Janessa Gans Wilder

  • Assistant Coach

  • Vision
    Janessa’s vision for the Educare Unlearning Institute is that it is bringing to the world a community of inspired individuals equipped with spiritual tools to make daily progress and to experience personal transformation.

    The environment Educare affords is a safe, inspiring space that invites all to reflect, awaken, and live on purpose.  In so doing, we realize the effect we can have on the lives of those around us, and even the world.

    Experience and Education
    After a nearly two-year tour in Iraq from 2003-2005, and subsequent time traveling and working throughout the Middle East, Janessa founded The Euphrates Institute, a non-profit organization whose vision is a world with less terrorism, conflict, and fear.

    Through Euphrates, Janessa leads trips to the Middle East, helps Americans stay informed about the issues, highlights examples of everyday heroes and organizations fostering peace, and enables citizens to take action–with the goal of promoting peace and ending extremism.  Janessa is a former visiting faculty at Principia College, a State Department consultant, and CIA political analyst.  She graduated with a B.A. from Principia College and a master’s degree in International Policy Studies from Stanford University.

    Special Interests
    To see our Oneness with Love, and to behold our limitless nature, by:

  • Transcending the barriers that outwardly separate us, and seeing the ways in which we are all joined, and yet at the same time, unique and vital.

  • Making daily progress to learn more, love more, and give more.

  • Honoring the fearless, playful, and childlike, in myself and others.

  • Seeing the equality and humanity of the “Other” that inspires us to go
    beyond our fears, limitations, and embrace all in the bigger picture.

  • Learning, especially spiritual discoveries about man and the universe.

  • Traveling to distant lands.