Heather Barron

Assistant Coach



My vision for my coaching work, both at Educare and outside of the class, is to show up at a level that creates safe, healthy, sacred spaces for others to show up exactly as they are in this moment.

Holding this space makes it safe for us to identify beliefs that are clouding our vision regarding ourselves and the world. It gives us the courage to transform behaviors and patterns of being that hinder our ability to show up authentically and wholeheartedly.  My work is dedicated to helping myself and others align our actions, and therefore our lives, with the values that matter the most to us.

Experience and Education

After graduating with a BA in Sociology, I worked with a team designing and developing a non-profit community center in California dedicated to encouraging people to explore the world from a spiritual perspective (www.forgoodnesssake.org).

This project was followed by a 2 years of intentional sojourning: to the top of Mt. Rainier, through the canyons of Utah, down the Green and Colorado Rivers, up and over rock faces in Joshua Tree National Park, kayaking the coastline of Baja Sur Peninsula, healing my relationship with my family, training as an Integral Life Coach, working with young adults in the wilderness of the Rockies, traveling to Greece and Australia to heal past relationships.  Meeting wanderers and seekers along the journey has taught me a great deal about compassion and how inextricably interconnected we are to each other and ALL of life.

Special Interests

Studying language, poetry, and spiritual paths from all around the world; staying true to my daily writing and yoga practices; reading; traveling; and maintaining connection to an expansive global network of amazing people.  I also love cherishing, learning from and playing with my 2 nephews and 7 Godchildren, backpacking, rock climbing, and trail running.

My most satisfying moments come when I’m gifted with a glimpse into the heart and essential nature of someone else, be they a loved one, colleague, child, grocery clerk, waitress, flight attendant, priest, or puppy.