Educare Unlearning



Educare (edge-oo-car-eh)
is Latin, from which the word “educate” is derived. It means “to lead forth the hidden wholeness.”


Educare Unlearning is the natural dropping of thoughts, feelings, interpretations, and stories that are believed to be true about ourselves, others, and the world.  These stories are the root cause of stress, confusion, shame, anger, and fear. Underneath lies the still presence of our true nature: abundance, innocence, love, joy, and total freedom.


Educare Unlearning provides a space to take a look within and really see where and how habitual thinking patterns and layers of learned concepts have kept you “stuck” in life. This transformational unlearning process naturally and simultaneously brings to the surface the innate purity, joy, and absolute liberation that is the very essence of your being.

Enneagram Program
Nine Unlearning Paths
to Presence
November 13—15, 2020
In-person or Zoom Learn More
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