Reverend Scott C. Jenkins

Scott 12-10-09 - Copy

Assistant Coach

Vision for Educare

My vision is living on purpose in all the walks of my life; playin the game of life at the championship level of Mastery; making a bigger difference in the world because of my presence in it; giving to others through, among other things, support of Educare and its transformational mission; being present, present, and present some more!


Education and Experience

2011 graduated from The New Seminary (New York) and ordained Interfaith-Interspiritual Cleric and Minister by the Order of Universal Interfaith. Four years at the University of Minnesota business school, followed by a year at and a B.A. in Business/Religion degree from Principia College.

I’ve worked in the corporate world involved with commercial real estate until 1993, when I formed my own commercial real estate company and where I work today.  I have served on many not-for-profit boards, and am currently serving on the Executive Committee as Treasurer of the Interfaith Partnership of St. Louis. I have decades of experience as a spiritual healer and am trained in Christian Science and Reike healing methods.


Special Interests

Spiritual transformation, running, writing, reading, flying (I’m an instrument rated pilot), music (voice and guitar), bicycling, and swimming. Other current interests also include Enneagram, Internal Family Systems, other forms of “shadow work”, various meditation practices, music chants and having fun!


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