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  • Tuesday February 12

  • Tuesday March 12

  • Tuesday April 9

Ahhh.  A breath of fresh air.  A one-hour retreat without having to leave home. A conversation that helped me remember how to love and live more deeply.  Thanks, Educare!

Eleanor Fahrney, Colorado 

Would you appreciate the opportunity to get some of your deepest questions answered, and some of your deepest answers questioned?  We are now offering Educare Fireside Chats to dialogue with Sandy Wilder on topics relating to living authentically from your deepest truth, and learning to listen and interact in a way that enriches relationships.

What are they?

90 minute telephone conference calls.  Prior to the call (Chat), those registered and paid will be given a phone number and access code to dial in with.  You will use your minutes on your long distance carrier.   You will also receive an email to ponder, containing something with which we will open the Chat.  It could be a poem, a couple of paragraphs on a topic, a question, etc.  Once we have dialogued on this topic, we will open it up for questions on any topic.

Depending upon the number of participants, we may encourage you to email your questions in during the Chat, and Sandy will choose which ones to which he will respond.  If it is a small group, then the questions may be able to be handled directly in the Chat.  You will also be able to email questions ahead of time that may be responded to in the Chat.

Each Fireside Chat will be recorded and so each participant can download the Chat for future playback.  This is included in the fee.  If you need to join us late, or leave early, this will let you listen to the entire session whenever you would like to hear what you missed, or to reinforce specific points.  Also if you have a schedule conflict during a Chat, you can download it to hear it at a time that works for you.


Each Chat is a stand alone activity.  You may join us for as many individual Chats as you desire.

When are they?

9:00 p.m. ET

8:00 p.m. CT

7:00 p.m. MT

6:00 p.m. PT


What is the fee?

The Educare Unlearning Institute has a sliding scale for all our offerings in an effort to keep our services affordable to a wide range of people. We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what he/she feels is appropriate. The fee for each Educare Fireside Chat is $10—$30/person.


Payment Options

You must register for each Chat individually.  Payment is due at the time of registration.  If you are sending a check please make it out to Educare Unlearning Institute and mail it to Educare Unlearning Institute at 711B Wind Rivers, Grafton, IL 62037.

If you would prefer to pay by Venmo, PayPal or Credit Card, please go to our “Donations and Payments” on our Nav Bar:


Cancellation Policy

All fees paid are non-refundable.  If you register and pay for a Chat, and find you cannot make it, you will still be sent the pre-Chat piece (e.g. poem, etc.) via email, and the link to download the Chat after it is completed.


I love the honesty on these chats. And how we’re asked to open up our thought to the possibilities rather than just sharing what we’ve learned in the past or telling about our own experiences.

It’s about right now and where Grace, or what I would call God or the Christ, is telling me. And not just that, but how what others are saying is touching my own heart right then.

Jan True, Grass Valley, CA

I was deeply moved by the palpable sense of love and caring for each other that really come over the phone line, so to speak. I was not sure about this going into the phone chat, but after the night’s chat ended, I felt that I had been part of a true spiritual community that we formed in those minutes, without any of the traditional names and faces.

Maybe that is what helped us get to the higher sense of what community is (no crazy judgments based on our perceptions of others.) I have carried the feel of that evening me in the following weeks  – being more willing to fall, to surrender to Grace. And this new found willingness has shown me my ability to fly!

Martha Doran, Ventura, CA


The Educare Fireside Chats are a wonderful way to end a day, due to the quiet and genuine space that is naturally created while on the phone.  I found myself able to let go of the day’s events, conversations, emails, and unfinished business and relax into GRACE – grateful to simply BE.  

From this space of BEING, I am inspired to go about my days, with grace as my guide versus the tug of ego thinking that it knows what’s best.  The chat tonight was a perfect reminder that I just need to get out of my own way and trust that I have, within me, all that I need.  Grace is happening …and it’s my choice to see it.

Whitney Conner Clapper, Ojai, CA

Initially I signed up for the Fireside Chat out of curiosity. But I soon realized that I had several big questions that I have been thinking about which I shared with Sandy before the Chat.  At the beginning of the Chat, Sandy encouraged us to stay open to opportunities that Grace presented to us, even if our questions weren’t directly addressed.

During the call we got to a very sacred place in the dialogue. We all felt it – the sense of our Oneness. I will remember that moment and what I learned from it for a long time to come. My specific questions weren’t directly answered in the Chat, but my expectation about them has shifted, and that makes a big difference. 

Debra Woodward, McKinney, TX

It was a thoughtful, insightful time together, peaceful and supportive, providing some relevant, useful ideas for dealing with how to live freer and more authentically.

Clare Turner, Tucson, NM



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