Coaching with Sandy Wilder

Transpersonal Integrative Coaching

  • Would you appreciate a compassionate and authentic, listening heart and soul to help you explore and integrate your issues, challenges, and ideas?
  • Would you like to be listened to in a completely safe environment in which you are seen in your innate wholeness?
  • Would you like to delve into and incorporate new concepts and spiritual practices that can help you access your unlimited potential?
  • It may be that you want some help getting unstuck, or that you want to discover new views together of what is possible for you in your life.

You can email Sandy at if you have questions or would like a free 30-minute conference to get to know each other and to see if this work is right for you.

After our introductory meeting, if you are looking to make tangible progress in what is most important to you, you may want to consider our Educare Authentic Coaching Process. Sandy will send you a document explaining this approach and then, if you desire, we will design a series of sessions to help you make progress and be accountable to your stated desires.

Here are some of the Integrative Strategies and Approaches outlined below that we could explore together:

  • Enneagram Exploration
  • Purpose Work
  • Expanded Consciousness Work
  • Spiritual Regressions/Soul Dialogues
  • Three Cycles of Perception
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Grace-driven Career Discovery Process

Sandy always see you from a non-dual perspective, completely whole and at one with all Life. There is nothing you can share with him which will change his view of you. Wholeness and oneness is the only option in Reality.

Integrative Strategies and Approaches

Enneagram Exploration

Working with the Enneagram can help you bring to awareness the impersonal attitudes and behaviors that are causing stress in your life. Once seen, it is less likely you will choose to act them out. It is a dynamic game-changing doorway to freedom through unlearning what you are not.

The Enneagram is a system illustrating how divine Presence embraces us here and now. It shows nine unique ways that you may express that shining Presence, when you are in your zone.

It also illustrates the corresponding ways that you may show up when you are having an off day. It brings increased awareness to the egoic personality patterns so as to facilitate unlearning.

Everything in the physical universe is form, changing shape. When you haven’t found the formless, you get addicted to form and format. Your Enneagram type is your fixation on form: how you try to construct and control your world so it does not change.

There are lots of forms this coaching can take, depending upon your appetite for spiritual awakening, and how much you yearn to break out of the matrix of the conditioned mind to free yourself to soar.

Purpose Work

This crucial work helps you remember why you have incarnated, so that you can live from your deepest sense of fulfillment and maximize your blessings on the planet.

When your deepest intention, purpose, calling (what you really want in life), is clear, then the whole parade of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stories, experiences, and circumstances are used to fulfill this purpose. They become props that help you express your purpose, awaken to Oneness, and reduce yours and others sufferings.

When your deep yearning and purpose is not in focus, then the parade of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and circumstances become a stand-in for that purpose. The stories you create become an all-consuming drama where you are the director, producer and lead. This spawns a daily life of control-mania, comparison, competition, exhaustion, judgment, and discouragement.

You will be given five sets of questions which are doorways into your current purpose. Through these you will be coached to arrive at a purpose statement. Once clear, the focus becomes integrating the purpose into your life. This is vital to your progress, and to fulfilling why you chose to incarnate this time.

Expanded Consciousness Work

The nature of this deep, therapeutic work is to help you identify and integrate parts of consciousness that are causing you stress. These triggers could be thoughts, feelings, reactive patterns, really anything that blocks you from being your best.

This work is done through offering you a guided meditation where you relax into your subconscious mind and authentic heart. Once in this space, you are interactively coached to meet and address polarized parts of consciousness and bring them back into harmony and alignment within your core, true Self.

This will not change your past, but it can dramatically transform and heal your view of the past, and thus bring spaciousness and liberation into your present life.

Sessions are offered in-person or over Zoom and typically last about two hours or longer.

Spiritual Regressions/Soul Dialogues

In this special coaching session, Sandy offers a guided meditation that helps you relax your body and rest your conscious mind so that you can have audience with your soul.

Once you are deeply relaxed and focused on your intention for the session, we will ask your soul for guidance, and then you will listen and watch to see what arises. As you share what you are experiencing with Sandy, he will facilitate the dialogue. Your conscious mind is still present in the background, and as much as you keep it there, it watches the dialogue instead of interfering.

