Do “The Work” with Annie Wilder

Go on a Journey of Self-discovery!

Use The Work of Byron Katie to question your stressful thoughts.

It’s powerful, it’s simple. It’s asking yourself four questions and then looking to see if the opposite is true. We start with our judgments, write them down, and then investigate the underlying beliefs which emerge.

Annie has attended two Byron Katie New Year’s Cleanses, The School for The Work with Byron Katie, in 2017 staffed The School for The Work, six workshops taught by certified facilitators of The Institute of The Work, and is a candidate for the Institute of The Work.

In Annie’s words: “Through consistent practice, I have found freedom from my stressful thoughts about my family, my marriage, my kids, and my job. The level of freedom I am experiencing now is light years from how I felt before I found The Work.”

She is happy to facilitate you, and/or teach you how to facilitate yourself and others, via phone, Skype, or in person.

You can reach Annie at:

Do “The Work” Package

Would you like to make definitive progress leaving the aspects of your egoic self that are keeping you stuck?

Consider committing to working with Annie Wilder as she facilitates you in doing The Work (of Byron Katie). The Work is a simple but profound self-inquiry tool, that does not leave you where it finds you.

Annie works with a number of people on a weekly basis, facilitating them in The Work, and when requested, teaching them how to facilitate others. Transformation is most frequently experienced by those who work consistently over time, one authentic step at a time.

Annie tailors each Package to the participant, depending upon their experience with The Work, and their goals.

Commit to doing The Work one session/week for twelve weeks with Annie, and pay for only ten. When you sign up for a package you get two free sessions.

You line up mutually convenient times with Annie. If you need to miss a week due to previously scheduled activities (or unforeseen situations), then you schedule a make-up session.

Client Testimonials:

As a student of The Work, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Annie for her patient guidance and genuine care.

I was introduced to Byron Katie’s method of self-inquiry termed, The Work, while participating in an Educare course. I found it quite intriguing, therefore I read a couple books written by Katie and discovered many online resources for The Work.

I attempted several “Judge Your Neighbor” worksheets on my own, participated in an online Byron Katie At Home, and even attended the New Years Cleanse to learn more about this process. However I never felt I really “got it.”

At that point I knew I needed help, so I began working with Annie. This was a true game changer! Annie provided a safe, non-judgmental environment. She happily taught me how to fill out the worksheets, and now facilitates me through the process of The Work on a weekly basis.

Her tutelage allowed the light to shine on darkness. She helps me dig in and question stressful thoughts. I discovered the immense value of this method as a tool to know myself. Freedom, joy, compassion for self and others, along with grounded awareness are the result. I am so grateful!

I highly recommend Annie as a facilitator for The Work.

Mindy Montgomery: Trabuco Canyon, CA

Although I’d discovered Byron Katie a dozen years ago and benefited enormously, I’d never worked with a facilitator before, or even properly filled out a worksheet. Working with Annie really helped me deepen my understanding and self-knowledge with her insight and sensitivity.

Mary Chipman: New York, NY

Although I had been doing The Work on my own for several years, I learned a lot from Annie about ways to enrich my answers to the questions:
·      How do you react, what happens when you believe that thought?
·      Who would you be without that thought?
These led me to profound insights during, and in the days following, my session with Annie.
In all of my communications with Annie, I felt supported by her kindness and patience. The judgment-free atmosphere allowed me to honestly explore difficult feelings. I highly recommend Annie as a facilitator of The Work.

Debra Woodward: McKinney, TX


Annie has created a discounted sliding scale for her coaching in an effort to keep her offerings affordable to a wide range of people. She sets forth no criteria and trusts that each individual will pay what he/she feels is appropriate.

The fee for each one hour session is $35—$55. The Work Package is $350—$550 for 12 sessions for the price of 10. Annie will give you the details for how to pay her.