Applying the Enneagram

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St. Louis/Grafton, IL


I initially resisted working with the enneagram as my inner critic voice dismissed it as “just personality stuff.” Oh how wrong could one phrase be!!


For me, it’s been a most amazing tool for spiritual transformation and the spiritual growth has been at a different level and pace than I have experienced in many years. That being said, it has been a difficult but yet direct path (under the bridge).


The enneagram has been a form of outstanding yeast or leaven in my daily rounds of awakening to what I feel called to as my purpose – soaring with joy and seeing with Christ-eyes . I am humbled to think I almost missed this opportunity. Almost is the operative word because Spirit wouldn’t let me and I followed the nudge. So glad!!

Martha Doran, Ventura, CA

In this course, Sandy delves even more deeply into each of the nine types with particular emphases on each type’s relationships to the body, heart, and mind and the 9 flavors of the inner critic. He explores how we lose touch with Wholeness very early on in our lives, and he introduces a spiritual exercise for each type to help it reconnect with itself. I found the written exercises to be the most immediately beneficial, but all 9 of them were quite wonderful.

This is a quieter course than its predecessor—it doesn’t boast the fireworks and excitement of initial contact with the Enneagram, but it is perhaps even more valuable in that Sandy introduces—and you actually experience—practical ways to apply the Enneagram in your life. Hence the title.

A big part of this course is the video Sandy shows with interviews of each of the types. Just seeing the types manifest their tendencies in the bodies and faces on the screen was incredibly fascinating, and the interviewers in the video blew me away with their questions and comments. Very cool. I highly recommend this course.

Josh Lavine, New York City, NY

Times: 8:00 a.m.—7:30 p.m.

The Enneagram is a dynamic unlearning tool that can help you awaken to your authentic Self when applied effectively.

Are you ready for a deep dive into the how and why the ego is formed, and how to begin to unwind it? This is it!
Would you like to join us for a weekend where we explore the enneagram with an application focus? We will open up each of the types in more detail, with a special emphasis on your questions and issues.


Course Content

We will open up how we lose contact with Essence and how the personality is formed. And, how to get back in touch with Essence! We will explain how the inner critic works and how to deal with it.

We will identify and try out a spiritual practice that is especially relevant for each of the nine types.


We will be exploring each of the nine types through watching a brief video of two people from each type being interviewed, as well as some supporting comments by famous Enneagram author, Helen Palmer. 


We will review the Levels of Development, as they are central to a transformational understanding of the Enneagram. We will look at how they influence us and how we can use them to wake up from the unconscious personality patterns that drive us, identifying how the average and lower levels of each type sabotages us.


We will pay special attention to the Types of the people in the class, spending more time there than on the other types. 

Prerequisite: This weekend program is for those who have taken Educare’s Nine Unlearning Paths to Presence Program, or are well-grounded in the Enneagram methodology.

An optional individual coaching session with Sandy Wilder is included within one month before or after the program.

Four—twelve participants are required for the class to be held.

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The fee for the Applying the Enneagram program:


The fee includes the training, one optional coaching session, all course materials, continental breakfasts, and drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Monthly payment plans and partial scholarships are available.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel more than one month before the program date, your full paid fee will be refunded, less a $50 processing fee. If you cancel two—four weeks from the program date, 50% of the program fee will be refunded. If you cancel within two weeks of the program date, the full program fee is nonrefundable and non-transferable to another date.