AT Follow-Up

Authentic Transformation Follow-Up

 (For graduates of any Educare 2-year program)


There has been a ground swell of requests from Authentic Transformation graduates to continue to offer some version of the program with the Listening Partner component.

A few weeks ago I drove from St. Louis to Boston and back. During the trip I re-listened to Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. I had read it when it first came out, and watched Eckhart and Oprah on the ten webcasts they did about it maybe 6-7 years ago.

As I drove and listened the ideas arrested my heart and thought so much so that I had to keep pausing the CD. He is so clear, articulate and uses such fresh language. I listened through the lens of where I am today and found his insights completely relevant and transformational.


Course Content

So here’s the idea for 2014, which I’m calling an “AT Follow-Up” (Or ATF for short).  Whoever signs up would meet for three weekends in 2014 (dates below). Before each class we will read 1/3 of A New Earth. During the weekend we will explore some of the ideas we have been reading, as well as other practices focused on deep listening and authentic transformation.

Naturally, this course will be anchored in a circle of trust, so we can continue to cherish and nurture this sacred community we have all experienced. Having the backdrop of the Atrophy, Mastery and Awakening Cycles, I will have new handouts to help us dive deeper into a variety of topics. Much of where we go can be driven by your needs and interests.


Listening Partners

Listening Partners will be assigned for the two periods between the three classes. If you would like to dive in sooner, and if people sign on early enough, you can have a partner assigned in December or January and can begin to practice Deep Listening with your partner until the first class in March.



  • March 8—9
  • June 28—29
  • October 4—5



Saturday and Sunday 8:30—6:30



At Educare on the rivers in Grafton


Class Size

Minimum of six to hold the class. Maximum of twelve.


Individual Appointments with Sandy

As part of this program you will have the option to have three one-on-one’s with Sandy. They would need to occur at some point during 2014.



To register click on the “Register Here” button.



You are committing to attend and pay for all three weekends. As usual there is a sliding scale where you pay whatever you feel is appropriate within that range. The scale for this program is: $320–$510/weekend (the same as the current fees for Authentic Transformation). We set forth no criteria and trust that each individual will pay what he/she feels is appropriate.

Payment plans are always available. 1% of all Educare revenue is donated to organizations that help the environment: spiritually and/or physically.