Inspired Solitude Day

Inspired Solitude Day

The Invitation

Are you yearning:

  • to have more time and space to take a deep breath and rekindle what lights you up?
  • to do something for mankind that helps reduce the suffering on the planet?
  • to take better care of yourself and do what feeds your soul in joy and fulfillment?
  • to cultivate who you authentically are now, and throughout eternity?
  • to acknowledge and appreciate your unique individuality and oneness with Life in all its forms.
  • to be part of a “family” that prioritizes our spiritual awakening through the practice of Bhakti (a Sanskrit word that means “Devotion to the heart of Love”?

If this is attractive, then please consider joining our growing family.


How it Works

One day per month you are invited to join us in a 24-hour, silent period of inspired solitude. What does that mean?

You pick 24 consecutive hours where you do whatever feeds your soul in silence, without interacting with others.
That means you are off the grid as in:

  • No talking
  • No phone calls
  • No texting
  • No internet
  • No passing notes

The only interaction with others might be a smile and/or a Namaste bow.


The Rub

We are aware that this is no small matter in the busy world we live in. “Who has time for this?” the mind barks. It will likely rub up against your already established schedule and priorities. That is precisely the point. It is an invitation for a shift in priorities.

It may even rub others close to you in a disturbing way if you mention you are considering it. (This is likely their unconscious resistance to doing something like this for themselves.)

This is for those who are longing to make a deeper commitment to their devotion to being. It’s about letting Grace show you how to find the space to put nurturing your authentic Self first, and then watching the blessings that pour forth from this humble, unselfed consecration.


Joining the Inspired Solitude Day Family

If you would like to join us, click the just send me an email at and I will add you to the list!

This is a collective sign of our dedication to Bhakti: Devotion to Being on our crying planet.

If you no longer choose to join us in this structured activity, send us an email at and we will remove your name from the website list.


Facebook Page

When you register here to be part of “The Family,” you will be invited to the join Facebook Secret Group entitled Inspired Solitude Day Family. That page will only be visible for those registered here, and will be an interactive place to share how your 24 hours went, and what you are learning. See you there!



If you experience blessings from your Inspired Solitude Days, we invite you to share them with us and the world.

That means you could write a few paragraphs about what your experience was like in your Inspired Solitude Day, and how it has positively impacted your life and/or others.

Send it along to us at and we will consider posting it on the Inspired Solitude Day Testimonials webpage. It would be attributed to you. We would love to hear from you and your adventures and discoveries.


What Inspired This Idea?

For decades, Sandy Wilder, the Chief Listening Officer at the Educare Unlearning Institute, has taken periodic Inspired Solitude Days (originally called Vision Days). These days were not in silence, but they were a time when you committed to feeding your soul. At his previous training and development company, he offered his Independent Contractors a full day’s training fee if they took a solo, vision day once/quarter.

The last ten years, Sandy has been attending 5—7 day silent retreats. Coming out of a recent retreat, the idea dawned to do his own solo, silent retreat once/month. Apparently Gandhi took a day in silence every week to reinforce his Bhakti priorities to spiritual awakening.

As the idea developed Grace whispered, “Why not invite any-and-all interested people across the world? This would add the collective dimension to the individual activity.”

This is what we are doing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of activities qualify as “inspired solitude”?
A: Anything that you do that helps you feel more inspired, without interacting with others.

Examples: Spiritual practices. Time in nature. Favorite hobbies (Those that are not mindless distractions. You know the difference). Physical workouts. Reading. Writing. Picking up trash. Etc. Bottom-line: you decide, “Does it feed my soul?” (This typically would not include catching up on back emails or finally getting to specific items on your To Do list.)


Q: Does the Inspired Solitude Day need to happen in one calendar day?
A: No. For example, you can begin at 3:00 pm on one day, and end at 3:00 pm the next. Starting and ending times are up to you.


Q: When does the monthly period begin?
A: It begins when you do your first Inspired Solitude Day. So, if you do your first day on the 10th of the month, the 10th is the first day of each new month for you. Ideally your first day would be within 30 days of when you register to join the Inspired Solitude Day Family.


Q: Can I eat and sleep?
A: By all means. Do whatever works for you, so you are taking good care of yourself. If you want to try fasting, that’s an option as well.


Q: What if I don’t have a place I can go where I will be all by myself?
A: Welcome to the club. A cabin on a mountaintop in total seclusion might be nice, but it is not necessary. Those you live with may need to understand what you are doing and why. Part of the opportunity in an Inspired Solitude Day is to see what unfolds when you open your heart to fulfilling this pure desire to be more devoted to your and our salvation.


Q: What happens if something unforeseeable arises and it is not possible to take my Inspired Solitude Day? Do I take my name off the list?
A: One never knows what will come up. If you miss a month, and are still devoted to the idea, you are good to go. If this happens consistently then you may want to remove your name and come back when you can be more consistent. (You can still practice an Inspired Solitude Day on your own whenever you want to.)


Q: How long am I committing to taking a monthly Inspired Solitude Day?
A: Until you decide that this is no longer a priority.


Q: Is there a fee for this activity.
A: No. (Other than the price the ego pays by being less influential in your life.)


Q: Will my email be shared with others?
A: Absolutely not. That is not how we roll. Ever.


Q: Any other tips?
A: As soon as you complete an Inspired Solitude Day, it’s a great time to schedule the next one. Calendars get full pretty quickly. 😉


If you have other questions, send them along to: We will respond and consider adding them to this list in case others share your question.

Thanks for considering joining us!