The Improvement Fetish

It is the body and mind,
the small “s” self,
that is focused on improving.
Thought that is identified with it
believes it is limited
and therefore wants to get better.
The body and mind
never quite think they are enough.
(No one thinks they have
a perfect physical body,
or that they know as much as they should.)

Your essence,
your authentic heart and soul,
your capital “S” Self,
is innately open, whole, and free.
There is no way it can improve,
as it is part of the Divine Network.
It is not concerned about
a future heaven of enlightenment.
It doesn’t do futures.
It plays by different rules.

It accepts whatever is here
as what is occurring in the moment,
without needing to change it.
It will change on its own.
This Self, your Self, is a witness,
not a change agent.
Stop the improvement rat race
and breathe and relax
into the Stillness that is here.
Let your Soul lead you.