Travis Thomas

Assistant Coach


My vision as an assistant coach is to support and nurture an environment of trust, compassion, and self-discovery. I strive to engage with each person on a level that celebrates his or her unique and authentic completeness – no strings attached.



Experience and Education

Travis is a graduate of Principia College with a BA in English. He has worked in numerous fields including advertising and marketing, coaching, teaching, counseling, and acting. He was the Community Supervisor for for 5 years where he created and hosted hundreds of online video, audio, and chat events.

For the last 17 years years Travis has performed professionally as an improvisational actor in Boston and Florida, as well as teaching, directing, and facilitating workshops. He is the co-creator of The Jove Comedy Experience, and the Founder of Living Yes, And – a site designed to help individuals and teams discover their brilliance! Travis recently served as a Leadership Coach at the IMG Academy in Florida where he worked with thousands of amateur and professional athletes.

Travis completed Living with Mastery in 2006, the Authentic Transformation program in 2008 and 2009, and Team Mastery in 2010.  He has been as Assistant Coach for the Educare Unlearning Institute since 2007.


Special Interests

To behold Love’s abundance, perfection, and harmony by seeing the wholeness in others, the world, and myself.

I do this by striving daily to:

  • Listen with empathy
  • Express only compassion and tenderness
  • Accept only Truth in how I see myself and others
  • Project only light to everyone and everything
  • Laugh together at life’s distractions


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