Alternatively, if you would like to experience a Past Life Regression, then once you are in a deeply relaxed state through a guided meditation, you will review your experience in the womb in this life, then move into a past life, and then do a review of what you learned in that life that is relevant to you today.

Sessions are offered in-person or over Zoom and typically last about three hours or longer.

Note: This kind of coaching is further detailed under the “Coaching and Support” heading on the Nav Bar. Scroll Down to “Soul Dialogues.” After reading that, if you have questions or are interested in a session, please email Sandy at: and he will send you a detailed preparation document.

Three Cycles of Perception

Over the last 30 years, Sandy has developed and been teaching the Three Cycles of Perception:

  • Personal Atrophy Cycle
  • Personal Mastery Cycle
  • Spiritual Awakening Cycle

No matter what background you come from, you will relate to these cycles. They impersonally illustrate how we get stuck, and how to get unstuck. They graphically explain how our self-concept is the lens through which we manifest and experience our lives, and how life is thus a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can use these as models to guide you in your unlearning and discovery of your human and spiritual potential. This may be something that you will refer to often as you progress on your journey. Many do! These recently updated Cycles form the backdrop of many Educare programs.

The Work of Byron Katie

This deep work explores a practical unlearning tool that helps you become aware of and release the stories you create that are creating suffering in your life and the lives of others. This self-inquiry tool is called The Work. It was created by Byron Katie.

You will be introduced to the tool and be taught how to use it in your daily life. You will be facilitated in a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet and The Work. If desired, you can also learn how to facilitate others.

Learn to be so grounded in The Work as a spiritual practice that you can go to it whenever you notice a recurring stressful situation. It is designed to bring you back into the presence of Grace. This meditative tool does not leave you where it found you.

Grace-driven Career Discovery Process

If you are considering a career change and want to take an “inside-out” approach, then you may be interested in our Grace-driven Career Discovery Process. Sandy can send you an overview of the process. It offers an alternative to struggling and trying to figure out your perfect job. A career field and job can be realized through unfoldment from your “Inner Teacher,” instead of something you are trying to create, obtain, or secure.

This process is intended to reveal natural avenues for the expression of your purpose in various career fields. This is a humble and courageous step that involves listening to Grace throughout each concrete phase of the process. You are invited to let go of where you think you are needed, and respond instead to where you are called by Life.


Sandy Wilder is an authentic, humble and effective spiritual teacher and consciousness transformation trainer. He has synthesized the best of ancient and modern sources for both meaningful content and effective practices.

Sandy embodies and models the transformation and awakening he teaches. His listening skill, empathy and present moment awareness is unmatched by any teacher or trainer I’ve worked with – and there have been many over the last 40 years.

He teaches mostly by his natural way of fully inhabiting each moment of the session and listening with his heart in such a way that he pulls you out of your ego and into that sacred space of listening to Grace with him.

While you may forget some of what Sandy says, you will never forget how he made you feel – and this feeling – that your heart has become a portal for pure Grace to flow into the world – alone will transform your life.
Ron Radford, St. Louis, MO

Coaching Fees

The Educare Unlearning Institute has created a discounted sliding scale for all our services in an effort to keep our offerings affordable to a wide range of people. We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what he/she feels is appropriate.

The discounted sliding scale for each one hour coaching session is $120—$90. Sessions are typically an hour. 90 minute sessions are available. As noted above, some topics and approaches may require a two or three hour session.

Corporate Fees are available upon request.

Payment options can be accessed here:

Individual Sessions or Coaching Packages

You can have a session whenever you would like, or prepay for ten 1-hour sessions and get two more free (paying for 10 hours and receive 12 hours of coaching: session length may vary). Weekly or bi-weekly sessions in the package. Package = 10 x the $120–$90 rate. Packages are good for one year from the date of the first session.

Recording Coaching Sessions

If you would like to have the session recorded so that you could review it afterwards, then we will do a Zoom call.

Free Introductory Session

You can email Sandy at if you have questions or would like a session. A free 30-minute conference is available to see if this is right for you.