Living on Purpose

  Living on Purpose

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  • Is there anything more important than living on purpose?
  • Are you yearning to live a more progressive, fulfilled life?
  • Do you ever find yourself drifting, feeling directionless?
  • Are you in the middle of a transition:
  • Personal?
  • Relationship?
  • Career?
  • Empty-nesting?
  • Retirement?
  • Other?

Living on Purpose is designed to help you discover or refine your purpose in life, and then use it to guide your decisions and actions. This doesn’t take the place of relying on the Divine. It shows you how the Divine is calling you to live!

Why Purpose is Vital!

When your deepest intention, purpose, calling (what you really want in life), is clear, then the whole parade of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stories, experiences, and circumstances are used to fulfill this purpose. They become props that help you express your purpose and awaken to Oneness.

When your deep yearning and purpose is not in focus, then the parade of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and circumstances become a stand-in for that purpose.  The stories you create become an all-consuming drama where you are the director, producer and lead.  This spawns a daily life of control-mania, comparison, competition, judgment and discouragement.


Sandy Wilder has a deep wealth of insightful experience that he generously shares in his classes, allowing his students to find within themselves depths they may never have realized they possessed.

Whether you can give a minute, an hour, or a week to his sharing, you will find Grace abounding  and peace overflowing. I will be evermore grateful for the time I spent in Living on Purpose.

Carlysle Meek, Merigold, MS

How the course is structured

The program is structured around discovering and articulating your purpose in life (Yes, you do have one!). Methodologies include: writing, dialogue, inquiry, short lectures, videos, music, and poetry. There is ample quiet time for deep reflection, asking questions, and exploring answers.

You will receive individual purpose-coaching from Sandy Wilder during the program, as well as an optional one-on-one after the program to assist you in incorporating your purpose into your daily priorities.

This course is highly interactive and practical.  No one is forced to share or reveal anything. We offer a safe, authentic space where you may feel, accept and receive new glimpses of truth.

If you have taken Living With Mastery, and discovered your purpose in that program, is it time to revisit it? Are you in a different place then when you first articulated it? Our purpose needs to deepen and expand as we grow in life. It is organic and dynamic.

Living With Mastery, until four years ago, offered one approach or doorway into the purpose articulation space. This program offers five doorways, each of which we will explore experientially.

The Living With Mastery program is currently being offered upon request. It has six classroom days over a seven-day period. Living on Purpose is three days. Small portions of the Living With Mastery program will be offered in this course, framed in a new context, along with new material.


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The Educare Unlearning Institute has created a discounted sliding scale for all our offerings in an effort to keep our courses affordable to a wide range of people. We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what he/she feels is appropriate.

The discounted sliding scale for this program is:

  • $595–$765/person

The fee includes the training, all course materials, and drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Monthly payment plans are available. Partial Scholarships are available while scholarship funds last.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel more than one month before the program date, your full paid fee will be refunded, less a $50 processing fee. If you cancel two—four weeks from the program date, 50% of the program fee will be refunded.  If you cancel within two weeks of the program date, the full program fee is nonrefundable and non-transferable to another date.