Inspired Solitude Day Family


The following people have committed

to taking an Inspired Solitude Day

(24 consecutive hours)

once every month.


  1. Ann Hightower–Houston, Texas
  2. Annie Wilder—Grafton, Illinois
  3. Barbara Hawes–New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Carol Panerio–Rapid City, South Dakota
  5. Cathy Rowe–Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  6. Clay Conner–Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Dave Shutler–Dallas, Texas
  8. Dean Furbush–New York, New York
  9. Debra Woodward–McKinney, Texas
  10. Elaine Bracken-Hough–Peru, Indiana
  11. Elton Smith–Houston, Texas
  12. Emily Smith–Houston, Texas
  13. Heather Barron—Buena Vista, Colorado
  14. Jacqui London–Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  15. Jamie Eichar–St. Louis, Missouri
  16. Janessa Gans Wilder–Redding, California
  17. Janice Oldenburg–Tacoma, Washington
  18. Jill Barlow-Kelley–Southwest Harbor, Maine
  19. Joan Ankoma-Sey–Santa Fe, New Mexico
  20. Karen Grayson–Kirkwood, Missourri
  21. Katie Shutler–Dallas, Texas
  22. Ken Beachy–Woodburn, Oregon
  23. Lauren Eichar–St. Louis, Missouri
  24. L.E. Ferrell–Victorville, California
  25. Lee Barron—Kirkwood, Missouri
  26. Linda Lindeman–Houston, Texas
  27. Manuela Meier–Lyndeborough, New Hampshire
  28. Marcia Butler–Gooding Idaho
  29. Martha Doran–Ventura, California
  30. Maureen Blake–Spearfish, South Dakota
  31. Meggen Watt Petersen–Lake Leelanau, Michigan
  32. Mike Griswold–St. Louis, Missouri
  33. Mindy Montgomery—Trabuco Canyon, California
  34. Nancy Williams–St, Louis, Missouri
  35. Pierre Pradervand–Veyrierv, Switzerland
  36. Sandy Wilder—Grafton, Illinois
  37. Silent Night–Wherever he’s called
  38. Suzette Perkins–St. Louis, Missouri
  39. Tori Blackhart–Vero Beach, Florida
  40. Travis Thomas—Jupiter, Florida
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