms are created to change,
or transform.


The important question is not,
should I love this person?


It is,
what form
should my affection take?


Withholding love
is never a viable solution.



September 15

What You Can Do

Do you have a struggling friend?

You will never know
exactly what makes them tick.

You will never know
why they keep making the same mistakes.


You don’t need to know these things
in order to be
a blessing in their life.


What you can do
is see their soul’s
uninterrupted connection
to Love’s affection and guidance.

What you can do
is pull in beside them
and listen,
no matter what
they are going through.


What you can know
is that they are always
doing their best,
and that if they knew
how to do better
and could find it within them to do it,
they would.


This is enough.



September 14

My best guess

is that you are you
throughout eternity.


You won’t know
when you began,
or if you have always been,
and it doesn’t matter.

You won’t know
if you will ever have an ending,
or if you will always be,
and it doesn’t matter.


The reason they don’t matter
is because wondering about
either one of them
takes you away from
the one thing that does matter:
being fully present
here, now.


As you let yourself be
the way this Moment
is unfolding,
the transitory
form and sense of yourself
is released and evolves.


What remains
is you being you,
now and throughout eternity.


That’s my best guess.



September 13

To Anyone Communicating

When you write or speak,
each person reads or hears,
from their unique perspective,
as eternal travelers in the cosmos.


They will take in
what they are ready to imbibe.
No more. No less.


To need it to be different,
or to wish that everyone
would get exactly what you meant,
is to miss the point.


Enjoy releasing your ideas
the moment they are expressed.


Each of us
gets to dance
to the music that
lights up our soul.



September 12

When you know

 that regardless of
whatever kind of chaos
you experience,
you are an indestructible aspect
of one infinite, self-sustaining Being,
your gratitude knows
no boundaries.



September 11


The belief
that everything
in your world
depends on you,
is one that has lost sight
of the tangible activity
of divine Presence.
In this space
we feel isolated,
and lonely.


This is not a sustainable model.



September 10

Friendship Vows

I commit
to loving you
in our eternal friendship
by not needing
you to be different,
by making
no demands on you
that you fulfill my desires,
and by making any decisions
about our friendship
by yielding
to the divine will.


You can give these vows
to any friendship.
(I don’t think they will mind.)



September 9

Your Dawn Blessing

See how quickly
upon awakening
each morning
you can offer
a “thank You”
to That Which
gives you the privilege
of representing Itself
to all being.


September 8

There is No Going Back

At some point,
often when you are fed up
with how stale your life is
as you repeat the same
flagrant patterns,
you pause,
and breathe,
and reflect,
and listen.


But this time it is different.


You feel your authentic heart
beginning to emerge,
and you can’t stop it.


Your deepest yearning
is manifesting
like a flower bulb
breaking the surface.


It gently eclipses

your over-reactive emotions
and crusty, conditioned logic.


You gain an intuitive capacity
that appears whenever you need it,
surprising you
with its sweet, natural wisdom.


This is your soul,
radiating through every pore.


You look out
through renewed eyes,
and see, finally,
how precious this Life really is.


As your rebirth takes form,
there is no going back.
You can simply
let it all go.



September 7

Begin with Yourself

When tempted to blame
someone for your woes,
it’s always healthier
to battle with your ego
then someone else’s.


Clean up your act first,
then take a fresh look,
if you are still so inclined,
at anyone else.


Those with whom you interact
will appreciate the fresh air,
versus the constricted fumes
of a burning ego.



September 6

Drifting from Transformation

If you are not aware that you have drifted
from your devotion to transformation,
that is one thing.
It is called ignorance.


In that case,
when you eventually do notice the slide,
hop right back into
your spiritual practices.


If you are consciously drifting
from facing transformation,
that is another thing.
It is still based in ignorance,
but it has a layer of
indolence or sloth on top of it.
This one should cause you more discomfort.
If it doesn’t then you are really sleepwalking.


To wake up from this one
see if you can realize the damage you are doing.
You are actually dulling your ability:
to love unconditionally,
to have clarity,
and to authentically be there for people.
You are showing up as
waterlogged wood.
(No divine spark.)



September 5

Wake Up Call

The conditioned mind
has a love affair
with security and control.


If you notice yourself
feeling anxious and depressed
about the future,
then you are afraid
you will not be in control.


That is accurate.
You will not be in control.


This one infinite Moment
that is your Life and all Life
knows what it is being.


It is being you,
and all.


If that’s not enough,
then you are dreaming.


Let this poem be your alarm clock.



September 4

No Gaps


See if you can let
your view of Life
be big enough
to fully enjoy each moment here,
realize that when you cross over
to what is next,
you will fully enjoy each moment there.


Would Love leave you without
deep joy?


There will be no gaps.




September 3

Fulfillment Now

Do you wander endlessly
in search of fulfillment?

Do you find yourself
going through the motions
at home or work?


identify the specific qualities
which bring you the deepest contentment,
then cultivate and express them
with everyone and in every activity.


There is no reason to wait for fulfillment.


It is available within you.



September 2

Freeing Ourselves


So much of our daily behavior
is unconsciously
driven by countless repressions
from countless years.


As we, in deep humility,
let the unconscious become conscious,
we free ourselves
from being a slave to our past.
What arises either comes to pass,
or comes to stay.


In the light of awareness,
the conditioned, ethereal personality

pops like bubbles.
Your eternal identity,
appears like the rising sun,
adorning your experience
in grace-beams of Light.



September 1

Compassion Without Attachment

There can be a fine line between
expressing compassion
and getting into someone’s business.


Getting in their business can have a subtle sense
that you think you know what is best for them.

You start to worry about them,
thinking that this is caring.


Worrying is not helpful.
It is identifying them
as a frail mortal who is unable
to have dominion.
You feel so attached their issues
that your emotions feel magnetized to them.


Compassion has an unflinching feeling and knowing:

  • That no matter what they are going through,
    they are whole and complete, 
  • That their intact soul is their unbroken link
    to divine guidance, 
  • That they can hear and respond to their Inner Teacher, 
  • That there is a Bigger Picture beyond what they
    are experiencing that is leading them forward, 
  • That your heart yearns for them because
    you know how hard it is when we are struggling,

That seeing and loving them in this way
is a far greater gift than any form
of getting in their business.


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